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Delivery Setup

How to access on Fynd platform


The Delivery Partner setup screen allows you to choose the delivery partners available for selection during the Add Delivery Services step on the Delivery Configuration page. It is a crucial step that should be completed before configuring the delivery services. Sellers have two options for configuring delivery partners: Delivery Partners: This includes all third-party delivery partners integrated into the Fynd platform. Self Delivery: Here, sellers handle the product deliveries to customers themselves.


Figure 1: Delivey Setup


This setup is applicable to only company-owned brand websites/apps or E-commerce ordering channels and is not relevant for marketplaces, unless a particular marketplace extension has enabled customization capability within their extension.

Delivery Services

  1. To include the delivery partners you prefer, click Add Delivery Services. Once added, they will be visible in this section.


Figure 2a: Add Delivery Services

  1. Click Install against the required delivery services extensions. You will then be directed to the respective delivery partner's extension page, where you can proceed with the installation.


Figure 2b: Install Delivery Services

  1. Each delivery service offers various service plans. Sellers can enable the specific service plan they wish to incorporate from within the chosen delivery partner. The service plans selected are reflected on the delivery configuration page.

Installing the delivery partner extension alone is not enough; enabling the services is essential to ensure that the respective delivery partner is reflected on the delivery configuration page.


Figure 2c: Delivery Services Plan

  1. Choose between either the Fynd platform's credentials or your own credentials.
    For Fynd credentials, serviceability and charges are determined by the contract between Fynd and the delivery partner. For further details, please get in touch with us.


Figure 2d: Services Plan Credentials

  1. Enter all the details for the selected credentials to enable the settings.
  2. Sellers can check the capabilities of the service from the Features section located on the left-hand side.


Figure 2e: Services Plan Features

Self Delivery

When enabled, self-delivery is applicable to all the sales channels, excluding marketplaces. This ensures that the seller will not miss order delivery due to any temporary unavailability of delivery services. Moreover, within the delivery configuration section, seller have the flexibility to customize their self-delivery preferences .i.e if they want self-delivery or not.

  1. Turn the toggle ON to enable the self-delivery. The responsibilities for various capabilities, such as quality check and e-way bill, rest solely with the seller.
  2. Enter the Estimated Delivery Time in the designated section and choose the preferred time format. This action directly influences the customer promise od delivery and will be displayed on the Product Display Page (PDP).
  3. Click Save.


Figure 3: Self Delivery


If the seller wishes to exclude self-delivery for a specific channel, they must create a distinct custom rule in the delivery configuration section to address this preference.