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How to Sell Clothes on Meesho (Working Methods)

How to Sell Clothes on Meesho (Working Methods)

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Meesho has become the choice of today's online shopping. It is an e-Commerce supplying clothes, Jewellery, and electronics at a cheaper rate. It keeps Meesho out of the competition as they know their customer and what can give them maximum satisfaction. More than 2.6 million resellers throughout India trust Meesho. Meesho is an Indian startup based in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The reseller-focused platform Meesho and pioneered social commerce in the country stands for ‘MY SHOP’ or ‘APNI DUKAN’.  The vision is to enable 100 million small and individual businesses to succeed online. There are resellers in the Meesho app whose job is to promote or make content on the Meesho product and bring them to buy clothes on the app.

Unlike a retailer, resellers are not compelled to own a shop or inventory. They reach out to customers on social media. For instance, with Meesho, you can simply share the catalogue or specific products with prospective customers. They get the payment when the customer has confirmed an order. Learn with us how to sell clothes on Meesho. 

How To Become A Reseller On Meesho?

How To Become A Reseller On Meesho

Meesho allows people to earn money from home. People can create content or promote it among their audience and get paid. Many college students, part-time workers, home-makers, business interest people, and others are earning from this app. 

They need to join the Influencer Program by signing up for a new account on Meesho. You have to create an account and get access to the Influencer dashboard. It allows you to introduce Meesho and its product to new customers and make money.

These are the steps to consider while joining in:

1. Signup – First, create an account on Meesho.

2. Join the Influencer Program and get access to the dashboard. Generate your unique link for any product of your choice and promote them.

3. Create content wearing or reviewing the products. Share with your audience and recommend Meesho to them.

4. Get Paid – Earn up to 15% on all the sales you make by promoting the Meesho app and its Products.

It doesn't matter how large your target audience is; they accept applications from influencers like YouTube, Instagram, or other social media accounts. All different audience sizes of influencers are obtained on Meesho.

Benefits Of Meesho

Benefits Of Meesho

1. Opportunity to Earn Money

Meesho allows people to earn money from home. People can create content or promote it among their audience and get paid. Many college students, part-time workers, home-makers, business-interest people, and others are earning from this app. 

They just need to join the Influencer Program by signing up for a new account on Meesho. You need to create an account and get access to the Influencer dashboard. It allows you to introduce Meesho and its product to new customers and make money.

2. Time-Saving

Every day getting ready to reach the office is not easy work. You ran from one part to another and had many things ready to get there. Have you thought about the time you have wasted just by leaving for office and coming back? Also, if you are stuck in a traffic jam and pressure builds up in your body, you start guessing when it will get over. 

And eventually, it leads to health problems like tension, sleeplessness, etc. Working from home will help you save time and utilize that time to take care of yourself and your health. It helps to balance your personal life and work life.

You can go to spend some time with your loved ones if you have lesser work or complete it quickly. You can work as long as you want or need and invest your time in other important work.

3. Lowest Commissions Rate

Most of the big e-commerce marketplaces charge a commission ranging from 5% to 22% on each product sale; Meesho charges much lower than any other medium of selling products. You get to experience a smooth selling experience on Meesho at an attractive 0% commission.

Meesho wants to keep both their sellers and customers happy and release their burden of money problem, and this is one of the biggest reasons why you must start selling with them today.

4. More Than Ten Crore Customers 

You don't even need to go and find your customers. There are a lot of customers who always want to get different options, and they are primarily searching for products on Meesho. It helps to sell your product in a significantly more accessible way. You don't have to pay any fee to get so many Indian customers.

5. No Shipping Fees

Other online retailers in the Marketplace charge a fair sum for shipping. Meesho doesn't take any shipping costs out of your settlement account. Let's use the following illustration to comprehend this better: Let's say you set a product's selling price at 500 INR. Meesho will list the price slightly over what you have specified.

The same goods would be displayed to the buyer/reseller at a higher cost, perhaps INR 545. The most significant advantage is that you may select the prices without worrying about how much the shipping costs will affect your total. As a result, you can offer your customer or reseller on Meesho App better pricing.

6. No Fixed & Collection Fees

In other Marketplaces, they collect a fee on every sale. It will reduce your benefits from the cloth. The best part of selling your goods on Meesho is you can take full advantage of selling your product as it doesn't collect any type of fee on your sale. Meesho works simpler than other e-e-commerce.

7. Safe & Timely Payments

You will get your settlement value directly into your bank account on the fifteenth day after your order's delivery date, whether it was paid for in advance or with cash on delivery. Let's say the purchase was made on April 1.

On April 3, it would be sent off or given to the courier. On April 6, delivery would take place. Therefore, if the delivery date in this instance is April 6, and you add 15 days, your bank settlement date will likely be April 21.

8. Zero Penalty on RTOs

Meesho doesn't charge anything for RTO; pre-orders and orders with cash delivery are both acceptable. However, Meesho would cover the expense of both the forward and return shipping out of their pocket. However, they do not want their supplier to suffer if the client declines the order before it has even been accepted.

How to Sell Clothes On Meesho Step By Step?

How to Sell Clothes On Meesho Step By Step?

Any seller can register with the app to sell their product. Meesho's consumers are increasing, and many business people show their interest in investing in this online shopping app. Meesho has become a famous online shopping company. It will benefit sellers to get a platform to sell their products. 

1. Register as a Meesho seller

1. Check out the Meesho website.

2. At the top of the screen, in the far-right corner, select "Become a Supplier."

3. Your phone number must be entered on the registration page, which is accessible via the website. Start selling after that.

4. You must enter the OTP you received into your number on the Meesho Supplier panel page that follows. You should also enter your email and password here.

5. Check the "I want to receive crucial updates on WhatsApp section" box if you wish to receive notifications from the app. Next, select Create Account.

You must possess the following to sell goods on Meesho:


2. Bank statement

3. Visit to register for a GST number if you don't already have one.

4. Meesho asserts that you just need a PAN number if your company has an annual revenue of fewer than 40 lacs and does not require a GSTIN.

5. The only thing left to do is input the bank account information and other pertinent data. You may now sell on Meesho, so congrats.

6. The Meesho seller registration process' ease and lack of complication are its best features. Anyone with a bank account, PAN, and GSTIN is eligible to sell on Meesho. You can sell here as a reseller even if you don't have a company account or aren't a supplier.

As soon as you register with Meesho as a supplier, you may start selling with no out-of-pocket costs.

2. Begin Listing Your Items for Sale

The following step is to list the goods you intend to sell.

1. Log in to the Meesho supplier panel to upload your product list.

2. Make a seller account, then log in to accomplish this.

3. You have two options for uploading products using Meesho.

4. Bulk Include in New Catalogue 

How to Mass Upload New Catalogues

1. Click "Catalogues Upload" on the Meesho supplier panel's home page.

2. On the following screen, click Add New Catalogue in Bulk, enter your product category in the search box, and choose your category from the drop-down list.

3. After choosing the category, you can download an existing template or create your own. If you don't have your template, click Download Template.

4. You can download a template that resembles an Excel sheet.

Methods For Uploading A Single Catalogue

1. Select "Catalogues upload" from the menu on the Meesho supplier homepage.

2. To add a single catalogue, click. From the list provided, choose your desired product category.

3. Your computer's product photos should be uploaded.

4. Add product information. Don't bother providing the details for each colour if you have the same product in different hues. Merely mark the box Copy the input information for every product, then edit the colour information as necessary.

5. After completing all the required fields, select Submit Catalogue

6. Make more catalogues if you want to receive more orders.

For instance, if you sell apparel for men, women, and children, you can create a catalogue with the various categories. Specify the product's dimensions, weight, and price. Also included are product images. Your selling process will be more straightforward if your catalogue is established.

Sharing your product on numerous social media platforms is the next step. You might promote your goods on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, or any other social media network that fits your business and target market.

Deliver your Products Quickly

After accepting the order, you can now download the label and manifest from the Supplier Panel. It's time to wrap up the item at this point.

3. Begin Receiving Orders

The hardest part is getting the orders. It won't matter how many seller accounts you set up or how many products you list if you don't start receiving orders. You must begin making sales. You have to take orders.

Add additional categories: Maintain consumer interest in uploading five to seven catalogues at the very least. Your chances of receiving more orders will rise as you post more catalogues of fresh designs or products on Meesho. To improve the user experience, Meesho offers a fast-track dispatch programme.

Sellers have access to its Next-Day Dispatch (NDD) service, which guarantees that an order will be shipped the day after it is received. If your products are eligible for the NDD programme, you may see a 12% rise in customer interest.

Meesho offers a pricing comparison tool to assist you in determining an affordable selling price. How can you draw in clients? Using the Meesho Price Recommendation tool to compare your price to market demands is a great way to set the correct price and accelerate sales.

4. Shipping and Delivery of Orders

When you get an order, Meesho will notify you through email and your Supplier Panel. You only need to agree to the order. The order can then be immediately obtained by going to the supplier panel. The shipping process at Meesho is simple.

Unlike Amazon or eBay, you are not required to mail the items. Through Meesho's logistics partner, you may simply adhere the label to the container. Without charging you more, the Meesho Delivery crew will manage the shipping for you! This is one method Meesho uses to facilitate business expansion.

5. Payment

You are paid for every order on the fifteenth day after delivery, whether you use an online payment method or an offline one like COD. You may view more details about your payments on the Supplier panel, including deposits and upcoming payments.

The Commission And Pricing For Meesho one of the few platforms, Meesho, gives its users a 0% commission rate. There is no better time than the present to sign up for the platform if you also want to develop your brand as a seller.

What Does A Meesho Supplier Or Seller Do?

What Does A Meesho Supplier Or Seller Do

Through the Meesho seller panel, a Meesho seller or Meesho supplier opens an account. The Meesho seller panel is then visited by Meesho vendors, who begin listing things. They must establish a virtual shopfront for the online business by including catalogues.

1. Meesho Seller Provides a Large Customer

Meesho is a social commerce website designed for buyers, sellers, and anyone who uses social media. The benefit of Meesho is that you can reach a large client base. Everyone uses social media, even their family and friends. You can connect with them and attract new clients outside of them.

2. Capability to create a strong brand identity 

Meesho can be used to create a brand identity by anyone looking to launch a new business. Meesho enables you to start with ZERO investment, whether you want to sell women's clothing or home appliances.

As a Meesho reseller or seller, you can develop your brand identity with minimal financial outlay. You have the power to select a brand name and logo as you start to market the goods you wish to sell and establish the pricing and profit margin. You may gradually develop and establish a brand that customers are familiar with.

3. Easy Workflow 

The Meesho firm follows a relatively simple procedure. Meesho can provide comfort to Meesho sellers who don't want to stress about every aspect of their business but want to continue operating.

Only listing their products on the website is required of sellers. The Meesho team and resellers can then handle the rest. The Meesho team can increase sales by disseminating product information in various venues. The procedure for managing your business is quite simple. When you observe customers visiting your website, you know business is booming.

4. End-to-End Support

Meesho will support you at every stage of your business's platform journey. One of Meesho's logistic partners might pick up an item that a customer orders from your store and deliver it to the customer. 

Meesho will take care of everything else; all you have to do is pack the things neatly. Meesho will also handle the return pickup, so if the consumer is dissatisfied with the goods and wants to return them, they can do so quickly.

5. Safe Transactions

If you are selling on Meesho, there is no cause for concern. Profits and payments are consistently paid promptly to the seller's accounts. Meesho offers vendors rapid and secure payment gateways. However, a Meesho seller support number is provided in case of any questions.

You can dial the number, and Meesho seller support will offer assistance if a business owner has any payment-related problems. You will receive your commission in one to two days if your consumer chooses an online payment method. 

The reseller will receive their commission after they complete a sale if they select cash on delivery as their preferred payment option. The seller must wait longer to receive the money.

6 Ways To Sell More Effectively On Meesho

6 Ways To Sell More Effectively On Meesho

1. The product photographs you upload to the Meesho app must be highly calibrated and professionally taken. Avoid taking dark, fuzzy images. 

2. Set reasonable prices so that resellers can make a sufficient profit. The more margin room you have, the more shares you'll sell on your catalogues.

3. Try always to list the items that are in high demand. Indian women frequently purchase clothing, accessories, household goods, etc., from Meesho.

4. The provider should maintain a 20-piece stock level to lessen the likelihood that orders won't be filled. This guarantees that they have 20 units of each product size variant.

5. Boost your catalogue production to increase your chances of receiving orders.

6. Choose the NDD programme if you want to ship your goods more quickly and get positive consumer feedback. Resellers may produce engaging product videos by obtaining photos of the products from the Meesho app.

Meesho's Selling Policy

Meesho's Selling Policy

Meesho is a big platform for customers and sellers as well. It allows the reseller to share the product on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It gives a massive reach to the product. It is effortless to list your products on meesho for sale. Meesho has a defined policy for sellers and customers-

1. You can register yourself as a seller on meesho free of cost. Meesho charges no commission to begin as a seller. You can make your account without paying and start listing your products.

2. In addition to that, meesho takes no commission on profit by selling. When a product is sold, the seller and reseller have to pay some amount on sales, but that is not the case with meesho. You earn money and keep 100% profit.

3. There is no penalty imposed on the seller or the reseller on supplier cancellations and auto cancellations. Meesho has a return policy where a customer can anytime cancel his order hassle-free.

4. Earlier, Meesho, like any other e-commerce website, had a 15 days payment policy where the payments of sellers and resellers used to settle within the next 15 days from the date of delivery of the product. But in March 2024, meesho changed its policy. Now, the payments are settled within seven days instead of 15 days.

5. This policy change is expected to attract more sellers to list their products on meesho. It reduces their burden of arranging funds for the next investment. This will help them bring ease and quickness to their payment cycle. 

6. You can view your deposited balance and the upcoming payments on the Meesho Supplier Panel.

7. Meesho ensures online payment security. It also provides extra discounts if the customer makes online payments to promote cashless India. In case of returns, the refund successfully gets credited to the customer's bank account or any other way of their choice.

8. Meesho's shipping services are swift. This reduces the seller's tension of delivering products on time. They can focus on selling rather than shipping. It takes care of the shipping and charges only 18% GST.

You can sell your products to crores of Meesho customers, schedule delivery with access to tens of thousands of local couriers, and have the flexibility to set your prices. To stand out among lakhs of sellers, you must decide the product price wisely.

9. You can check the delivery, return, replacement, and refund status on the supplier's panel. This panel helps the seller to make adjustments, make fewer returns and reduce the processing cost. 

10. When a supplier cannot fulfill an order due to a lack of stock or any other unforeseen situation, suppliers can conduct their business tension-free on Meesho without worrying about the fear of paying penalties. 

11. The seller need not worry about the product delivery because the delivery agent will try to reach the customer and deliver the product three times. If he fails to do so for any reason, then the order will be automatically marked as a return, and it will reach the seller within the next few days. The seller need not pay any penalty on it. 

Top-selling Clothes Online

Top-selling Clothes Online

1. Saree-

In India, it is one of the most loved clothes. India is well known for its rich culture and tradition. Saree represents traditional values, festivities and dress-up. Sarees made of silk, cotton, chiffon, georgette, linen, satin, etc., can be found online. 

Styling a saree as your day's outfit will always make you look gorgeous. Start selling sarees of different colours, textures, and fabrics on meesho and reach millions of customers.

2. Shirts-Shirts-

It give a perfect finishing look to your personality. Shirts are not just for those who go to the office but for everyone-young or old. Meesho provides a wide range of casual shirts, formal shirts, checked shirts, solid shirts, striped shirts, denim shirts, etc. 

3. Dresses-

The trend of Indo-western dresses has brought a wide variety of clothes to the market. Customers get to choose among countless options. This has paved the way for an increase in online clothes sales as the customer just needs to scroll on their phones to look at the wide range of options of their choice. Sell dresses of a wide variety on meesho with 0% commission. 

4. Kurtis-

They are easy to wear and comfortable. It gives an elegant look which is unmatchable. One can wear a Kurti on a typical day, at festivals, weddings, colleges, and offices. A Kurti can also be paired with jeans. They are plain, printed, embroidered, and embellished. Now sell Kurti on Meesho hassle-free. 

Tools That Help To Increase Sales Of Clothes On Meesho-

Tools That Help To Increase Sales Of Clothes On Meesho-

1. Advertisements:

Advertisement helps to reach out to a vast mass of people.

2. Product Recommendations:

Expand your business by offering the items Meesho suggests. These suggestions are created using data on client demand gathered from various online sources.

3. Price Recommendation:

Sell online and set the Meesho recommended competitive price to increase your sales and visibility by getting an edge over sellers across online platforms.

4. Quality Dashboard:

By using Quality Dashboard, returns can be decreased. It gives specific information about the causes of product returns from customers.

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Can I offer used clothing for sale on Meesho?

Meesho is the best platform to make money selling used clothing because it is primarily known for reselling. This online marketplace lets you get the best price when selling unwanted clothing and accessories.

Meesho, is it legal to sell?

It costs nothing to sign up as a Meesho seller; neither setting up an account nor listing your products does so. On Meesho, there are no fees associated with payment gateway or cash on delivery orders, so you keep all the sale prices.

How do I sell things online using Meesho?

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1. Create a Meesho Seller account. Register for a Meesho account and add the items you want to sell online. 

2. Upload a catalogue, then get orders.

3. Order delivery and shipping.

4. Get Paid in Your Bank Account / Safe and Secure Payments

How is the profit of Meesho determined?

1. GST (18% on Commission fee) + Product Price-0% Commission fee = Settlement Amount TCS, or 1% of the total taxable value

2. Settlement Amount = Deposited to your bank account on the fifteenth day following a successfully delivered order.

3. The price set by the supplier and shared with Meesho equals the product price.

What do Meesho vendors make?

Start placing orders through the app and tracking your sales. Most people can resell their goods for up to Rs. 25000 per month. Depending on the demands of your social circle, you can also resell online courses and subscriptions.

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