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Learn how a homegrown Indian brand Tessera achieved 5-fold growth in just 60 days

Learn how a homegrown Indian brand Tessera achieved 5-fold growth in just 60 days

Indian women have exhibited incredible bravery in recent years by attempting to travel the challenging path of entrepreneurship. It's quite remarkable that small towns as well as big cities are contributing to the enormous entrepreneurial boom among Indian women. Let's have a look at the remarkable journey of this Indian homegrown brand Tessera, founded by Jemika Parikh, a women entrepreneur who overcame all adversity to pursue her passion as a career.

About Tessera

The brand Tessera is a channel for creative expression and design, offering home accents, serveware and jewellery. Whether it's a casual brunch or formal dinner, Tessera’s serveware is versatile, making plating fun and the presentation a notch better.Since the inception of the brand Tessera, Jemika has dedicated herself as a full-time entrepreneur to building serveware that reflects modernist simplicity and elegance with earthly aesthetics. Craftsmanship with a captivating appeal that triggers imagination and interaction with viewers' eyes has become her constant motivation to grow the brand ‘Tessera’.

Jemika’s journey from passion to profession

Inspired by the Latin word Tessera meaning “mosaic, Jemika’s brand is a take on patterns woven together to tell a story. Her interest in all things creative evolved from her formative years of doodling, immersive cultural experiences at school and university, travels, and teaching art. Thanks to an early introduction to minerals, fossils, and sculptural plastic vestiges by her grandfather, Tessera was born as a passion project.

How did Fynd Platform change the course of online business for Tessera?

For a small business, it takes years to see 5x growth; however, Tessera accomplished it in just two months. Jemika was reluctant to create an e-commerce website for her business initially. She assumed it would cost almost 3-4 lakhs to create a website exclusive of other services like logistics and payment gateway integration. Jemika's view on e-commerce and online business underwent a transformation after she attended a small business event in Mumbai and crossed paths with a Fynd Platform business representative.

A conversation between the two led to Tessera partnering with Fynd Platform to expand their business online and serve customers across India. Tessera's online store was live in no time, and they started getting orders from customers across India.

Jemika quotes, 'Throughout the onboarding process, Fynd Platform team was there to help and make us understand each step while making our website go live for sales.'

Fynd Platform has helped Tessera expand and stabilize its business by offering self-serve, no-code technological solutions to build their online website and overcoming various issues along the way such as theme setup, website maintenance, payment gateway integration, or logistic support. Fynd Platform integrates these much-needed essential features and serves them in an economical subscription plan for e-commerce entrepreneurs.

To drive more traffic and increase sales on their online store, Tessera started with their performance marketing campaigns with Vision Activated - a performance marketing agency and one of the Fynd Partners.


Building a customer-driven brand like ‘Tessera’ all by herself wasn’t a cakewalk for Jemika. However, the toughest part was to explore cost-effective ways to enhance brand visibility, increase consumer demand, and generate more revenue for her business. Before becoming aware of the Fynd Platform and its services, Jemika had spent huge amounts in attempts to take her brand online but all went in failure.

Jemika quotes ‘Until I was approached by Fynd Platform in a small business networking event, we did not know entering e-commerce and setting up a website could be so easy, reasonable to pockets, and manageable with a small team. Fynd Platform opened up a whole new world of marketplace for us that we thought was out of our reach. The platform itself is very user-friendly. The customer success team has been very involved and prompt, making it extremely easy to communicate with anyone for the smallest of queries.’

Plan of action that led to 5x growth in online sales for Tessera

It became the need of the hour to drive traffic to their website, as they were selling in really small numbers via organic reach. Additionally, the brand used to find it challenging during the early stage to personally interact with customers while managing the company operations and product design. They also needed immediate assistance in deciding what type of content to curate, how to distribute it beyond their followers, and how to increase not just their Instagram following but also their website's direct sales.

The plan of action was to first promote their Instagram presence, something that Jemika herself had designed. They started with an inquiry campaign and within just one month, they had people's attention and doubled the number of page followers.

The strategy to drive more traffic to their website was to start modestly and use a realistic approach. With a monthly budget of Rs. 10,000, the projected net ROI was 3X of the industry standards. Within a month, tessera received its first order directly from the website campaign.

Tessera, a small homegrown brand that used to receive orders worth only 20-25K in the first 3 months of the year 2022, received 158 orders in September worth Rs. 2.36 lakhs at a minimal cost of Rs. 45,000 on ads budget claiming an outstanding ROI of 5.24x!

Jemika quotes Our experience with Fynd Partner ‘Vision Activated’ has been extremely fruitful. The biggest advantage is the involvement level of the team. They are extremely prompt and follow the campaigns closely which makes a difference.”

The brand not only started receiving orders from metro cities, but also from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.

The Roadmap Ahead

Tessera has seen impressive sales results over the past two months. Despite a limited marketing budget, the company has generated sales worth 1.5 lakhs, a testament to its cost-effective marketing strategies.

The brand's success can also be attributed to its focus on delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and continuously improving its offerings, Tessera has established itself as a leading player in the market.

Along with the 80% of brand websites built on the Fynd Platform that is run by women entrepreneurs, Jemika’s ‘Tessera’ has been an exceptional inspiration for all the Indian homegrown brand entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking for skyrocketing growth in their business and revenue.


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