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How Did Treatfully Yours Achieve a 52% Revenue Boost with Fynd Platform?

How Did Treatfully Yours Achieve a 52% Revenue Boost with Fynd Platform?

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, achieving significant revenue growth is a key challenge for businesses, particularly for MSMEs like Treatfully Yours. With a commitment to providing healthy food for kids, Treatfully Yours faced the task of expanding its reach without compromising its core values.

Collaborating with Fynd Platform, a leading no-code e-commerce website builder, proved to be a game-changer for Treatfully Yours. This blog explores how Fynd Platform played a crucial role in driving Treatfully Yours towards remarkable revenue growth and success in the digital marketplace.

About Treatfully Yours

Founded by Carolyn Pereira, Treatfully Yours is a brand that takes pride in offering healthy and delightful pancake mixes, free from any harmful additives. With a strong commitment to providing all-natural foods for kids and families, Treatfully Yours ensures that their products contain NO maida and NO refined sugar.

Their pancake mixes are crafted with care, using only wholesome ingredients that are good for you and your loved ones. With Treatfully Yours, you can indulge in delicious pancakes guilt-free, knowing that you are nourishing your body with wholesome goodness.

Carolyn's Inspiring Journey with Treatfully Yours

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real, so vivid, that you couldn't ignore it? For Carolyn Pereira, that dream became the starting point of an incredible journey. In November 2020, Carolyn dreamed of a brand that would offer delicious ready-to-cook pancake mixes. Instead of dismissing it as just another dream, Carolyn woke up the next morning determined to turn it into a reality and thus, Treatfully Yours was born.

In January 2021, Treatfully Yours officially launched with just two premixes. Over the next two years, Treatfully Yours flourished. Carolyn's dedication and unwavering belief in her brand led to the expansion of the product line. Today, Treatfully Yours offers an array of seven mouthwatering flavors that make breakfast a truly delightful experience.

What sets Carolyn apart is her firm belief that moms can achieve anything they set their minds to. Not only is she an entrepreneur, but she is also a respected speaker who shares her empowering message on platforms like TedX. Her inspiring journey has been featured in the Mid Day newspaper, shining a light on her determination and passion. With a background in voice-over artistry, food blogging, and influencing, Carolyn brings a unique perspective to Treatfully Yours.

Launching Treatfully Yours at the age of 38, Carolyn defied societal expectations and proved that dreams have no expiration date. She encourages others to follow their passions, regardless of age or circumstances. Carolyn says "Success doesn't have a defined age. It could come at 20, 30, 40, or even at 60. It comes when YOU are ready to make it happen."

Challenges Faced

Despite Carolyn Pereira's unwavering determination and passion for Treatfully Yours, the brand encountered several significant challenges on its path to success. As a small and growing business in a competitive market, Treatfully Yours faced the daunting task of expanding its customer base and increasing revenue while adhering to its core values of providing healthy and natural food choices for children.

The team knew that establishing a strong online presence was crucial to reaching a wider audience, but the lack of technical expertise and limited resources posed obstacles. Additionally, the fast-paced nature of the e-commerce industry demanded efficiency and promptness in setting up their online store. Some of the challenges faced by the brand included:

1. Market Competition

In a saturated market with numerous food brands, standing out and gaining a competitive edge was an uphill battle for Treatfully Yours. They needed a platform that could help differentiate their offerings and capture the attention of health-conscious consumers.

2. Online Presence

As a growing brand, Treatfully Yours needed a robust online presence to reach a wider audience. Establishing an appealing and user-friendly website was essential, requiring technical expertise they lacked.

3. Cost and Resources

Limited resources posed a hurdle for Treatfully Yours in building and maintaining a fully functional e-commerce website. Investing in costly development and technical support could strain their budget and hinder their growth.

4. Time Constraints

Time was of the essence for Treatfully Yours, and setting up an online store quickly was crucial to capitalize on market opportunities. Managing the complexities of website development and design while juggling business operations demanded efficiency and promptness.

5. Technical Expertise

As entrepreneurs with expertise in other domains like food blogging and influencing, Treatfully Yours faced the challenge of finding a platform that required minimal technical expertise. They needed a solution that would empower them to focus on their products and customer relationships rather than wrestling with complicated technical aspects.

In the face of these challenges, Carolyn knew that finding the right platform partner was crucial to overcoming these hurdles and achieving sustainable growth. She required a solution that could enable Treatfully Yours to establish a strong online presence, efficiently manage e-commerce operations, and provide a seamless shopping experience for the customers. A robust platform would not only help them overcome technical barriers but also empower them to focus on their products' quality and innovation. That's where Fynd Platform stepped in to make a significant impact on Treatfully Yours' growth journey.

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Treatfully Yours' Remarkable Growth

Taking its business online with a user-friendly e-commerce platform boosted Treatfully Yours' business beyond everyone's expectations. With the help of Fynd Platform, the brand experienced remarkable growth and success, surpassing its revenue goals and expanding its customer reach. Here are the outstanding results achieved by Treatfully Yours:

1. Boost in Revenue: Treatfully Yours witnessed a remarkable 52% increase in revenue, showcasing the positive impact of the online store in driving sales.

2. Growth in Customers: The brand attracted a significant number of new customers, expanding its customer base and brand awareness.

3. Surge in Orders: Treatfully Yours experienced a remarkable 158% increase in orders, indicating increased demand for its products.

4. Improved Average Order Value: The online store optimized customer experience, leading to an enhanced revenue per transaction for Treatfully Yours.

5. Expanding Geographic Reach: The brand successfully reached customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, expanding its geographic footprint and market penetration.

Experience with Fynd Platform

The collaboration with Fynd Platform proved to be the turning point for Treatfully Yours, addressing their challenges and providing the much-needed support to achieve their growth ambitions. With Fynd Platform as a reliable partner, Treatfully Yours successfully established a strong online presence, streamlined their e-commerce operations, and experienced remarkable growth in revenue and customer reach.
"From the appearance to the functionality of my website to customer service. I give it 5 stars." - Carolyn Pereira

Carolyn's experience with Fynd Platform has been nothing short of exceptional. With customizable themes and design options, she can showcase her products in an enticing and captivating manner. The seamless functionality of Fynd Platform makes it easy for Carolyn to manage her online store, from adding new products to processing orders and handling customer inquiries.

One aspect that impresses Carolyn the most is the exceptional customer service she receives from the Fynd Platform team. Whenever she encounters any technical issues or has questions regarding the platform's features, the support team is prompt, knowledgeable, and dedicated to resolving her queries. Here's how Fynd Platform played a crucial role:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Fynd Platform's intuitive and user-friendly interface stood out as a key factor in their decision-making process. Treatfully Yours valued the simplicity of the platform, as it allowed them to swiftly set up their online store without the need for extensive technical expertise or coding knowledge.

2. Quick and Hassle-Free Setup

Time was of the essence for Treatfully Yours, and Fynd Platform offered a speedy and seamless website setup process. By minimizing the complexities of website development and design, Fynd Platform enabled Treatfully Yours to focus on product innovation and customer engagement.

3. Cost-Effective Solution

As a growing business with limited resources, Treatfully Yours appreciated Fynd Platform's cost-effectiveness. The platform's economical subscription plans aligned perfectly with their budget constraints, ensuring they could efficiently manage their online store without incurring exorbitant expenses.

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Fynd Platform provided Treatfully Yours with comprehensive support throughout the onboarding process. The platform's customer success team proved to be instrumental in guiding them through each step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition to the online marketplace.

5. Essential Features Integration

Fynd Platform offered an array of essential features that catered to Treatfully Yours' specific needs. From seamless payment gateway integration to logistic support, the platform provided all the necessary tools to optimize their online operations.

Treatfully Yours' inspiring journey of growth, powered by Fynd Platform, serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, authenticity, and embracing one's passion. With the right mindset and support, entrepreneurs like Carolyn Pereira can achieve remarkable results and turn their dreams into reality.

Empowering Homegrown Brands to Flourish Online

Fynd Platform is more than just an e-commerce website builder; it is a powerful tool that empowers homegrown brands like Treatfully Yours to flourish in the digital marketplace. With its intuitive interface and no-code approach, Fynd Platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs with limited technical expertise to establish a strong online presence.

By offering a range of essential features and seamless integration with payment gateways and logistics, Fynd Platform streamlines the e-commerce operations of these brands, allowing them to focus on product quality and innovation. Sign up on Fynd Platform and build your online store today!


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