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The logistics features enables sellers to customize store assignment, shipment creation, delivery partner setup and delivery services configuration, according to their specific needs and preferences. With the ability to handpick and configure services, sellers can now create exceptional buying and delivery experiences for their customers.

Estimated Delivery Time: Customer promise shown while order placement is the estimated delivery time. which is a combination of seller-side processing time and delivery phase time.

Sellers now have the option to assign a particular store for orders through Order Orchestration Rules for store assignment. Orders can be single or multiple shipments, each with unique packaging. The custom packaging service lets sellers decide how shipments are created, what goes in them, and how they're packaged. Sellers can also assign a designated delivery partner (DP) based on their business requirement. These assignments can be accomplished by Delivery Configuration Rules for DPs, providing sellers with a comprehensive understanding of how to efficiently manage and streamline their order fulfillment process.

Seller-side Processing Time: The duration starting from when a customer places an order until it gets packed defines the seller-side processing time. It includes the average order processing time and the consideration of holidays, as indicated in the holiday calendar.

How to access the processing time for your store

Delivery Period: The duration from when the delivery partner picks up the order until it is delivered to the customer is referred to as the delivery phase. This phase is determined and provided when delivery partners come on board with the Fynd Platform.