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Using the KraftNFT Extension


The Fynd platform has recently introduced a new feature that enables customers to receive an NFT of the product they purchased. This feature aims to increase customer engagement and loyalty by offering a unique and valuable experience that combines physical and digital ownership of a product. Customers can access exclusive content and experiences related to the physical product using the digital asset.

Additionally, customers can transfer or sell digital assets as desired, providing them with a flexible and valuable ownership experience. The feature is made possible through the KraftNFT extension, which can be easily activated on your website powered by the Fynd Platform.


A KraftNFT account. If you don't have an account, click here to create.

Steps to use KraftNFT Extension

  1. Go to KraftNFT.

  2. Click Login.


    Figure 1: Clicking Log In

  3. Login with your KraftNFT account.


    Figure 2: KraftNFT account sign in

  4. Select your organisation.


    Figure 3: Organisation list

  5. Click on Create a Token.


    Figure 4: Create a Token

  6. Click on Create Token.


    Figure 5: Create a new Token

  7. Enter the Name of the access token in under 50 characters.


    Figure 6: Name of Token

  8. Click Create Token at the top of the screen to save the token.


    Figure 7: Save the Token

  9. Click Drop Down button of the Token you created. You will be able to see an API Key associated with the Token you just created.


    Figure 8: API key

  10. Copy this API key, this will be used later to activate the Extension.


    Figure 9: Copy the API key

  11. Go to Extensions on the Fynd Platform.


    Figure 10: Extensions

  12. Click on KraftNFT.


    Figure 11: KraftNFT extension

  13. Select the desired Sales Channel. Here we have selected Sunglass Hut


    Figure 12: Sale channel

  14. While the extension is inactive for the sales channel, a message will be displayed saying To activate this extension, please configure it in the settings.


    Figure 13: Inactive extension message

  15. On the configure page you’ll see below-mentioned 3 sections:

    • NFT List
    • Settings
    • Manage Your Account

    You need to configure the Settings to be able to make the extension active.


    Figure 14: Inactive extension message

  1. In the Extension Settings, you need to enter the following details:

    • Access Token: Paste the access token that was copied earlier from the KraftNFT Platform. This will be used to connect the extension with your KraftNFT account.
    • Chain: Select a blockchain from the dropdown list. The selected chain will be the blockchain network used for creating the NFT. The dropdown list has 3 blockchains to select from:
      • Solana
      • Polygon
      • Ethereum
    • Transfer Option: Select the user to transfer the NFT to from the drop-down list.
    • Category: Select a category from the drop-down list, for which the NFTs will be minted.


    Figure 15: Settings configuration

  2. Configure the settings and click on Save.


    Figure 16: Save the settings

  3. Turn ON the toggle button to activate KraftNFT for a sales channel.


    Figure 17: Making the extension active

Final Output


Figure 18: Output