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The Brands section on a website is a dedicated space that showcases the logos or names of the brands that the company carries or is associated with. It is often used by online retailers or service providers to build trust, highlight partnerships, and create a professional image.

How to access Brands page in your website?

Below are the steps to access Brands page:

  1. Select Brands from dropdown menu.
  2. Pop-up window appears with brands section.
  3. Customise subsections in Brands page.

Below are the configurable options of the Brands page:


1. Infinity Scroll

Infinity scroll is a design technique used on a website's collections page where new content loads continuously as the user scrolls down the page, allowing for an endless stream of products or items.

Check the infinity scroll checkbox if you want to remove the ‘view more’ button and only display your brands on scroll.

2. Back to Top

A "back to top" button on a product listing page in a website is a small arrow or button that, when clicked, immediately scrolls the user back to the top of the page. It provides a convenient way for users to navigate back to the top of a long product list or page without having to manually scroll back up, improving the overall user experience.

Check the Back to top button checkbox if you want to display the button that takes your user back to the top of your brands page.

Only logo in a Brands page of a website refers to displaying only the brand's logo without any additional information such as brand name or description. It is a minimalist approach to showcasing the brands associated with a company and is often used for aesthetic purposes.

Check the Only logo checkbox if you want to display the logo of a brand on your brands page of the store.

4. Heading

In a brands page, a heading typically refers to a title or headline that introduces and summarises the content of the brands page. In the title text field, enter the title to be displayed as the primary heading of your brands page.

5. Description

A description in a brands page on a website is a brief written summary that provides information about the features, benefits, and specifications of a brand, helping users to understand what the brand is and what it can do.

In the text entry field, enter an additional brief description to display in the brands page.

6. Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or video.

For images:

  1. For Desktop: 4:5 (672x840)
  2. For Tablet: 4:5
  3. For Mobile: 4:5 (1-card : 288x360, 2-card : 136x170)