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Top 68+ Powerful Business Ideas In Pune for 2023 (Highly Profitable In Low investment)

Top 68+ Powerful Business Ideas In Pune for 2023 (Highly Profitable In Low investment)

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Pune is one of India's largest cities and a major center for education, manufacturing, and information technology. Pune is ideal for starting small or micro-businesses due to its fast-paced economy and high per capita income. Here we have listed the most Powerful Business Ideas in Pune that you can implement right after reading this article.

Pune is one of India's largest cities and a major center for education, manufacturing, and information technology. Pune is ideal for starting small or micro-businesses due to its fast-paced economy and high per capita income.

Pune has been home to many successful startups in the past few years. Firstcry, Fasoos, Letsintern, Brandup, Xpressbees, etc., are famous companies started in Pune. Therefore Pune is the ideal location to create your own business and watch it overgrow.

Do you want to launch a new venture in Pune? With profitable outcomes? Have you run out of business ideas? Then we are confident that this article will be highly beneficial to you, as we have explored, researched, and listed ideas and opportunities that require little investment but have a high-profit potential.

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According to, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will invest approximately Rs 220 crore in launching a new factory in India. The new factory will be built near Pune in Maharashtra.

Is Pune a Good Place to Start a Business?

Pune is a diverse city with a plethora of industry sectors. Technology, education, and the service sectors are among the most prominent. Furthermore, the rise of the aspiring upper-middle class with high per capita income makes Pune one of the most favorable cities in India to start a business.

After Mumbai, it is the second-largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is also the ninth most populous city in the country. The Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR) includes the industrial twin city of Pimpri-Chinchwad and the three cantonment towns of Pune, Khadki, and Dehu Road.

It is a historically significant city. In addition, the city is known as Maharashtra's cultural capital. It is also known as the "Oxford of the East" due to the presence of several prestigious educational institutions. It is currently a central emerging educational hub. Pune is home to nearly half of the country's international students.

Pune is India's eighth-largest metropolitan economy, with the sixth-highest per capita income. Automobiles, information technology, education, and transportation are the fastest-growing industries in the country. Now, we shortlisted some of the best working ideas for setting up a business in Pune. Please have a look at them and keep the entrepreneur in you alive.

Manufacturing Business Ideas:

Many people with limited financial resources want to start their own business or manufacturing unit. However, the question in their minds is what type of small-scale manufacturing they can pursue.

Starting a large company takes a lot of money and comes with many risks. On the other hand, a small business requires fewer resources and poses fewer risks. It is always a good idea to start with a small business and then grow as your revenue grows.

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Business-Related Statistics to Make You Understand the Value of a Small Business Idea.

India is the third-largest startup-friendly country. In the previous year, if we pay a visit to the financial year, we can see that nearly 14000 startups got the registration by the Indian government. Nowadays, there are 62000 startup business setups in India.

You will be amazed that 44 startup business ideas have become unicorns. Unicorn is those business companies that have a valuation of $1 billion. In the previous financial year, it was recorded that 83 unicorns held a total valuation of $277.77 billion. Besides, these unicorns contribute approximately 50% of India's GDP.

Here Are Some Unique Business Ideas for Pune in 2023

Here are some unique business ideas in Pune.

1. Battery-Operated Car for Rent

A Multiple Car Parked in a Sequence At Roadside

‍Nowadays, some idea that can save our environment from pollution is accepted everywhere. Pune is not an exception. If you can start your own battery-operated car rental shop, that can be pretty profitable. Lots of battery-operated cars are now available, like e-motorbike. You can choose this option, and these vehicles do not charge too much. You can also open a battery charging station for these kinds of cars.

2. Social Media Manager

Do you like to use Instagram to tweet, share, and post? Can you connect with people across various social media platforms and engage them in conversation? If that's the case, you could be a good fit for a position as a social media manager.

Pune has lots of scope in social media management as there are a lot of established businesses. Social media managers who create and schedule social media campaigns for companies and entrepreneurs after developing social media plans.

A social media manager may be responsible for creating social media posts and moderating social media profiles to provide customer service, encourage interaction with the company's market, screen out trolls, and work to increase followers.

3. Social Media Influencer

A Person Holding Phone in Hand And YouTube Logo Display on Screen.

Nowadays, people follow YouTubers, creators, bloggers, vloggers, etc. If you are a camera person too, you can start to present yourself as a social media influencer, and believe me; it is one of the most demanding and bright business ideas that can be created in homely comfort too.

You can reach people by giving them ideas on various niches like fitness training, cooking, gardening, painting, interior designing, self-help, personality development, language learning, etc. If you have any other ideas, you can implement that too. Living in Pune will not let you down when you choose to be a social media influencer.

4. Blogging


This business idea is good everywhere, including Pune, because this is a home-based business idea. You can start this work when you are sitting at your own home and that too with flexible timings.

To start your blog, create a website and choose a genre suitable for you, like choking, traveling, digital marketing, cryptocurrencies, gaming, fashion, etc. Though you first need to do several things to get reach at your articles, when you start visitors, you will earn a handsome amount of money on your own.

5. Event Planning and Management

In this busy lifestyle, everyone wants to give all the responsibilities of organizing any event to an event management team. You can choose this business idea if you are good at managing and handling events.

You can start taking responsibility for private parties, birthday celebrations, marriage ceremonies, anniversary programs, etc. When you gain a lot of experience, you can take orders for corporate events, celeb events, and lots more. This can undoubtedly be a great opportunity, even if you stay in Pune.

6. App Development

This is another great business idea if you want to start your work while sitting at home. Almost all big brands use their app to start marketing their products and services; app development is always in demand.

So, they always need people who can create and update apps and make them relatively better for their brands. Though you can start working on it, it may take a foolproof knowledge of app development.

7. Freelance Content Writing 

A Man is Writing in Notebook by Using Pen

With the development of e-commerce and the internet, the demand for content is increasing immensely. If you are the one who possesses strong writing skills along with creativity, you can start your content writing firm.

You can start it from homely comfort, but you should have mentioned your work on social media platforms to get more exposure. Every marketing office needs its content to promote its business or products.

So, you can take a content writing contract from them. This business is not just less investment-based; it is a significantly trending one in today’s world.

8. Set Up a Bakery

Bread With Flour on Table

You can also open a bakery if you are good at baking cakes and biscuits. All you need are some good recipes, a baking tandoor, and different molds. Many corporate companies are now placing orders with bakeries for every small get-together or meeting that they host. You can make decent money in the food business ideas if you can participate in such corporate events. You can even open your small bakery at your home.

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9. Crafty Ideas at Home

Crafty Ideas at Home

People are in love with handmade craft ideas. If you are artistic enough to create new craft ideas and sell them, this idea can be your tea. You can take orders for customized products, too.

As handmade products are authentic and quite different from conventional products, this business idea is the reason for hope for new-age entrepreneurs. You can also start selling them on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other e-commerce sites.

10. Personalized Fashion Apparels

A Girl Wearing Red Jacket, Sunglasses and Hand Gloves Holding Shopping Bags in Hands

People are now looking for something unique. This is bringing change to their fashion taste. If you have enough knowledge of fashion, you can start work on embroidery as per the order of your clients.

By mastering the embroidery details with ribbons, beads, zari, and fabrics, you can create unique and expensive outfits for your clients. You can also create a website where you can upload your portfolio so that people may visit your work and gain interest in your career.

11. Cleaning Services

No investment business idea it is. You need to purchase fundamental tools. Then you can put advertisements on various popular bulletin boards to get a massive audience for your business. From busy office workers to college students to older adults, everyone can want this service to make use of.

12. Handyman Services

A Person Operating Drilling Machine To Hole in Wooden Strip

People in Pune are getting busy very much. Besides, in Pune, more new buildings are being constructed, and new office sectors are opening. In these substantial office sectors or new apartments, handypersons are always preferred. To start working as a handyman, you can find a suitable office area so your work can quickly begin.

13. Pet Care and Grooming Salon

A Girl Taking Care of A Brown Color Pet Dog at Salon.

Maximum people are now getting pets, but they need to work hard to care for them quickly because of their strict work schedules. If you are passionate about this work, you can start your pet care and grooming session. It is a highly paid business idea, making the business profitable.

14. Interior Designer

People love to decorate their homes with utmost care. If you can assist with interior design, this business idea can increase yours. You can also help various commercial premises in designing or decorating. Besides, this business idea allows you to get handsome money in return.

15. Website Designer

A person working on a laptop.

Web designing is one of the most exciting fields that has seen a rising demand since the growth of the internet. Besides, it has a high demand for young talents. You can adapt this business idea for yourself.

As a web designer, you must create a website layout, build website functionality, and add the required graphics, charts, tables, etc. This one is a trendy small business even in Pune.

16. Home-Based Organic Products

The demand for organic products is on the top because these products are suitable for health and natural ingredients are used. You can start making handmade organic soap, shampoo, body wash, face lotion, body creams, etc. Apart from these, many more products can be made with organic ingredients. No doubt, this business is unique and can be upgraded with time.

17. Electronics Repair Service

Electronic repairing service has always been a top-level demand anywhere. If you possess this knowledge of repairing, you can start your electronics repeating shop soon. 

18. Real Estate Agent

If you are a good salesperson with a lot of knowledge and persuasion power, this business can help you improve your financial situation. With experience/knowledge of types of properties and documentation processes, the only investment required is office space in a good location.

Direct public relations and effective communication will help you succeed as a real estate agent/broker/builder/financier, among other professions. The demand for real estate in Pune is consistently high. It's most likely because, unlike Mumbai, where space is scarce, and costs are skyrocketing, the city offers houses that give good value for money.

19. Personalized Gift Store

A Decorative Box Filled With Gifts Kept on Table.

Personalized gifts are always in high demand. You can equip yourself with gift cards, pen sets, home decor, tabletops, wall art, wall hangings, decorative caricature, clocks, soft toys, etc.

‍It would help if you kept your inventory always packed with the choice of local people. You can also personalize corporate gifts with the brand name.

20. Photographer

Getting paid to take pictures is a great way to turn a photography hobby into a home business. If local zoning laws allow it, you can run a portrait studio out of your home, photographing families, graduates, and even pets.

Consider photographing events such as weddings. And, because weddings are almost always held on weekends, this is a home business you can start part-time while building your portfolio.

Finally, you can sell your photographs online through sites such as "" and "" or even many companies that need photos for their usage.

21. Beauty Parlor and Spa

A Lady Taking Hair Spa Services At Beauty Studio.

The revenue generation growth is rapid, and the initial offering and investment are relatively low compared to other small businesses. The only cost is a small setup filled with cosmetics and other related items. And decorate the place with the proper required tools.

Because the salon's location may be outside of a market or areas with a high footfall, salon promotion and marketing are significant in this type of business.

22. Training for Dogs

Those who love to keep dogs as their fluffy playmate need to train dogs. This is another highly paid business idea if you love those pet buddies and can make your love into your profession. Less investment is required too. Think about this idea.

23. Nursery or Plant Shop

A Person Roping a Plant in a Pot At Nursery

This is another profitable business, but you need to be equipped with detailed knowledge about plants. Lots of people demand indoor plant decoration, exterior gardening planning, and office decoration with plants. You can assist them with varieties of plants and assist them in taking care of those plants.

24. Packaging and Moving

A Person Properly Packaging Something in Paper Box.

Shifting to a new place can always be daunting. You can take responsibility for this packaging and move those to the destination safely. This can be the savior business idea with a small investment.

25. Takeaway/Breakfast Joint

Different Type of Foods Display in Boxes

Food being one of life's three necessities, it's no surprise that people want to indulge and start a business in the F & B (Food and Beverage) industry. As a result, food joints will always have customers as a small-scale business idea as long as they serve delicious food.

Of course, a startup company does not have to start as a full-fledged restaurant. Starting with just a few essential dishes, such as a traditional filling breakfast with optional snacks as an add-on, is an excellent place to start.

26. Personal Fitness Trainer

A Man is Doing Exercise On Mate at Home.

In a metro city like Pune, this option to start your career is perfect because many people want assistance from a personal trainer as per their schedule. You can be the one if you have enough experience in fitness training programs

27. Travel Guide 

Traveling is our hobby, and yours is too. You can turn this hobby into a profession by being a travel guide. As a travel guide, you can visit your local area and show your city to travelers from different places.

You can also hire a few people to assist you in managing tours handled by you. Before starting this business, sharpen your knowledge by reading the history of various places so that you can help tourists with the real story of that place.

28. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer can work independently on any desired product and pick the best projects from any online platform. As a graphic designer, you can develop product layouts, design logos, curate magazine content, edit videos, etc., per the client’s requirements. It is quite a highly paid business in Pune.

29. Writer

A Person is Writing in Book by Using Pen.

Aside from its complete flexibility, one of the significant advantages of writing is the variety of types of writing you can do. You can work as a:

  1. Copywriter or content writer for bloggers
  2. Writer of resumes
  3. Author or a ghostwriter

You can concentrate on one type of writing or do various them. You could run a blog while also providing freelance writing services. 

30. Online Tutoring

The demand foronline tutoringincreased immensely, especially after the covid-19 pandemic. You can start your business journey with an online training course for school students, college students, etc. As per your educational background, you can choose classes or streams.

31. Catering or Tiffin Service

Home and office delivery of home-cooked food varieties by homemakers or single women is another reasonably popular home-based idea with an initially low-budget offering.

Homemakers can work together with the help of a few maids and workers to start a food delivery business using online food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, and Ubereats. The concept is familiar and has been successfully implemented in several cities with the help of the local community and food delivery behemoths.

According to the report published by Fucci, the Indian Food Service Market in India has estimated at INR 3,37,500 crore in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 10% to reach INR 5,52,000 crore by the year 2023.

32. Food Truck

A Giani's Food Truck Parked at Roadside And ready Serve It's Customers.

Pune is very famous for its amusing street food. Food caravan vans are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to travel anywhere. o They usually serve fast or combo meals that can be eaten on the go or divided into portions.

While the cost to be offered is low, high volume can result in good margins. It is a one-of-a-kind food business concept and has a great scope in business as you can take your food truck to any desirable place where the demand is high.

33. Car Wash Business

One of the toughest as well as professional duties is a car wash. But people are getting busy with a tight schedule, so they cannot take care of their vehicles. You can start a car wash business to help them. This can work well because this business idea is in demand.

34. Unique Cafe Ideas

Cafes are places where young generations to older people love spending time with friends, family, or on their own. It can run well if you try a unique way to present your new cafe. Try fun activities in the cafe, concerts, comedy shows, etc.

35. Florist Outlet

Beautiful Flowers Are Display At Flower Store.

Opening a floral counter is always blissful. Almost every event, floral decoration, flower bouquets, etc., is mandatory nowadays. You can also create combos, like flowers with gift items, that work well in Pune.
‍You can also take orders to deliver on time to the event venue. You can also create your online shop to get more customers to your business.

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36. Healthcare Center

Diagnostic centers or healthcare centers can be the ones that have always been in demand. It may need a bit of investment initially, but it can also give you a high return.

37. Drop shipping

One of the most appealing aspects of this business is that you can start by creating your e-commerce website without spending much money or stocking any products. 

One of the most appealing aspects of this business is that you can start by creating your e-commerce website without spending much money or stocking any products. 

Dropshipping is a popular and profitable business model in India because there is so much room for growth and experimentation in the market. Because you can wait to buy something until the customer orders. You can make a profit of up to three times the seller's price.

38. Internet Cafe

Inside View of Internet Café With Computers, Headphone and Phones.

Internet cafes are one of the trendiest business ideas for college towns. It will run quite well if you start this near any college premises, even inside any college campus. Another exciting thing is it allows you to create a retail business with minimum financial investment.

39. Tire Store

Pune is known as “the motor city” because of the massive density of motorcars. That is the reason in Pune, the demand for different types of auto spare parts, lubricants, and tires is always high. Besides, in Pune, almost all brands of motor companies are present. So, it will be a profitable small business idea to start with.

40. Office Space Renting Service

Office Space Renting Service

If you have lots of properties, you can give those to various offices for rent. It can be a side income and an excellent way to get a lot of money without investing a lot.

41. Recruitment Agency

As new companies and brands are shifting to Pune, think about a recruitment agency through which you can find young talent for those brands or companies.

42. Bookstore Business

A Open Book is Kept on Table.

The city of Pune is now enriched with many high-tech education hubs, so the need for books is countless. There will be lots of students, professors, and college institutions who can be your customer daily. Remember that you must choose the location wisely, preferably beside any college or university.

43. Digital Marketing

A Man is Selecting Images From Tablet.

This perfect home-based small business has the potential to make you a good money-holder. Besides, the demand for digital marketing is increasing. As a first timer, you can start with small brands. You also have to create your lucrative website where your portfolio or work experience will be added.

44. Play School

A Child Draw Drawing in a Book by Using Crayons.

Following an initial start-up phase, the playschool business will gradually expand and, due to lower expenses and overheads, is expected to reach breakeven soon. Spending your days with children, especially toddlers, is a beautiful experience.

Getting them to learn new things over time while also putting money in your pocket is a win-win situation. This idea can assist single mothers in becoming financially self-sufficient. And the positive point is they don’t have to change their schedule much in this work.

45. Affiliate Marketing

Keyboard, Cup of Coffee, Glasses and Tablet Displaying Online Marketing Screen Kept on Desk

Affiliate marketing is now a trend among all young persons because it takes fewer investments or sometimes no investments. Through this new marketing system, you can earn a handsome commission by marketing or selling another site’s product on their blog or website.
‍As an affiliate marketing associate, you must promote products and services on youtube channels, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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46. Makeup Artist

Though you may have to invest a bit more at first, returns are countless in this business idea. You can also start with any modeling center to take their contract for makeup. You must also expand your network and work portfolio on various social sites.

47. Warehouse


If you are equipped with lots of places or garage sides, you can make money by turning this place into a warehouse of online marketplaces. This can be a passive income for you. Besides, you can invest less in this side business.

48. Soaps and Detergent Manufacturing

It is a low-investment business with long-term potential because people use soap daily for bathing and cleaning. However, before starting this business, you should receive basic training and understand the proper soap-making process.

The primary requirement in manufacturing is raw material, and for making soap, we have an abundance of raw materials that America does not have; thus, they import soap from India. It can be an ideal business in Pune as the city has all the resources to run it smoothly. As a result, you have a fantastic opportunity to export and expand your business.

An investment of around Rs.6,000 would be required to start a soap and detergent manufacturing business. You can start this business at home if you have a spare room or rent a small space and set up your soap manufacturing plant there.

49. Regular and Fragrant Candles

Wax placed inside glass tied with ice-cream sticks.

Because fancy candles are in high demand these days, they can be an excellent idea for a bright start. Candles are lit not only for religious purposes but also for decoration. Make attractive candles with pleasant fragrances. You can sell them online and approach the hotel and restaurant industries, which frequently purchase scented candles to create a nice ambiance. The population of Pune is very fond of fancy, beautiful, and valuable things. Therefore, this can be a very happening business in Pune.

You don't need much space to start this business; it can even be done in a single room. If you have your own space, the capital required to start this business is only Rs.50,000. This business can also be run part-time by students, stay-at-home moms, or people who dislike working 9 to 5.

50. Production of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are in high demand because they are necessary for plant growth. Fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides are always in short supply for local farmers. If you're a farmer, you probably have a lot of fertilizer-making ideas.

Farmers require fertilizers to make the soil more fertile to increase production in India, an agricultural country where two-thirds of the land is used for cultivation.

Organic farming is becoming more popular as people become more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. As a result, you can begin making organic fertilizer with natural products, which will enable you to make a lot of money.

You'll need a small space, but with an investment of around Rs. 50,000, you can start this business from home.

51. Papad Making Business

Papad with plain white backgound.

Papad Appalam, as it is known in Tamil, is a delicious snack that can be turned into a home-based manufacturing business. You can make sabudana cakes in addition to papad because they are in high demand all year. This is a straightforward business to start and requires a small amount of labor.

A good recipe and equipment like a gas stove, utensils, raw materials, and a sheet for drying the papads are required to start this business. You'll also need packing sheets and a sealing machine to commercialize it.

Food Business Ideas:

If you want to start a small business, a food product business is one of the best businesses to start right now. Numerous food business concepts can be implemented anywhere on the planet.

We've compiled a list of some of the best food product business ideas that can be implemented immediately to increase profits. Anyone who desires to start a business and make a good profit can create one of these businesses.

What are the best food business ideas in India and worldwide that require little investment? What are some of the interesting food-related business ideas you could pursue?

52. Farsan Store

Potato chips with plain white background.

‍Farsan is a term for salty snacks. The concept of making your nankeen and farsan is well-known. People would instead buy it at the market than make it at home. People nowadays are getting attracted to homemade and healthy snacks.

This makes this a very profitable business and one of the best food business ideas from home. The Farsan store idea is a concept that has been continuously followed generation after generation in many states in India, mostly under women-led businesses.

53. Pickle-Making

Pickles are in high demand not only on a national but also on an international scale. Create an excellent and unique pickle recipe, and your business will be a success.

Pickle making can be considered under excellent business idea as its investment is meager, and demand is very high. All you need to run this business is a great marketing technique.

Priya Pickles, for example, are manufactured in Hyderabad (India) and have become so popular that they are widely available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia.

54. Honey Processing

A spoon filled with honey from the bowl.

Removing wax and other unwanted materials from honey is known as honey processing. You can create a manual or automatic processing unit for it. Honey's global market is expected to reach 2.4 million tonnes by 2023, owing to rising consumer preference for natural and healthy alternatives to artificial sweeteners, increased awareness of the benefits of honey over granulated cane sugar, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Future market growth will be driven by both food and non-food uses of honey. Consumer demand for love for use in various home remedies such as weight loss, improved digestion, prebiotic support, acne cure, exfoliator, and so on bodes well for market volume gains.

Many customers prefer honey as part of their daily food intake, so this business is treated as one of the emerging food processing businesses.

55. Information Products

Newspapers placed on  table.

Everyone knows something that others would be willing to pay money to learn. You can sell it if you can put that information into a product. Books and courses are examples of information products that can be delivered in both tangible (i.e., print book) and digital (i.e., digital) formats (i.e., ebook).

Information products have many benefits, including being extremely flexible, inexpensive, straightforward, and generating passive income. In addition, information products are simple to create while working full-time or as a supplement to an existing business.

56. Tutoring

You can start tutoring adults and children if you have expertise in any field, such as academic subjects, grooming, sports activities, or design, or if you are simply brilliant at math as a business.

You can sign up for skill platforms to provide online tutoring or tutor people from your home. Online tutoring is already a trendy profession nowadays that pays a good amount to the tutors. It necessitates that you understand what you are offering to teach, but it does not necessitate a sizeable financial investment in this business.

57. Consultation on Feng Shui

Consultation on Feng Shui

If you are interested in a holistic and natural lifestyle, Feng Shui consulting may be the right job opportunity. Feng Shui prevents bad energies from entering your home by arranging objects in your living space according to their directions and colors and balancing good and bad energies by allowing them to flow freely (ying-yang). Feng Shui training is available so that you can consult on the subject, learn much, and provide other people with your services.

58. Home Boutique

Home Boutique is a popular, traditional, and profitable business for homemakers. The home-based and low-budget cloth manufacturing and retailing business is the inspiration for this concept.

This is best suited for homemakers and single women who are well-versed in current clothing and fashion trends. The money earned from home-based and low-budget businesses can assist homemakers in achieving their dream of becoming fashion masters and clothing entrepreneurs.

59. Vlogging or Creating a YouTube Channel

A phone screen with youtube logo on its display.

Content is king; anyone with knowledge and skills gets an open platform on the internet to share their knowledge and skills with the rest of the world. People can be educated through vlogging or a YouTube channel. Pune has many undiscovered places that need attention and can be a great place for content business. Technology, spirituality, motivation, health, fitness, education, skills, self-help, art, culture, singing and dancing, and so on are all examples of niche work. 

Mastery of skill can aid in the growth of such content platforms by increasing viewers, subscribers, paid collaborations, advertisements, and so on. As a result, this is an excellent home-based business for women.

Profits and investment: The only investment required here is a good internet connection and knowledge. Yields vary according to the quality of your content and the number of followers you gain.

60. Online and In-Person Cookery Classes

If a talented professional chef wants to avoid working in a restaurant or on a food truck, there is another option: cooking classes. This is a notable trend in India that is catching on among urban and semi-urban families as a way to cook something delicious while also being healthy.

Furthermore, these classes can be conducted both in-person and online, or one can create a vlog in which they teach others the intricacies of culinary skills. Taking advantage of the online route increases the potential to expand and profit from potential market segments that one might not otherwise be able to reach.

61. Dance Studio/Center

Dance Studio Center

If you are a good dancer or choreographer, you can quickly start your dance center by renting a space or owning a location. The only investment necessary is in marketing your dance academy.

Even if you are not a good dancer, you can still run a dance studio by hiring promising choreographers, dance teachers, etc. You can even choreograph dance performances for corporate parties, weddings, birthdays, etc.

62. Wedding Planning Service

Weddings are planned in heaven but carried out on earth. Wedding bureaus, in addition to online marriage portals, are more common in small cities and towns. Before making any decisions, families consider meeting other families in person. As a result, a successful business person can be made with small office space, 1-2 staff members, a registration certificate, and contacts.

As a wedding planner, you will be an artist, a juggler, a referee, and a visionary. It's challenging to work, but if you start and run your business correctly, you'll be praised for many years.

63. Services for Job Placement

A room with desks, chairs, working employee and furniture.

Human Resource (HR) is an essential and vital vertical in any organization, and good recruitment allows a company to grow and grow.  To keep track of job seekers and employer profiles, you can create application forms for candidates and job request forms for employers.

Begin networking to find out which companies have open positions. As a result of having alliances with reputable organizations and placing good employees with them, it is a low-cost placement business.

64. The Stock Exchange

A laptop with papers and book placed on the table.

If you are good at speculation and understand the economy, you can try your hand at the stock market. It differs from other businesses because it involves more risk, but it can be a quick way to earn money. If you are willing to take the risk and know how the stock market works, you can try your luck.

65. Packing Services

Small and medium-sized businesses, on the whole, need a dedicated department for packing their products. Individuals or outside companies are frequently hired to do it for them. Individuals, on the other hand, are often unreliable.

So, if you start a packing service company whose primary function is to provide packaging services, you'll be noticed quickly, and the demand for this type of business is growing.

You could also form a partnership with a company that sells online products. All you need is high-quality packing materials, such as strapping machines, cartons, and cutters, as well as skilled labor. This is an example of a low-investment, high-return venture.

66. Design and build Religious Objects

Golden buddha statue placed in straight line.

India is a religiously observant nation. Religious artifacts such as deity images, idols, incense sticks, holy candles, prayer beads, cotton wicks for lamps, and other paraphernalia are held in high regard.

You can start making these items without investing much money in your business from your own home. The best part is that there is always a supply of customers in this area because people are willing to spend money on religious items regardless of price.

67. Computer Training Center

We live in a time when computer literacy and proficiency are in high demand. Pune has been an excellent place for IT businesses in the past few years and has a scope for computer training businesses.

If a person has a basic understanding of how to use a computer and how to work with simple tools such as the Microsoft Office suite of products – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – the person's chances of employment are much better.

As a result, there is a high demand for people to learn computers, programming, and the burgeoning fields of technology such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, IoT, and so on.

68. Sports Coach

If you have a passion for sports and a degree in sports coaching, you can instruct children or individuals interested in pursuing a career in sports. Sports coaches help athletes reach their full potential.

They train athletes in a sport by analyzing their performances, instructing them in relevant skills, and encouraging them. However, you are also responsible for the athlete's life and sports guidance. You will have to train the individual for him to achieve his objective personally.

69. Crafter/Artist

Do you think outside the box? Why not use your artistic abilities to supplement your income? On the weekends, you can sell your handcrafted items on Etsy or at craft fairs and bazaars.

Pune has many events where small businesses can display their artwork at trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. Other creative and artistic ventures to consider are jewelry, faux painting, interior design, and home staging or cleaning for realtors.

70. Software Training

A man doing coding in laptop.

If you know how to program in computer languages like C, C++, JAVA, HTML, and others, you can start a software training business from a small rental space or your home. The computer training institute is an ideal business opportunity for aspiring computer-savvy professionals.

Pune has evolved as one of India's most prominent IT hubs, with many of the world's foremost IT product and services firms, including Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, Wipro, Amdocs, and Cognizant, having large centers in the city.

Operating a computer training institute with other value-added services can be a profitable and self-rewarding business. A computer training business can be a great way to start a business if you have the right experience. Many different types of clients might be interested in working with you.


‍As a result, in today's world, this could be a fantastic online business. There are several other low-cost business opportunities in India that you should consider. If your strengths and skill set do not match your criteria, even a significant investment in a small business may not be enough. Choose a company to run after analyzing and evaluating these factors.

Before diving into the pool, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the legalities and licensing requirements. Always keep in mind that even a little experience can be beneficial.

In conclusion, whether you are in the manufacturing or processing of food business, Pune can be a great place to start a business with sound research and market survey to ensure that you choose the right type of business. Then, dedication and hard work are the keys to success. Best wishes for your success.

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What businesses will be successful in Pune in 2023?

You can try Social Media Marketing agencies, Organic Beauty Products, healthy Fast Food, digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, freelancing content writing, etc.

Which is the best business to start in Pune right now with low investment?

As a low-investment business, you can think about a fast food joint, internet cafes, social media influencers, blogging, resume writing, proofreading, daycare, etc.

Is 2023 a good time to open a business?

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The modern-day situation is perfect for opening a new business by yourself. Kickstart your career with your own unique business ideas in 2023.

What does it take to run a business in 2023 successfully?

To run a business successfully, you need to be very dedicated to your work, you need to be passionate as well as hardworking. You need to satisfy your clients with your products and services. 

Is it okay to start an online business?

Those who love to start their own venture from home can take the help of online business ideas like writing, proofreading, digital marketing, website designing, app development, etc.

How can one start a business?

Here is the process of implementing one business idea:

  • Find a business idea
  • Create your business plan
  • Start funding
  • Get all kinds of licenses from the government
  • Open a business bank account
  • Start enjoying your business.
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