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How to Sell Meesho Products on Amazon (2024 Guide)

How to Sell Meesho Products on Amazon (2024 Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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The evolution of man throughout the ages in a Pollyannaish way is as similar as the advancement of technology in a saga. Still, the latter has a much more expeditious transformation than the former. Hence, when the term "business" lingers on one's mind, numerous contemplation exhibit in neurons, not barring it up to a specific limit. 

Digital media acts as a mediator between you and your ambitions. So, if you aim to sell products online, whether through a website or reselling the same on another medium, then you are seeking it in the right place. Moreover, online selling lends a helping hand to sellers in advertising their goods on a wide range of products. 

The proliferation of revenue can encourage the sellers to put more commodities up for sale. Buyers will also trust the platforms and sellers when acquiring standard products. Meesho and Amazon are two prominent, accessible platforms where sellers can register themselves and get a break from finite buyers. Read the article to know how to sell Meesho products on Amazon.

About Meesho

It is an e-commerce era where young minds take the digital business to new oblivion and stretch their arms overseas. To captivate your audience, you can enact your online dream store with vivid themes and alluring catalogues. You are just a single click away from the metamorphosis of a small startup to a huge enterprise. 

In recent surveys, it has been concluded that online shopping is a gigantic divergence. People prefer checking clothes and goods of their choice by swapping them on their carts because it offers a broad spectrum of commodities. Hence, this bulk flow has revolutionized the entire automated generation, leading to an age of plenty of opportunities in this industry.

And if you are the one chasing down this chance, it's like a heaven fruit that will never end in your struggling journey. Online selling and reselling can be your leverage. There are diverse stages where you can relish your passion. Meesho is one of the best apps for reselling products at lower prices.

It was founded in 2015 by a duo, Sanjeev Barnwal, and Vidit Autrey. With more than 2.6 million resellers worldwide, the big bull of Bangalore has accommodated 35 investors and has raised $1.1 billion to date.

From electronic gadgets to trendy, fashionable clothes, you can buy or sell anything on it which is marked as legal by their policy. It allows suppliers to sustain with zero penalty charges and zero commission fee.

A user-friendly platform where any brand can corroborate and enjoy the benefits of the profit-driven strategy of Meesho, which teaches 6 lakhs + dealers who trust them. To access every perk, you need to register as a seller on the app, which is very effortless. 

How Can You Register As A Seller On Meesho?

Meesho is the most efficient electronic gateway for sellers. It requires the slightest detail to register as a seller.

1. Required Documents

1. GST

2. Bank account

3. Mobile number

2. Procedure 

1. Visit the Meesho website.

2. Create or log in with the account using your mobile number. To get the foremost updates, you should use a WhatsApp number.

3. After registering, OTP will be sent. To confirm and move on to the following step.

4. The upcoming step will require entering a business email address.

5. You must generate a minimum 8 characters password.

6. Click on the 'create account button. 

7. At this stage, a GSTIN number is required to enter.

8. After scrutinizing, details with providing GSTIN number will be set forth.

9. Continuing the process, a pickup address must be provided, which will be used to pick up the products for shipping.

10. Furthermore, bank account details should be entered, including account number, name, type, and IFSC Code. 

11. Concluding with your business details, including business entity name, category, and your name.

12. Agreeing to the terms and conditions will create a Meesho supplier account.

3. Meesho terms and condition

1. Free registration to Meesho permits you to set up without spending. Even listing your product on their website is complimentary.

2. You can keep 100% of the sale price with no charges on the payment gateway or cash on delivery orders.

3. Stress less because Meesho does not put penalties on order cancellation and does not even charge return shipping fees for any RTOs.

4. Meesho's facilities grant you to focus on trading, and they take care of shipping and delivery with only 18% GST on shipping charges.

5. The Meesho Supplier Panel will acquire you visibility for returns on your trade gallery. This means they give you the power to customize in real time and deliver a great customer experience through minimal returns. You can even manage costs on panels.

6. They have the best tools to track your sales and manage their orders and payment details. In addition, due to tie-ups with multiple logistics partners, they offer you the lowest shipping cost across all platforms in India.

Taking customers as the priority and staying loyal to them has turned this tycoon into a global company. Hence, one may fantasize about becoming a part of this universal journey, whether as a consumer or a seller. You can sell your merchandise with a slighter bash. Giving many sellers a different outlook and comfortable voyage, Amazon handles all your hassles so that your goods will be the cynosure for you.

Therefore, improving them should be your leitmotif. You may worry that Amazon may put a levy for registering as a seller since it's a colossal business, but that's not a subject that deserves your concern. Amazon offers to sell on their platform with 50% off on the selling fee. In addition, you can avail of time-limited offers on Listing, GST, and Advertising. All these propositions go hand in hand. 

How To Register As A Seller On Amazon?

Amazon lays out straightforward and uncomplicated procedures to list yourself as a seller on their platform. The seamless process gives rise to minimal trouble. Let's go through it to appreciate it.

1. Personal/ Business Data Required

1. Phone Number

2. Email

3. GST registration number of business entity

4. PAN number of business entity

5. Product Catalogue

6. Business Address

Once you've put all the above-alluded particulars in order, it's time to log on to the Amazon seller website. On the homepage, you'll see an option on the homepage stating, "Start selling." Click on it.

2. Login/ Creation Of Account

1. If the seller has an existing Amazon account, he must log in with it. If sellers don't have one, they must create a new one with your phone number.

2. It will provide an OTP for verification.

3. Information Concerning The Business And The Seller

After logging in, the seller's information page will open up, where you must provide business facts and personal statistics. The figures to be provided are stated below.

1. Business entity name

2. Product category

3. Business address(which will be used as an Amazon-accessible shipping facility)

4. After submitting, a WhatsApp notification will be provided stating whether the pin code is entitled to an Amazon-accessible shipping facility or not.

4. Verification

1. It will conclude scrutiny of the provided details, and the two-step verification account security protocol will unplug.

2. Sellers must select a preferred 2-step verification mode. After selecting, click on 'continue' to move on.

5. Taxation

1. If sellers have GST registration, they must pass in a GST registration number or PAN number.

2. They can sell under the GST exempted category if they don't have a GST number.

6. Dashboard

1. You can list products, create a catalogue, and add or remove items here.

2. Examine the shipping levy, and modify it according to bias.

3. Update account number, type, and name and finish IFSC verification.

4. Fill up the TAX info, including PAN & GST.

5. Set default product tax code utilized in the tax calculation apparatus.

6. Add digital signature by syncing JPEG or JPG format. CLICK CONFIRM

How To Sell Meesho Products On Amazon

Selling Meesho products on Amazon is not a piece of cake. But still, if sellers want to advance, they must go through the terms and conditions and comprehend them. If you're unfamiliar with the facts, you may eventually lose money and credibility by selling again on Amazon. 

There's a way to get this chore done via the drop-shipping method. Let's be fair with this approach and determine whether it'll be fruitful. Drop-shipping is retail commerce wherein the seller acknowledges the customer's order without having a bodily inventory.

It's a sort of supply chain management. The seller is acquainted with the manufacturer or producer, supplies the requested product to the customer without effort, and earns a commission on the sale.

Drop-Shipping Procedures

1. Accepting The Order

For starters, when customers intend to purchase assured products, they order the relevant goods from the preferred platform. From there on, drop-shipping courses of action begin. Finally, the seller acknowledges the order and endows it with an estimated delivery date.

2. Inform To Supplier

Sellers then notify the supplier about the order. After getting the shipment details, suppliers ship the requested product straight away from their end to the customer. Sellers set themselves aside from this hectic process of shipment.

Knowingly, sellers must ally with the concerned manufacturer or producer to obtain the right to sell their products on any platform. Instituting such associations can accommodate sales effectively and efficiently. 

Functioning Of Meesho And Amazon

Meesho is one of the most productive platforms that allows the selling of products. Empowering to be a reseller and earn commission never-ending on sales without allocating any capital in inventory. In addition, reselling can be done from the console of your residence.

Amazon permits the selling and reselling under definite circumstances. To begin with, sellers must acquire a brand authorization letter from the brand whose product they want to sell. Furthermore, they must devote a quantity of capital to purchasing Inventory from allied producers and merchants.

Finally, they must also get their hands on invoices from the supplier, which must enclose the former's product particulars and GST registration. Anyone wishing to trade off Meesho products on Amazon is trying to work on a drop-shipping method. Many people earn lakhs through this method. Though it is a productive way to increase your income significantly, it is a little risky too.

They exhibit a very high chance of being suspended if they don't meet specific criteria of Amazon. Seller Policies of Amazon are strenuous and stringent. Hence, one needs to be prepared with every requirement, or it might get deferred for years or banned. Therefore, before bartering, you should read and consider all the policies of Amazon so that you steer clear of dereliction and ending up in bankruptcy. 

However, most consultants shouldn't sell Meesho products on Amazon since they see it as a peril and mishap of your business life. Still, you can prevent this if you follow some guidelines and ensure some documents, leading you to surpass many traders behind. Hence, we vouch for you some helpful pointers to notice at.

1. Invoice and Brand Authorization Letter 

Depending on your product, you might have to apply for approval to sell on Amazon. You are supposed to obtain a proper invoice and brand authorization letter to sell a specific product because it proves the authenticity of your product. 

If Amazon asks for it, you must reveal it when needed. But if you fail to provide it, it would lead to banning your account. Such multiple cases have occurred before.

2. Shipping Time

You must get the order shipped to you first, and repackage the product with your generated invoice and seller details. Later, ship the product to the buyer within a limited period. If you fail to convey the cargo on time, Amazon will cancel the order, and multiple order cancellations will lead to account suspension.

3. Product Quality

Always recheck the quality of the product before shipping it, since you do not have time to test it due to the negligible time gap. Under this factor, multiple odds favour failure; hence, there is no place for recklessness. 

At least do scrutinize it before dropping it off. If the customer gets a product of bad calibre and states or doubts that you have sold them an inauthentic product, then they can file a complaint, which can again result in an audit.

4. Brand Authorization

Suppose you happen with an instance where you list a product that a brand does not allow any third party to sell on Amazon. In that case, the brand can file a complaint against you again, leading to audit and account suspension under the act of Copyright Infringement on Amazon.

5. Amazon Audits

Amazon keeps an eye on every seller and their performance. Any complaint, negative reviews, or counterfeit or brand infringement claims can activate an audit. These claims can be made by consumers, other sellers, or even brand owners themselves. 

In recent times, Amazon has started auditing listings more often. As a result, even the slightest doubt that you are violating the company's policies can lead to an inquiry against you. So, examine and analyse your attainment to prevent such setbacks.

6. Invoice

Do not mistake the invoice for a sales receipt. The invoice should mention the manufacturer or supplier's details, should be in the name of your business registered on Amazon, and the quantity should match your sales. There should be no invoice in the package that states someone else as the Seller. So, an accurate invoice should be generated by you to avoid this felony.

Seller Policy And Code Of Conduct

These are a set of rules and regulations which every seller should abide by. These are expected to be followed so that you know how to sell Meesho products on Amazon. These are in execution to ensure a safe buying and selling experience. Therefore, all sellers must act following these instructions.

1. Accurate Information

Providing your righteous details will save you from indulging in fraud and scams. Instead of using false or weird names, give a proper business name marked on every document for clear identification of your brand and to maintain its individuality.

2. Acting Fairly

You should not fuel illegal activities on these platforms, such as accepting fake orders or orders you have paid for or refunded externally, attempting to raise the product's price after the order is confirmed, or artificially engaging web traffic through bots paying for clicks.

3. Rating, Feedback, and Reviews

You cannot influence customers' ratings or feedback in your favour. Of course, you may request feedback neutrally. Still, you may not pay for or offer them an incentive to lure them into writing in your favour, filtering reviews of only customers who gave a positive experience, reviewing your products, or doing it for another seller.

4. Customer Information

When you receive buyers' information, you must maintain the privacy of data and delete their details, such as phone no., address, etc., after the order has been processed. You cannot use these facts to contact them and advertise your products on call or by text.

5. Circumventing Sales Process

You may not divert users externally to another website that does not come under Amazon. For example, do not provide links that prompt users to complete transactions in another place that might not be safe for them.

6. Multiple Selling Accounts

Every individual has the right to maintain only one account in your region until and unless you have a booming business that needs a legal second account. Owning multiple brands and conducting diverse businesses at one time is illegal. You cannot even manufacture products for two separate companies. All these activities might miserably end your business.

Payment And Shipping Of Products

Amazon has a very substantial yet manageable administration, as it protects its sellers from false fraud claims and allows them to track their sales and set the cost of their goods. Furthermore, according to their policies, sellers will be able to collect cash in their account within 7 days of placement of orders. 

From refunding to exchanging products, Amazon has taken care of its users so that no one has to compensate them with their valuable money. Amazon has a conglomerate network where it has partnerships with multiple logistics groups that ship the product safely to customers' hands, so you don't need to agonize over it.

Selling Meesho products on Amazon may seem inappropriate, while others see a golden chance to brighten their life through money. So naturally, it's your taste to decide which one to prefer. However, a step taken with a lot of concern and caution will save you from demolishing your hard-earned bucks and startup. 

About Fynd

Fynd can help your business grow by making the products available to the ten crore customers who have registered with them. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily create your website and use the platform to manage and rapidly grow your business.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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Can I resell Meesho goods on Amazon?

Meesho is a well-known and widely used reselling app that enables you, as a reseller, to sell the products on their platform with a higher profit margin. Amazon is another platform where you can sell Meesho goods.

How Can I Sell Products On Meesho?

1. Create a Meesho Seller account. Create a Meesho account and add the items you want to sell online.

2. Upload a catalogue, then get orders

3. Delivery of Goods and Shipping

4. Get Paid in Your Bank Account / Safe and Secure Payments.

How do I become a reseller for Meesho?

arrow down

To learn how to sell effectively, visit the Help section and watch the tutorial videos. Add your banking information to start making money. Create your business card and logo. Join the Meesho Community to connect with resellers all over India.

Can I sign up for Amazon without paying GST?

Yes. GST information is necessary if you are listing taxable goods for sale online. As a result, when registering with Amazon, you must supply a GST number. If you only sell items that are exempt from GST, on the other hand, this might not be necessary.

Does Meesho offer counterfeit goods?

No, Meesho purports to deliver authentic goods through its social commerce platform. The products are listed on the market by unaffiliated distributors.

Who does Meesho partner with for deliveries?

It's important 3PL partners are Xpressbees, Shadow fax, Ecom Express, Delhivery, and Shadowfax.

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