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How to Sell on Amazon USA From India in 2023 (Step By Step)

How to Sell on Amazon USA From India in 2023 (Step By Step)

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In the past, a businessman could only sell his goods in a limited location or it would cost a large sum of money to ship the goods to other areas, which also came with many restrictions. Now, one need not be a wealthy businessman to look for clients in other states or even abroad, such as the USA. With present tech, one may do this from their establishment with ease.

To launch an online business, you must create your website and utilize it as an online marketplace; alternatively, you may use a third-party e-commerce portal. If you want to build your eCommerce website today, then you can form one with Fynd Platform. Fynd Platform helps businesses and entrepreneurs to create a successful online future through both third-party selling guidance and informing on of their application and website. Now, if you want us to help you start selling on; this article will help you out.

Why Export From India With Amazon Global Selling?

Why Export From India With Amazon Global Selling

With the aid of Amazon Global Selling, you can export your online store from India to more than 200 different nations and territories. Regardless of your business size, you may export your products and put your company on the map of the world, whether you're a multi-city retailer, a local vendor, an up-and-coming startup, or an experienced exporter.

Over 300 million people worldwide can access your products by signing up as an Amazon global merchant. The more clients who view your products, the more likely it is that they will buy them. To establish a successful export business, Amazon Global Selling helps you at every stage, including warehousing, compliance, shipping, delivery, and returns.

With the help of Amazon Global Selling, exporters may grow their businesses and sell on Amazon USA thanks to its user-friendly tools and simple registration process. Geographical restrictions on Indian sellers are no longer an issue due to Amazon's active customers worldwide, which creates export prospects to more than 200 nations and territories. Selling on Amazon offers businesses of all sizes a strong global distribution channel without the upfront costs of creating a website or opening a brick-and-mortar location.

Advantages Of Selling On Amazon

Advantages Of Selling On Amazon

Over 5 crore MSMEs in India generate over 6,000 items, and they account for nearly half of the nation's exports, according to the Indian Chamber of Commerce. Programs like Amazon Global Selling, which help companies broaden their horizons and sell globally, make e-commerce exports even easier for Indian vendors.

Low maintenance fees

Consider the expense of opening a physical location in each nation you wish to export to, such as the USA, UAE, and Australia. This includes the price of maintaining the store's goods, promotion, and management. You can avoid this and grow your business with little financial investment by using e-commerce exports. Listing products on overseas marketplaces can take the place of opening a real store or warehouse abroad.

Access to New Markets

Sellers can reach a minimal number of customers by having a physical store in any particular location. However, one of the major advantages of exporting compared to e-commerce is that sellers can do it from the comfort of their homes in India, expanding their reach not just to one but to several nations.

Millions of New Clients

Without the use of middlemen, e-commerce companies may directly approach their clients. One major advantage of exports through e-commerce is that merchants may broaden their horizons and connect with buyers in places like the USA, the UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, and more. Building relationships with your target market is simple with e-commerce.

Economical Marketing

With e-commerce, companies may attract customers without spending money on massive billboards or TV ad campaigns. Instead, you can customize your brand and marketing to match the needs and wants of your clients, down to offering discounts and promotions by using digital marketing tools on global marketplaces.

Flexible Delivery

Customers want their orders delivered intact and on time, regardless of what you sell. E-commerce export programmes give sellers like Fulfillment by Amazon access to resources and logistical solutions (FBA). These logistical solutions offer a hassle-free experience for packing, storage, delivery, and returns.

How To Sell On Amazon USA From India Beginners

How To Sell On Amazon USA From India Beginners

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing business trends, as per the statistics of 2023. These websites are indeed a great way to reach out to millions of customers with just the click of a button. To summarize, these e-commerce websites can help to boost your business growth with the right guidelines.

Amazon is a top-tier online retailer, with market revenue of approximately $268 billion in June 2018. Besides being an online retailer, it provides a platform for individuals and businesses to sell their products globally. To expand your business internationally, Amazon is one of the best-suited platforms for your business to grow, providing you with the opportunity to sell your products around the globe.

The earlier business was confined to small places and a huge amount of capital was required to sell the products to different regions, and along with it came certain limitations. Starting a business with your website might be hectic and it may take more time to flourish than you expected. Amazon provides you with the opportunity as a third-party e-commerce site to sell and grow your business with minimum limitations and in a few easy registration steps.

However, if you wish to have your own established website, you can go to the Fynd platform. Fynd platform is a destination where you can get consulting or demo sessions on how to have your eCommerce website kickstart your business online and sell your products on other internet-based enterprises such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, etc.

Just by creating one account, you can start selling in three marketplaces: (USA),, and Amazon Global Selling allows global sellers to opt for different international markets to reach millions of new or potential buyers or customers. Here we will cover all the steps required for the international sale of products.

By registering yourself with Amazon Global Selling, you can export/ sell your products to different regions of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. As per the present record of 2023 Amazon has 9.7 billion online sellers of which about 1.9 billion are among the active sellers, selling their products internationally.

How to Export from India with Amazon

How to Export from India with Amazon

Amazon Global Selling is a programme that helps you take your business into the global market, reaching up to more than 200 countries worldwide. Whether you are a manufacturer, a reseller, or an emerging brand, you can sell globally on Amazon in a few easy steps.

  • Explore and understand Amazon's global selling services and the features they provide to enhance and expand your business globally. Understand the market opportunity for your company and choose an appropriate international market for it.
  • Register and list your products: Provide detailed information about your business and list your products and areas where you wish to sell internationally. Amazon provides tools such as Amazon Webmaster Tool, a state-of-the-art tool for listing your products.
  • Shipment: Amazon provides fulfilment by Amazon Global Solutions, aka FBA, for hassle-free delivery of your products to the customer.
  • Monitor sales and growth.
  • Managing your business or getting paid for your sales: amazon has various tools and services for your export business which can help you to scale up your business, receive payment in INR, link account features to sell at other international marketplaces, etc.

How to Sell on Amazon USA from India Cost

How to Sell on Amazon USA from India Cost

All the marketplaces, including European and North America, have their fee structure, which mainly comprises of:

  • Subscription Fees: Based on the region where you want to sell and the selling plan you choose.
  • Referral fees are product category-based fees.
  • Closing fees are based on the price of the item sold.
  • Fees for Weight and Handling: Fees for shipment and delivery
  • Other Fees-Based on programmes and services

The minimum amount required is $40 to buy a professional Amazon seller account and some amount for additional costs. You will also need around $30 to get a unique product code for global selling. The three main elements of the pricing structure listed under the Amazon seller fee calculator are the monthly subscription charge, referral fee, and delivery cost. The delivery cost varies depending on the fulfilment method you've selected.

You have two options for product fulfilment: self-ship or merchant fulfilment (you send the products directly to customers once you get the purchase), or Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). You can send the goods to Amazon's overseas fulfilment centres via FBA (warehouses). Once buyers place orders for the products, Amazon stores and distributes them.

Subscription Fees

As a seller, you have the option of paying a flat monthly Amazon Global Selling charge or paying per sale. Your plan is always amendable or revocable. We advise choosing a Professional Selling account (flat monthly fee).

Referral Fees

For each item sold, sellers must pay Amazon a referral fee equal to a minimum amount (beginning at $0.30) or a percentage of the entire price, which includes the unit price, shipping costs, and any gift-wrapping fees. In addition to selling plan fees, there are referral fees.

Shipping Charges

Depending on the fulfilment option you select, the delivery price varies. With Amazon, you have the option of using Fulfillment by Amazon or "Self-shipping" the products to customers (FBA). When you self-ship, the cost of shipping is determined by the third-party logistics company you select.

For FBA, the per-unit cost covers order picking and packing, shipping, handling, customer support, and product returns. The costs are determined by the weight and size of your product. Depending on the shipping method you choose, Amazon Global Selling costs may apply.

Other Fees

The overall global selling fees are based on costs such as those related to "Multi-Channel Fulfillment," which is the process of distributing products to customers who have made purchases offline or through your e-commerce site, as well as any other service or solution you are using from Amazon.

How to Sell on Amazon USA from India: Documents

How to Sell on Amazon USA from India: Documents

The United States' demand for Indian goods is expanding rapidly. India's MSMEs and numerous vendors profit from the rising exports. A potential international seller must first obtain an Import Export Code (IEC).

Import Export Code (IEC).

IEC is a DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) 10-digit business identification number that enables Indian vendors to export their goods internationally. Any product or service imported or exported from another country must have an IEC.

Authorized Dealer (AD)

The RBI gives a 14-digit special designation called an "authorized dealer" (AD) code to banks that deal in foreign currency. Exporters must receive an AD code letter from the bank where their company's current account is held. Additionally, the customs port where the items will be exported needs to record the AD code letter. The registration of an AD Code enables banks and customs agencies to monitor export transactions.


Exporters can use the Letter of Undertaking (LUT) as a way to export products or services without having to pay IGST. Exporters can generate a LUT using the GST portal and benefit from zero-rated turnover. Exporters can produce LUT once every fiscal year and give it to their logistics partner for the creation of the shipping bill. Exporters without a LUT must pay IGST on their exports and get a refund when filing their taxes.

Importer on Record (IOR)

When importing goods into the USA, you must have an Importer on Record (IOR). An IOR is in charge of paying and filing the customs, taxes, and paperwork related to imports, as well as making sure imported goods comply with local laws and regulations.

For shipments worth less than USD 2,500, CBP (Customs & Border Protection) authorities enable an informal entrance. Therefore, in general, shipments with a value of less than USD 2,500 do not need an IOR. However, if the cargo contains goods from regulated categories, the importer's information will be requested, necessitating the requirement for an IOR.

Regardless of the shipment's value, this rule applies to all shipments in the regulated category. Food, dietary supplements, goods made of chemicals, wood, etc. are a few examples of categories that must adhere to regulations.

A valid credit card, bank account, phone number, and tax information are required. Additionally, you could be asked to submit supporting documents such as scanned copies of your passport, government-issued ID, bank statement, or credit card statement. To know more detailed documentation, you can have a look at the list of documentation on the Amazon Exports Compliance Dashboard.

How to Sell Products on Amazon USA from India Step by Step.

Sell Products on Amazon USA from India Step by Step

The largest organization in the e-commerce sector, Amazon, is the market leader. Because of Amazon's vast customer base, sellers from all around the world sell there. With 3 billion monthly visitors to American marketplaces and $1 trillion in projected North American e-commerce sales by 2023,

Amazon USA presents prospects for Indian sellers to expand their consumer base and boost their revenues by starting an export business. Do you want to export goods from India to the USA? The steps are listed below.

Select the product(s) and the location(s) for sale.

This is a critical stage when first entering the international market. For your product to have considerable growth, there must be a significant global market or demand.

Register Yourself.

The products you intend to export from India should be chosen. To begin exporting to the USA, you can next create an Amazon Global Selling account. You can register as an Amazon seller to sell in the markets in North America (the USA, Canada, and Mexico). Provide your company information, KYC information, and IEC, as well as a few more marketplace-specific documents like FDA, to complete the Amazon seller registration (varies across regions and categories).

Choose your business model.

There are three business models available to global sellers on Amazon: When you produce something yourself or have it made by a partner, you sell it under your name or label. Here, private-label sellers account for 70% of all international sales. Wholesalers market goods made by other brands or businesses.

Dropshipping is the process of promoting or marketing goods supplied by other vendors or manufacturers. When a sale is made, a drop shipper pays the manufacturer or supplier and asks them to ship the goods to their clients on their behalf.

Add Your Product

You can begin listing your products on Amazon USA once you've registered. The Amazon listing procedure is quick and easy. You must have your product's SKU information (such as the barcode, UPC, or EAN) and, in some situations, product information to add your product (features, model number, size, expiry date, etc).

Guidelines for Listing Your Product

  • By regularly updating high-quality photographs showcasing each product aspect, you can ensure the brand's authenticity and the quality of the goods. It provides the transparency and clarity that our customers desire. Additionally, a customer's initial impression of your goods is determined by their appearance. It should accurately portray your company's name or your goods.
  • Let Amazon customers find you. You can make it easier for clients to find your products by choosing an SEO-friendly title for them.
  • Include bulleted lists of the product's features in the pack description. It enables your clients to focus on the important details before making a purchase. Make sure the product description you use is accurate. If the product description and the product that is delivered don't match, customers feel misled.

Fulfilment and Shipping

With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can easily and smoothly deliver your international orders. Simply shipping your goods to overseas fulfilment centres is all that is required. If you use Amazon FBA for international selling, you can concentrate on growing your business while Amazon takes care of storage, pick-up, delivery, and customer service. You have the option to deliver your goods yourself if a consumer in the USA purchases them on Amazon by selecting a third-party provider.

Payments and Expansion

Upon completion of sales in the currency of your choice, money will be transferred to your account. Once you've begun exporting to the USA, you can continue growing your business internationally by leveraging Amazon's global tools and services.

Is it profitable to sell on Amazon USA from India?

Is it profitable to sell on Amazon USA from India

Indian vendors are eager to learn the advantages of exporting from India via the internet as e-commerce usage grows. Due to the low investment and comprehensive services offered by e-commerce platforms, selling products online is unquestionably a simple alternative for Indian enterprises.

Even better is the simplicity of exporting via e-commerce, where merchants can quickly and easily reach millions of buyers worldwide from the comfort of their homes in India. Many medium and small-scale businesses (MSMEs) from India are exploring the untapped potential in global markets through e-commerce exports due to lower operational costs and larger profit margins.

E-commerce exports help merchants reach beyond national borders and grow internationally by enabling them to sell directly to customers in other countries on international marketplaces. With e-commerce, vendors may reach clients without spending money on physical infrastructure. Instead, they can easily attract new customers abroad by using attractive product listings.

E-commerce exports can be a very profitable business model to apply for international growth and higher revenue for budding entrepreneurs and expanding companies. Some of the most well-known companies and brands began by selling just one or two items online, and then grew from there.

How to Sell on Amazon in the United States from India

How to Sell on Amazon in the United States from India

Amazon has made it convenient for vendors from India to effortlessly sell their items to their consumers without the need for a warehouse in the United States. Read these simple instructions to discover how to deliver your items to American customers through Amazon global selling.

Amazon FBA Fulfillment

Vendors can use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) programme to deliver their items to Amazon fulfilment centres via a carrier by creating a shipment plan. You may either package your items on your own and dispatch them, or when a customer purchases the product, Amazon will pack and ship the order for you. Amazon also handles customer support and returns for these items. FBA must be added to your Amazon seller account if you want to use this shipping method.

How to Select an Amazon FBA Plan?

How to Select an Amazon FBA Plan?

Buy Amazon FBA Shipping Plan

To opt for FBA shipping, browse to your inventory menu in Seller Central and click Send to Amazon. You may either add items from the Send to Amazon page or upload a spreadsheet with the range of products. Choose the product and quantity to be delivered to FBA. Pick and pack individual units after you've specified the item's quantity. Also, double-check that the shipping address you provided is valid.

Your items must be properly packaged and labelled to be delivered securely to the fulfilment centre and made accessible to purchasers as soon as possible. You may either package the goods yourself and deliver them to the customer as is, or you can use the FBA Prep Service.

FBA Prep Service

If you decide to use an FBA prep service, make sure to shield your products using poly bagging, bubble wrap, tape, and so on. If you need additional information on how to prepare your products, go over to Amazon Seller Central.

The items you are exporting must then be labelled in one of three ways. For suitable goods, you can utilize existing UPC or EAN barcodes or put Amazon barcodes right on the merchandise or its packaging, and you can even use the FBA Label Service to have Amazon do this for you, at a cost per piece.

Examine Your Shipping

You must review and verify your shipments. Your items will be assigned to shipment centres, and you should double-check the specifics before approving a shipment. When you click Approve shipments, the Review shipments page changes to the View shipments page, where you can observe the exporting process.

Depending on the delivery option you choose, there are different limits on how many boxes you may send in a package. You can close the shipment after all of your boxes have arrived at the facilities. Go to the Amazon guidelines for a more complete look at the delivery process. After all of your merchandise has arrived at the fulfilment centre, the status of which you can see on the summary page, it will be accessible for purchase by consumers.

When you use FBA, you can minimize delivery delays for your buyers while still offering refunds and local language assistance. It will also handle any questions or requests for customer assistance. Everything is handled, including returns, refunds, and partial refunds.

Using a Third-Party Service

If you do not opt for FBA services, you must send them overseas directly to your buyers via third-party providers. You are required to select a carrier that can ship worldwide as per the terms and conditions on the shipping bill. The carrier serves as the middleman, and the customs will be charged to the buyer upon delivery.

For every order you get, the vendor will be accountable for meeting the shipment deadlines. Global shipping costs are determined by product weight and size, time of delivery, origin (or the place from where the product is being shipped), and destination (the location of the customer).

When shipping on your own, you must be attentive to consumers who have queries or issues about your products. You also need to provide consumers with a regional return address within the region of their Amazon marketplace site or offer free return shipping.

How to Sell on in the United States Without Paying GST.

How to Sell on in the United States Without Paying GST.

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax, as we all know. It applies to a wide range of products and services. On the other hand, you don't need to register if you sell on Amazon GST-exempt items and services. Otherwise, GST registration is required for all other Amazon businesses. Assigning the appropriate GST rates (Product Tax Code, or PTC) for the listings and providing a GST number is mandatory for sellers on the Amazon marketplace who are selling taxable goods.

However, the government has exempted some goods from the GST. These are known as exempt supplies and are not subject to tax. Books, maps, plastic bracelets, and other recognised handicraft goods are a few examples of items that are not subject to the GST.

No company, including Amazon, will reimburse you for GST. They gather and give the government the GST. They are a link in the chain as well as our service provider. They merely apply GST to different service components, collect the money, and then pay the government. From your GST account, you can make an ITC claim. You will receive a compensation invoice from Amazon each month. You can easily look up there how much GST was charged to you. It complies with GST regulations.

Sellers are required to submit their transactional portions via GST. Specifically, tax information from both the time you bought the inventory and the time you sold it. At sales, there is an order-wise summary. Depending on the class-based rate, GST is included in the price you charge the buyer when you sell a product on Amazon or any other marketplace.

How to Build Your Website?

How to Build Your Website?

Looking forward to being recognised all over the globe. You can build your eCommerce website just like Amazon. Fynd Platform is here to assist you. We will help you sell your products to third-party sellers as well as on your site and application. To consult us for more information regarding your online successful business, have a consulting session with us.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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How can I register myself as a seller for marketplaces in America like Amazon USA?

Click on the register now button if you are just starting to sell on Amazon. After providing the essential data, click the submit button.

Sign in using your seller central account if you are already a seller on Amazon India. Go to the global selling section. Pick the market in which you want to grow and register.

A subscription fee of USD 39.99 (US), EUR 25 (EU), JPY 4,900, and AUD 49.95 (AU) is required to register to sell on Amazon in the US, Europe, Japan, and Australia (professional selling plan). You will need to present a legitimate overseas credit card to do the same.

What are the steps to selling on Amazon USA and other American marketplaces of Amazon from India?

You can sell on the Amazon marketplaces in the United States, Canada, and Mexico by registering as a seller in North America.

You may sign up to sell on Amazon in America by following these four easy steps.

  • Pick a location and an item to sell.
  • List your products in a seller account that you create.
  • Deliver your goods and fulfil orders.
  • Manage your export business, including refunds and customer service.

What are the details required to register me as an exporter for America through Amazon?

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For Indian MSMEs, Amazon Global Selling has made exporting simple. All you need to do to sign up with Amazon Global Selling as an exporter is:

  • A legal business address
  • Email ID
  • An international transaction-capable credit card
  • National identity proof
  • bank statement for a company or an individual

Depending on your destination country and product category, you may also need a few more documents and licenses. To export to Europe, for instance, you need a VAT document. The dependable third-party service providers on Amazon's list can assist you in obtaining the necessary export documentation.

How much will it cost to sell in America?

For you to sell your goods in America at the moment, Amazon charges a monthly subscription cost of $39.99 plus additional selling expenses.

The extra Amazon selling charge is made up of a referral fee (based on the product you sell) on your sales as well as any additional shipping or marketing expenses you might spend depending on how you wish to run your business.

What are the export documents required to sell in America?

Sellers must get specific export documents and follow laws to export goods from India. Export documentation and compliance vary by product type, country of origin (India), and final destination. Through the Exports Compliance dashboard, Amazon connects you with specialists who can help you get your documentation to ease your export journey by guiding you through the important requirements and regulations.

Are there any language requirements to sell in America?

According to Amazon, listings and customer service (for deliveries and other product-related issues) must be offered in the country's original language. The combination of Amazon's translation assistance tools and/or additional third-party translation service providers is how many merchants address language requirements.

If you already sell on Amazon, Build International Listings (BIL) makes it easier to manage your listings. The BIL tool allows you to list your products on all markets by adding offers and syncing prices. The text is also translated into other languages, like German, Japanese, French, etc. You can swiftly add a large number of offerings to new markets using BIL.

If you haven't sold anything on Amazon yet, you can list your products using the Service Provider Network.

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