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Using GlamAR Extension


GlamAR is an augmented reality platform to get a seamless try-on experience using your device camera, built-in models, or stored pics. Engage your customers with our realistic and versatile try-on solutions. Customers can try different shades and styles of lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow for a virtual makeover. Hence, GlamAR helps your customers decide what suits them the best!

Steps to use GlamAR Extension

  1. Go to Extensions in Fynd Platform.


    Figure 1: Extensions Section - Fynd Platform

  2. Click GlamAR (Virtual Try-on) extension.


    Figure 2: GlamAR Extension


    Once you have installed this extension, it will be available in the list here.

  3. Click Applications dropdown.


    Figure 3: Applications Dropdown

  4. Select desired sales channel from the dropdown list. Here, we have selected 'playclanbilling'.


    Figure 4: Selecting Desired Sales Channel

  5. Click Proceed.


    Figure 5: Clicking Proceed Button

  6. Log in to your GlamAR portal.

  7. Copy PRODUCTION KEY present under SDK section on your GlamAR portal.


    Figure 6: Copying Production Key

  8. Paste the key in API key field.


    Figure 7: Pasting Production Key

  9. Click Submit.


    Figure 8: Clicking Submit Button

  10. Click Add Product.


    Figure 9: Clicking Add Product Button

  11. Search a product by its name or item code.


    Figure 10: Searching a Product

  12. Click Add Product.


    Figure 11: Clicking Add Product Button

  13. Fill the details appropriately.


    Figure 12a: Configure Product Window

    • Category - Choose category to which the product belongs. For e.g., Lipstick.
    • Barcode - Enter item code or product identifier of a product. For e.g., EAN, SKU, ALU, UPC, etc.
    • Pattern - Choose desired pattern that will be visible once the product is tried virtually by customers. For e.g., Glossy, Velvet, etc.
    • Color - Choose colour of the product from colour-picker.
    • Intensity - Adjust the slider to brighten the colour of product when used by customer virtually.
    • Submit - Click Submit to save the product details on GlamAR.

    In this way, GlamAR is enabled on your product successfully.


    Figure 12b: Product Mappings

Activating/Deactivating GlamAR Extension

  1. Click Settings.


    Figure 13: Clicking Settings Button

  2. Turn ON the toggle button to activate GlamAR for sales channel.


    Figure 14: Activating GlamAR Extension

  3. Click Submit.


    Figure 15: Clicking Submit Button

Final Output

Click Go to product and you will see GlamAR is available on product description page.


Figure 16a: 'Go To Product' Link


Figure 16b: Your Website