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47+ Best Small Business Ideas in Navi Mumbai for 2024 (Low Investment)

47+ Best Small Business Ideas in Navi Mumbai for 2024 (Low Investment)

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Navi Mumbai has seen a boom in terms of infrastructure and market. Due to its well-deliberated shape, it is India's second-best-deliberate metropolis. Low journey time and a clean connection to Pune and Mumbai present a positional gain. Thane and Raigad are the two districts that make up Navi Mumbai.

As part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the Union Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and Quality Council of India (QCI) have placed the city Navi Mumbai third out of 73 cities in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Additionally, Navi Mumbai is the world's largest planned city. The primary goal of construction was to relieve congestion in Mumbai. Given the infrastructure and other advancements in the vicinity, Navi Mumbai is now recognized as a center for economic growth.

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Here’s Why Navi Mumbai Is the Best Place to Invest:

1. Employment Opportunities

As many massive stops, IT corporations are already constructing their workplace in Navi Mumbai and having the lower back of giant corporations consisting of L&T, Reliance to have Mindspace in Vashi, and World Trade Center in Juinagar. Therefore there are various possibilities for employment in Navi Mumbai. Starting a business in Navi Mumbai will be the best kickstart for your earnings.

2. Developing Infrastructure

Having an airport introduced and worked already is beginning for you to grow massive calls for phrases of infrastructure. This will provide enough possibilities to agencies placing their headquarters in Navi Mumbai for clean transportation for you to automatically increase the buzz for actual industrial property.

3. Healthy Environment

There is extra greenery and purified air compared to Mumbai, which makes it even more favorable for human beings to install their business. They have the biggest park in Kharghar called 'Central Park,' with several bushes and gardens constructed using CIDCO, which nurtures the surroundings even more.

4. Easy Commute

This is the primary reason people will opt for Navi Mumbai as it's miles from Mumbai and Pune, which takes 1 hour to attain to grow the commercial enterprise component in phrases of the actual business estate. From well-constructed railway stations to handy motorways, the industrial zone is even more effective in Navi Mumbai.

5. Less Population

Navi Mumbai is nicely controlled in phrases of population and unfolding of the people. This guarantees a higher manner to manage an enterprise and a variety of business areas because of the less population.

6. Lower Rates

Compared to Mumbai, wherein we're seeing a variety of actual property charges going off the roof, we will see a higher image as it's far simpler to get massive business areas with plenty less price. In destiny, Navi Mumbai business actual property charges will shoot as excessive as Mumbai and search on the structural and infrastructural benefits even more significant than Mumbai, so it offers the excellent time to spend on Navi Mumbai business property.

Many more excellent massive groups spend money on Navi Mumbai business real property, a perfect way to subsequently bring about the more excellent call for business homes in Navi Mumbai. If you plan to start a new business in Navi Mumbai, you can check out this article. You will also know which company to start in Navi Mumbai.

Entrepreneur’s Story in Navi Mumbai

Every woman wants to pursue her career with a settled future. Navi Mumbai is experiencing the journey of famous food entrepreneur Pratibha Pawar. Pratibha Pawar shows her utmost dedication and passion for the food industry, which let her rise as an entrepreneur. Pratibha’s journey started during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 pandemic situation. She had good taste in her hand and made use of it.

During the lockdown, she sold a few laddus that the customers appreciated. And from then, her journey of entrepreneurship started. Her specialties are laddu, chakli, chivda, modak, different types of papad, and children’s favorite doughnuts.

For the fantastic taste, the demand was increasing, and now she has reached foreign countries through courier services. When Pratibha Pawar started her journey of food entrepreneurship, she was already fifty years old. After preparing her children to make their careers better, Pratibha began her journey. Her business journey story is inspiring for many women in India.

What Is a Small Business?

‍A small commercial enterprise is an organization that is relatively small in size, working in a geographically localized place besides its marketing and hiring fewer than one hundred employees. It is financed via one person or a small institution of individuals.‍

Characteristics of Small Business:

These are the following characteristics of a small business:

1. The enterprise, as a rule, is controlled via the means of the proprietor or proprietors of the firm. The control group of the enterprise may include its circle of relatives members, relatives, and near friends.

2. The duty for decision-making usually lies with one key executive, with little or no delegation of authority. Small-enterprise proprietor-managers preserve an excessive diploma of attention of management. They no longer delegate as they consider that if you need a factor performed adequately, do it yourself.

3. There is a near-control-worker relationship. Entrepreneurs take an energetic component withinside the control and operation of the firm. Relationships are casual and friendly.

4. Small enterprise is an extension of the persona of the entrepreneur. It is the mirrored image of the goals and goals of the entrepreneur(s).

5. Generally, fewer valuable specialists, including a full-time accountant or an employee manager, are within the organization. The nature of labor commonly is sometimes simple. Moreover, the work is complex and technically different. In that case, the proprietor naturally holds that potential or can vigorously supervise the challenge with their robust command of the technology.

Therefore, they could increase a professional or semi-professional man or woman for their ventures. The proprietors execute the Other applicable obligations with their discovered expertise or framing in a relevant field.

6. The corporation generally has no different ranges of control reporting, and the employment size is restrained with the aid of using the regulation of the particular country. In general, it no longer exceeds 1500 people.

7. In maximum cases, the owner-managers are verbal communicators. A minor range of written communications is made in small businesses. Instructions are commonly produced through oral media of communication.

8. The corporation regularly places little emphasis on long-time period planning, even though the owner-supervisor can be conscious that a formal long-time period plan is necessary. The owner-managers marketers are reluctant to make a plan because it calls for a handful of highbrow exercising with past, present, and destiny information to profess the destiny. The call for non-stop adjustment to the contemporary environmental situations every so often discourages marketers from making.

9. Normally, the corporation's inventory isn't indexed with an inventory exchange.

10. The control of the corporation is independent. They are easy to follow. Entrepreneurs are the owner-managers of small businesses. They are the corporation's only authority to determine organizational matters.

11. The area of operation is, in particular local, with the employees and proprietors residing in a single domestic community. However, the markets now no longer are local.

12. The relative length of the company inside its enterprise must be minor. A small commercial enterprise ought to now no longer have a maximum percentage of the market.

Listing the Best Business Ideas to Start In Navi Mumbai

The gigantic populace and so many money-related exercises cruel more commerce openings. All you wish to have is a great list of business thoughts and sort out better ideas to suit your skills and opportunity. Here, we are aiming to list up a few best little trade thoughts merely can begin with the negligible venture in Navi Mumbai:

1. Real Estate Agency

Mumbai is one of the busiest towns in India, and the call for correct lodging is continually there. If you've got appropriate networking abilities and recognize the nearby assets market, jogging to an actual property employer can fetch fair returns.

Due to the pandemic, real estate prices have fallen drastically. They have been on a decline since their peak in April 2018. In the second half of last year, the supply of real estate places increased, with thousands of new projects being launched across all major cities in the country.

Along with this, the demand has increased in the sector. Hence now is the ideal time to enter the real estate business as an agent or broker, as it requires comparatively lesser investment. Given the new and blooming city of Navi Mumbai, it is the ideal location for this business.

2. Start a Restaurant   

Restaurant is shown in the picture

It is an acknowledged reality that the humans in Mumbai love consuming. Though the marketplace is competitive, if you pop out with a few progressive approaches, there may be an extensive scope of jogging worthwhile meals eating places in Mumbai.

In a city like Navi Mumbai, it is necessary to have a unique cuisine and menu and affordable rates to have a successful run. Being a metro city, the location and ambiance of the place also matter to the people. It's an additional plus point if you have theme-based decor and dishes. This attracts customers very quickly.

You also do not have to worry about the marketing of your business as these days, there are social media food bloggers who visit your restaurant and publish content about it. Ensure that you have a premise that adheres to all regulations and friendly staff. All these key points will quickly help your restaurant flourish.


3. Travel Agency

A lady is caring her laggage

Mumbai is the economic capital of India. People from all over the world go to the town for the year.

In addition, there are a variety of visitor locations in and across the town. Hence, beginning a journey organization is a worthwhile commercial enterprise possibility within the city of Mumbai.

4. Freight Forwarding Agency

A man is loading boxes in the van

Freight is a large commercial enterprise withinside the transportation sector.

If you've got a few hobbies in freight forwarding activities, recall beginning a freight forwarding organization commercial enterprise in Mumbai.

5. Stock Broking

Stock makinting shown in the picture

Stockbroking may be an excellent option if you're trying to begin a finance-associated commercial enterprise with a small investment. Initially, you want to sign up as a sub-dealer with a licensed stockbroking company. You can slowly start building your customer base. Later, after accumulating sufficient wealth and capital, you can become a dealer and get a certified license.

Although this journey takes a while, if you are a committed and intelligent broker with a good analysis of the market and forthcoming trends, you can earn significant profits for your customers and a bigger commission for yourself. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was the first listed stock exchange in the country and is a leading one in the world too.

Hence Navi Mumbai is an ideal location to start your stock brokerage service. All you need is a few computers, a presentable office, and wifi connection. This is a rapid money-making business with a lot of scopes.

6. Security Agency

Security guard is shown standing onhis duty

Most commercial enterprise homes and home complexes in Mumbai rent safety specialists for protection and safety needs. If you're little know-how about this trade, the safety organization may be a worthwhile commercial enterprise task in this country.

Your primary role will be providing security guards, cameras, metal detectors, bodyguards, bouncers, etc. You must ensure that the security personnel you provide are well-trained and loyal. It would be best if you also had centralized premises to train guards and a surveillance team.

7. Open a Coffee Shop

Most Mumbaikars love having espresso at espresso shops. There are many reputed manufacturers which can cater to the call right here. Still, the marketplace is vast enough to deal with new gamers in this sector. Besides, if you can create a unique style cafe with various fun activities, it will grab the attraction of all.

At the same time, you must maintain the service and food quality of the cafe. Friendly staff and an apt ambiance corresponding to your restaurant's location and theme is critical in running this competitive business.

Targeting youth and people from all age groups is necessary to make the cafe more suitable and consumer friendly and increase popularity. In the end, the location of your cafe matters the most, along with the decor.

8. Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

Most commercial enterprise homes in India are founded withinside the town of Mumbai. There is a massive call for professional employees for one-of-a-kind activity profiles. If you're accurate at networking, remember to begin a recruitment organization in this town.

As more brands and groups come to this city, the need for new people is growing daily. You can help big brands get handsome money through a recruiting agency.

9.  Event Management

Mumbai is a town that runs 24/7, and several activities take place during the year. If you enjoy planning occasions and activities, Event management, as a career, can deliver actual profits.

From decoration to catering to lighting to the attires of the hosts, event management is a big task but also fun for those interested. Initially, you can gain some experience in an existing event management company and, later on, start your own with a team of a few people.

10. Fitness Center

A mn is doing workout

The commercial enterprise of health and Yoga has accelerated in this town over the previous few years. The health-aware humans of Mumbai are constantly on the hunt for professional health trainers. It would be best to have modern equipment, trained professionals, and licensed premises.

Giving out pamphlets, publishing posters, discounts, offers, etc., are some marketing tactics you must apply to compete in this business. The location of your gym matters a lot as people prefer easily accessible gyms, and secondly, people are attracted by the gym's exterior too.

Hence a catchy exterior with a lit-up sign would be an excellent idea to attract possible members. You can also provide additional services like a dietician, physiotherapy, spa, etc., in your fitness center.

11. Interior Designing

Interior Designing

Real estate is pricey in this town. Indoor designers make masses of cash right here in Mumbai. Remember to begin this commercial enterprise if you've got an ardor for reading interiors. Though prior work experience is needed to start your interior designing firm, you can make a massive return from this business. This is one of the highest-paid services in India.

In 2020, the valuation of the interior designing industry in India stood at $23.2 billion. This is a result of the booming real estate sector. Hence interior design is an excellent field to start your business with many opportunities. Several associates and laborers, raw material suppliers, and contacts with brokers to get more and more clients are some of the prerequisites of the business. This business also gives a considerable return.

12. Mobile Repairing

Like some other towns in India, Mumbai has additionally seen massive growth in the income of cellular phones.
Take a crash direction in cellular repairing and faucet the massive marketplace of cellular repairing. All you need is some essential equipment and a workstation to start work.

13. Car Dealership

A black color car are shown in a line

An automobile dealership may be worthwhile if you're a car fanatic seeking to begin a retail or commercial enterprise in this sector. If you're in a scarcity of funds, a used automobile dealership is another option.

Along with second-hand cars, there is also a demand for cars for rent. People take these cars for rent for a day or so. This can get you some good revenue and help you progress. You can also start your garage side by side, increasing your earnings quickly.

14. Open a Salon

A lady is doing salon work

Though the splendor salon commercial enterprise is competitive, if you are assured of your expertise, you will succeed withinside the salon enterprise because the marketplace usually looks for brand-new and revolutionary merchandise and services.

All are finding professional beauty makeovers that can make them more beautiful in front of all. So to enhance their beauty, you can start your beauty salon or parlor where you may provide all kinds of body care treatments. You can also take up assignments for weddings and other functions. If you are skilled and lucky enough, you may also get to work for a famous personality who can make you a big hit.

You can also take sponsorship from cosmetic brands for your business by using their products in exchange. Maintaining healthy customer relations and having regular offers and services will make your business easily flourish.

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15. Preschool Business

A small boy is drawing with a color holding in this hand

Most parents in Mumbai search for appropriate, pleasant kindergarten colleges to assist in getting admission to reputed colleges in Mumbai. Having child-proof premises, spacious and well-maintained, is a must. Other key points include a friendly staff, high-end toys, and a unique syllabus.

You do need prior qualifications to start this business, and you also need good communication, marketing, and patience to deal with small kids or parents. You will also need support staff which may include teachers and caretakers. They also must be trained and good with children. You also can purchase a franchise of a reputed preschool franchise brand.

16. Actor’s Photo Portfolios

A girl and boy playing  an ct

If you're an excellent portrait photographer, you may begin the actor's image portfolio commercial enterprise of your interest with minimal funding or even a part-time basis. The marketplace is extensive, and all of us may be your client who desires to set up a profession withinside the leisure enterprise.

17. Ad Film Making

If you've got expertise and talent in movie making, then making ad films can be a super leisure commercial enterprise possibility for you.
It is an exciting and rewarding business at the same time. You get love and appreciation from the audience.

Although you need to be very competitive and innovative to survive in this business, using creative ideas for each new assignment and standing out from the rest is the key to success.

Advertising company homes rely upon advert movie-making agencies for each service or product. The Indian advertising industry is valued at $8.5 billion, is growing at 11% per year, and is further set to double by 2027 (source). Hence it's a very optimistic industry to enter. 

18. Comedy Club

Comedy Club

The comedy club is a popular leisure venue. You can provoke this commercial enterprise in many ways. One is from a set vicinity; this is cost-intensive. The second is cellular foundation and on-call. This could be a great option if you are intended to work in the field of the entertainment industry.

19. Modeling Agency

A girl is giving poses for modeling

A modeling business enterprise usually employs humans of numerous appearances, shapes, sizes, races, etc., who're used to selling or showing a service or product to pay a client.

You could begin this commercial enterprise with small startup capital if you've got excellent contacts.

20. Buffet Restaurant

Buffet-handiest eating place is one of the full trending meals commercial enterprise ideas. People continually like to have a meal in line with their personal preferences and revel in deciding on many options. The proper vicinity and the correct advertising method are critical in beginning a buffet eating place.

21. Organic Food Store

Organic food items are shown in the picture

In the beginning natural meals save commercial enterprises maximum critical attention in the shop vicinity. Like another retail commercial enterprise, the proper vicinity is the primary parameter to get achievement withinside the commercial enterprise.

With the growing cognizance of wholesome living, humans are greater involved in taking natural meals even though they may be greater high-priced than non-natural meals. The retail natural grocery store is a rising fashion, and its miles develop by 20% each year.

22. Nutritionist

A man is teaching about nutrition chart

Increasing cognizance and fitness among humans create a call for a nutritionist.

As a nutritionist, the primary provider you'll be rendering is, assisting them as weight-reduction plan coaches to stay longer with exact fitness.

23. Ice Cream Business

Ice cream candies are shown in the picture

For a metropolis like Mumbai, beginning an ice cream stand or kiosk is a worthwhile concept to generate good earnings.

You also can run this commercial enterprise on a seasonal and part-time foundation. A cellular ice cream business is worthwhile than a set vicinity evaluating the ROI.

24. Computer Training Institute

The computer training institute is a perfect commercial enterprise for aspiring Computer-savvy professionals. Running a computer training institute with a few different value-brought offerings may be a worthwhile commercial enterprise.

The handiest standards are that you need to be informed sufficiently about computer systems and the internet.


25. E-Commerce

A lady is searching something on the ecommerce side

‍Nowadays, each small and huge commercial enterprise is seeking to faucet the net audiences to promote their product or offerings. Individuals having information in online advertising, E-commerce, and e-communications might also additionally begin this commercial enterprise from a domestic vicinity.

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26. Blogging

If you're searching out a valid earnings supply online from the consolation of domestic, begin a weblog without announcing an excellent preference. There are many bloggers in Mumbai who earn hundreds of thousands from blogging. You can start with a preferred niche at first.

Later you can make different series of articles where you can make people aware of various things. It is a sub-form of content writing but has taken a broader front in today's world. From international politics to home science, there are blogs on almost any topic in the world.

To be a blog writer, you need to register yourself on any blog writing platform such as Wix or Squarespace and then start publishing your thoughts and perspectives on a certain topic. You can also write on more than one issue. This is a zero-investment business.

27. Freelance Writing:

A book and pen s shown in the picture

The commercial enterprise of freelance content material writing has visibly a big increase withinside the previous couple of years. People having an ardor for writing, a profession as a content creator, can fetch your exact returns.

28. Open An Online Shop:

As increasingly clients are shopping for items and offerings online, the commercial enterprise of online stores is developing.

If you're into production or have a community of manufacturers, launching an internet, keep may be a profitable commercial enterprise in Mumbai.

29. Create Online Courses

The training enterprise is watching loads of changes. More college students decide to study online. If you're a professional in a sure subject, create online guides and sell them via your internet site or structures like Udemy.

You can also provide your subscribers with some exclusive content to study from. You can trademark these notes and assure yourself of good earnings. This requires almost no investment.

30. Start a Drop shipping Business:

Dropshipping commercial enterprise is slowly gaining momentum in this part of the world. The gain of dropshipping is that you don't have to inventory. As a result, startup funding is low. Tying up with the e-commerce giants and subletting your place for them to utilize it and use for storing their goods and then delivering them is an easy startup.

The companies give you enough share for your place as well as shipping and delivery. If you have a bigger space or multiple spaces, then you can tie up with more than one company and earn more.

31. Bollywood Dance Classes

You also can begin Bollywood dance instructions in Mumbai. Many people come to Mumbai, aspiring to become an actor. Dancing may be very beneficial to succeed within the movie industry. Many human beings need to research dancing talents. So you could make proper cash from this enterprise in Mumbai.

If you've got proper dancing talents, then you could begin this enterprise in Mumbai. You can also target other age groups. You can start separate batches age-wise and keep a batch for ladies separately too. You can then ask other dancers to join you too. You can enter competitions with your students. This will spread your name as well and earn you great recognition.

32.  Become Ola/ Uber Partner

A  man is driving a car

A large range of human beings journey in Mumbai from one region to another. Taxi carrier is one of the most important offerings in Mumbai. If you need to attain your vacation spot in time, then you want a taxi carrier. You can end up as an Ola Partner or Uber Partner. These cab organizations are the most important in India.

You can join your automobile with those organizations. You can also work in shifts on the same automobile with a person in sharing. Later you can divide the profits. The demand for these services is on the rise today, and hence it is easy to start this service.

33. Village Experience Park

People who spend their complete existence withinside the metropolis have a unique enchantment in the direction of village existence. They usually desire to revel in village existence. You can begin a village revel in a park in Mumbai where you may deliver all of the village existence reports to the people.

You can price a hard and fast quantity of rate for this revel in. You also can entice overseas clients to your park so that you can earn in greenbacks or pounds. Getting sufficient space for this business as well as staff and attracting tourists is not easy. You need to select a good location and create a unique village set up to be a successful businessman.

34. Digital Marketing Agency

A man is working on his pc.

Marketing is the maximum critical factor of the enterprise. Everyone desires to emerge as a hit in their enterprise. However, nobody can emerge as a hit in an enterprise without advertising. These days, virtual advertising has emerged as extraordinarily critical for almost every enterprise.

You can analyze virtual advertising, after which you may begin your virtual advertising business enterprise in Mumbai. You can analyze virtual advertising on the internet site You can also offer social media marketing services as it is in wide demand these days.

35. Become an Amazon Seller

People are making large cash with the aid of promoting merchandise on Amazon. Most of the goods on Amazon aren't offered with the aid of using Amazon itself however offered with the aid of using different people & businesses. You can, without problems, promote your merchandise online on structures like Amazon & Flipkart. These e-commerce giants provide you with warehouses as well to store your products; hence it does save you a big deal of investment.

Although you need to wisely choose what you want to sell on the platform as these platforms offer a huge variety of goods to the consumers. Hence you need to come up with some unique products to offer or discounts to give. This will sell your products well.

36.Security & Bouncer Services

Security is extraordinarily essential for everyone. You can begin a protection and bouncer carrier commercial enterprise in Mumbai. You can offer offerings like a protection guard, non-public protection guard, bouncer, bodyguard & a good deal more.

There is a big call for this carrier in Mumbai. Protection is becoming increasingly essential in Mumbai. This business does require a lot of investment. People to hire are also difficult to find. Also, your services should be high-tech and up-to-date. People these days demand CCTVs, metal detectors, alarms, biometric sensors, etc. as well. Hence you need a lot of planning before entering this business.

37. Get a Franchise

A cup is placed on a table.

You can get a franchise of a famous emblem or company. A franchise commercial enterprise is likewise a completely worthwhile retail enterprise concept for Mumbai. You need to make investments with a bit of cash to get a franchise. There also are a few franchises that you may get at meager assets. Some manufacturers are extraordinarily famous, so you get their clients for free.

It is a superb commercial enterprise concept. Although the margin of profit for you may be decreased once your franchise is well established and known, you can earn a great deal. A franchise can be of eateries, preschools, electronics, smartphone companies, etc.

38. Homemade Food Business or Tiffin Service

Two tiffin are placed on a table in which different type of fruits food have kept.

Food is crucial for our survival. You can begin a homemade meals commercial enterprise in Mumbai. You can do that commercial enterprise from home. One of the high-quality commercial enterprise thoughts in Mumbai from home. Many people come to Mumbai from door regions for jobs, commercial enterprise, or education.

They usually want homemade meals or a tiffin carrier. You can offer this homemade meal carrier. You can begin this commercial enterprise in Mumbai with a meager investment. Providing hygienic, healthy, and delicious meals with a few special items on weekends are sufficient to get you a set number of regular customers.

You can tie up with the dabbawala system in Mumbai, which is world famous for its timely deliveries, along with tying up with modern delivery services like Swiggy and Zomato.

39. Tuition Classes

‍You can begin training elegance in Mumbai. People are informed about the significance of education. Everyone desires to get an excellent education. However, schools and faculties are charging many charges and aren't giving an outstanding education. Tuition lessons are making crores of rupees from this business.

You can now first start these classes online. This will require no such investment. Just a smartphone or device to start your meeting with the students. Later on, you can open your offline classes at big premises.

You can also ask other teachers to join you to help reach a wider range of subjects and a wider range of students belonging to different schools, standards, and boards. Providing your material to study is also a way to market yourself. Hence tuition classes are a good business idea.

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40. Beauty Parlor

‍You can begin a splendor parlor in Mumbai. This is one of the exceptional enterprise thoughts for girls in Mumbai. Women spend masses of cash at the splendor parlor each month & you may seize this opportunity. You also can begin a natural splendor parlor to feature areas of expertise in your enterprise.

You can locate or analyze a few herbal methods to appear beautiful. You also can promote women’s fabric and add-ons in your shop. This business does require proper training and qualifications along with capital investment as you need proper premises in a prime location along with all the high-tech branded equipment.

In addition, trained staff is necessary as handling a parlor is not a one-person job. Make sure you have offers and discounts now and then to attract more and more customers. You can also start a membership program for loyal and regular customers. This will increase your reach and will also benefit customers.

41. Alternative Therapies Center

A lady is doing alternative thrapy to someone.

Nowadays, all of us are going through fitness and health troubles. People spend maximum time sitting & running on their laptops or mobile. Everyone is laid low with troubles like lower back pain, neck pain, digestion troubles & a lot more.

You can begin an opportunity to remedy the center & resolve those considerable troubles of this generation. There are many kinds of remedies that you may deliver, like acupressure, aromatherapy, coloration therapy, and lots more. You can offer any of those offerings in Navi Mumbai.

You can also tie up with a chiropractor or physiotherapist to attract more clients. You should preferably have your setup close to a gym or a fitness center, or a beauty salon. These places are like hotspots for people looking for leisure activities or treatments.

42. House Cleaning Services

You can begin a cleansing provider enterprise in Mumbai. Everyone loves to preserve their domestic life as quickly as possible. These days, we are busy with our tasks or enterprise, so they don`t get time to clean their candy homes.

You can offer this cleansing provider to them to make their existence easier. We all know how companies like Urbanclap, whose worth has now gone to $2 billion, have highly profited in this business. You can either collaborate or tie up with such giant companies or start your local services.

43. Labor Supplier

You can deliver labor & people to companies and organizations in Mumbai. There are a massive wide variety of companies and organizations in Mumbai to get masses of clients. You can also deliver employment to others from this enterprise, so it'll also grow to be very beneficial for our nation.

Especially in Mumbai, where the labor market is huge, thousands of laborers roam around for work on a day-to-day basis. Being a common employer to them will make your business sustainable and long-lasting.

44. Organic Fruits & Vegetable Seller

some organic vegetables are shown in the basket and some are placed on the table.

The natural result & vegetable marketplace has a gleaming future. If you need to stay healthy, you need to transfer to raw foods. The most crucial purpose for today's fitness troubles is the meals we're eating. People use dangerous fertilizers and insecticides to develop their results and vegetables.

The availability of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables in cities is on a sharp decline, with chemically grown variants flooding the market. In such a situation having an in-house organic farm and growing selective groceries is a very profitable idea.

With more and more awareness spreading about the harmfulness of chemicals, the demand for organic goods is increasing more and more. Many farmers are switching to natural farming. You simply must grow to be a vegetable seller. You can begin this enterprise in Mumbai with low investment.

45. Graphic Design Services

Visuals have become extraordinarily essential in each area. Good visuals provide good results. Every area desires a photo layout provider. It is beneficial in almost every enterprise, like a commercial enterprise, politics, news, marketing, e-commerce, sales, education, and healthcare.

You can effortlessly begin this commercial enterprise in Mumbai. You also can provide this provider online as a freelancer. This is a good way to start a career with good money, but you need proper skills and qualifications for the same.

You will need a proper setup with high-tech equipment and proper software to carry out the projects. You might also hire an assistant or two to increase your productivity and serve your clients better. Here the investment is not much as the location of your setup doesn't matter too.

46. Sell Courses Online

A man is doing online courses on his pc.

Online path companies are developing very rapidly in India. If you've got great expertise in any subject matter, you could create your online video path. You can promote this path online by using Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Digital Marketing. Especially after the covid 19 pandemic, the demand for online courses is increasing.

It will be interesting if you create and upload various online courses to help people earn knowledge. There is an infinite range of subjects and skills that you can start teaching people.

From cooking to self-defense to musical instruments to new applications and software, everything can be taught online now to all age groups too. You just need a laptop and wifi connection to start your classes. This is one of the easiest and lowest investments requiring business.

47. Start a Small Hotel

You can begin a small lodge in Mumbai. The commercial lodge enterprise is one of the most famous industries in India. The call for and want for this commercial enterprise will boom with the aid of using the internet. There isn't any want to begin a giant lodge. You can start a small club and create your commercial enterprise. You can also create a web lodge to start your commercial enterprise from home.

You can use online meal transport apps & offerings to promote and deliver your meals in Mumbai. You can also tie up with a brand like Oyo. This will give you easy access to an existing data customer database. You need to ensure that you provide hygienic services and basic facilities like electricity, water, and proper furniture.

48. Online Services

Everything is turning online. Everyone desires online offerings. Nearly all authorities' schemes and offerings have long gone online.

You can set up your own online store and provide offerings like examination shape filling, license registration offerings, invoice payments, financial institution cash withdrawals, and more.


This article presents statistics on the numerous commercial enterprises to begin in Mumbai and their fee consideration. The commercial enterprise possibilities in Mumbai are abundant and sufficient for every person to explore.

Even humans who've much less capital to make investments are also invited if they desire to begin their very own commercial enterprise. Fynd Platform is trusted by thousands of businesses where you can sell and do various things.  All the best for new business in Navi Mumbai!

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What business can be done from home in Mumbai?

A few examples are when it involves doing commercial enterprise from domestic in Mumbai, tuition, tiffin services, blogging, internet designing, etc.

What’s the status of having a trade license in Mumbai?

The Shops and Establishment Certificate is needed for the established order of any kind of business hobby withinside the city.

Is Mumbai good for startups?

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Mumbai is the coronary heart of extra than 500 startups and several accelerators, incubators, and investors.

What are a few Mumbai-based popular startups?

Ola, BookMyShow, Pepperfry, etc

What enterprise can I begin in Navi Mumbai?

Here is the list of some best small business ideas you can start in Navi Mumbai Recruitment Firm, Real Estate Consultant, Grocery Delivery Service, Old book bank, Blogging, Event Management, Online Trading, Become a Trainer.

Which small business is most profitable in Mumbai?

Real Estate Agency, Start a Food Restaurant in Mumbai, Travel Agency, Freight Forwarding Agency, Stock Broking, Security Agency, Open a Coffee Shop in Mumbai, Recruitment Agencies.

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