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How To Sell On Amazon UAE From India (Cost, Export, Process, Steps)

How To Sell On Amazon UAE From India (Cost, Export, Process, Steps)

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Amazon now enables Indian sellers to readily enter the UAE market, which is incredibly beneficial for them. Amazon UAE is the top retail centre in the world for generating more sales. There are around 28 million Amazon UAE users that access the platform on a regular basis.

There are many shoppers who desire to buy the different products that Indian sellers have access to that aren't offered in the UAE market, which gives sellers a solid chance to grow their business. With the help of Amazon Global Selling, an e-commerce export programme, selling in these foreign countries is now simpler than ever.

Thanks to its constantly expanding worldwide reach, Amazon provides the necessary help and support for sellers to grow and find foreign customers everywhere in the world.

Numerous Indian retailers export their products from India to Dubai after recognising this possibility. If you want to build your own website just like Amazon, you can build one with a few easy steps. Book a demo with Fynd Platform and start your online business in 30 minutes.

Can Sellers Choose To Sell On Amazon In The UAE?

Seller choose to sellon amazon image is shown

The UAE is one of India's main export destinations, and exports from India have grown remarkably in recent years. The Middle East market is being increasingly cornered by Indian exporters. With e-commerce export programmes and Amazon Global Selling, purchasing and selling in these countries is now more convenient than ever.

The UAE is the largest market for sellers because it can provide them with high returns in a short amount of time. Dubai is the centre of commerce and hosts numerous events and programmes all year long. Exporters benefit from Prime Days and Ramadan since hundreds of customers purchase from Amazon UAE during these times.

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The UAE has been described as having one of the greatest e-commerce markets as, in 2018, the market's revenue exceeded $10 billion, and since then, it has shown steady development. Is it possible for Amazon vendors to sell their goods in the United Arab Emirates? And if so, what steps should be taken to enter the market and what other factors should we take into account before entering the UAE market?

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When we consider the market in the UAE, many questions come to mind. Don't worry, we will read every single word of this article regarding Amazon selling in the United Arab Emirates.

Steps to Sell on Amazon UAE

Steps  to sell on amazon UAE image is shown

Yes, you may sell anything in the UAE on Amazon. You only need to be aware of the following things before going into business.

Understanding the market

Select a business niche that you can pursue and that is productive in the world of online marketing. Textile, handicraft, and electronic industries are a few of the well-known ones.

You must decide which option is both practical and profitable for you. In order to improve your tactics, you must include cash on delivery as a payment option. UAE shopping preferences also point toward this method of payment.

Select a plan.

Everyone can easily and quickly set up an Amazon seller account by entering their company information and selecting the type of plan they want to join. Two different types of plans are available, and both are discussed below.

  • Individual plans- Individual plans are fairly straightforward because they don't provide merchants with additional programmes or selling tools.

  • Professional Plans: This is a unique modified plan in which you will receive numerous selling tools for your business. Sellers who plan to sell in large quantities should use this plan.

You can select any of the aforementioned plans based on your preferences.

Sign up as a Seller

The Indian seller must first register with Amazon Global Selling. That they can do by connecting their existing Amazon India seller account or by registering a new one on the website.

Important documents such as KYC documents, an Import-Export Code, an e-commerce license, and other information will be necessary for this. Sellers can visit the Amazon website to better learn about this process.

Obtain a license

Now that your business strategy has been designed and you've chosen the product to offer, it's time to start putting it into action. A trade license is a requirement if you wish to sell things on Amazon legitimately.

More crucially, users will need to obtain an e-commerce license before starting their firm. One of the many benefits of the E-Commerce license offered by SPC free zones is the option for a 10-year trade license. To set up your business, you must acquire it.

List Your Products

Indian sellers are only authorized by law to export specific items to the UAE, such as dry fruits, clothes, electronic devices, fine jewellery, and so on. After registering, sellers have to list the items they would like to sell online. If a product is not already listed on Amazon's UAE market, a new listing must be created, which issues an ASIN immediately (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Unfortunately, Indian sellers are also known for selling fake products, so customers are afraid of these sellers when buying products. To engage customers, the seller should provide clear images and a detailed description of the products.

"Deliver the Products"

After the products are listed, they must be exported to the UAE. If an Indian Amazon seller chooses FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), their items are dispatched and kept in Amazon warehouses before being packaged and delivered to the customer. FBA also handles any return issues and other consumer complaints.

If the seller wants to hire a third-party service, they must ship the product directly to the consumer or mail it through another business. This approach increases the taxes imposed, and the customer must pay high customs fees.

Payment for the products

When the products are delivered and paid for by the buyer, Amazon transfers the funds into the seller's bank account. If a buyer uses an online payment option, the money is transferred straight to the seller; if they use Cash on Delivery, Amazon transfers the money to their bank account.

Maintain track of the entire operation.

From shipping to delivery, Indian sellers can track the entire process using the website or the Seller app. The system is reasonably transparent and straightforward, making it simple for Indian sellers to export to Dubai and start a small business with the support of Amazon UAE.

Advantages of selling in the UAE

If you're looking for the next fantastic chance to describe your business to the world, what do you do? The Middle East is a good place to start because it is a developing market with access to simple listing tools, secure financial transactions, and promotional tools. In the UAE, there is a tonne of buyers, which offers merchants a tonne of options. We'll learn about the benefits of selling in the UAE now.

No language barriers.

Amazon is aware of the problem and provides an English-language experience on its app and website for the convenience of both sellers and buyers. The conversation is one of the most important aspects of business because it facilitates the exchange of words between buyers and sellers. If you are unable to understand the language, it will be very difficult to sell. This eliminates linguistic barriers between people.

A convenient transaction method or simple transactions

Amazon offers simple transaction options to vendors that want to sell their goods in the United Arab Emirates. In a similar vein, you could sell in the UAE without a separate trading license and get paid in dollars right into your American bank account. The ease of the transaction is important because a difficult transaction process makes it impossible for the seller to succeed over the long term.

Economic potential

With a large market and a highly populated nation, the UAE's economic situation gives sellers who are considering selling their products there an extra advantage. When it comes to diversification, Abu Dhabi and other UAE emirates have maintained a largely conservative stance.

A digitally diverse population

We have read about the economic situation in Saudi Arabia, but the UAE also has a digitally diversified population due to its strong wealth. Yes, a sizable section of the population in the UAE is online or using digital apps, demonstrating their engagement in the digital industry.

Because of the extremely diverse online community, it is quite simple for vendors to sell their goods through e-commerce websites. Thus, it is one of the factors a seller takes into account when considering doing business in the UAE. Other benefits, such as simple payment methods, secure transactions, a beautiful market, and a luxurious lifestyle, enable sellers to seriously consider doing business in the United Arab Emirates.

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Selling On Amazon UAE From India

Selling on amazon UAE from India image is shown

Every company that wishes to enter the market must first complete some sort of registration, and Amazon is no exception. If you wish to sell your goods through Amazon in the United Arab Emirates, you must follow these procedures to do so legally and without any hassle. So let's read the key actions.

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Exporting from India to Dubai is a straightforward and fast process, but you must first register with Amazon Global Selling. It's not necessary for you to already be an Amazon India seller.

To export, you need an import-export code, KYC records for your bank account, as well as a trading license for your own benefit. You should submit your company and business information to the authorities in this phase for thorough verification.

Product listings on online stores

Now that you have successfully registered to sell on Amazon UAE, it is time to list your product on other online stores. You need to give international clients explicit guidance and appealing images.

You can also get assistance from third-party service providers who offer these handling services for e-commerce. It is the most crucial stage of registration since, if you upload quality images and descriptions, it will instantly make an impression on foreign clients.

Shipping and delivery

Delivering international orders is essential for vendors to succeed and expand their business. Indian sellers can easily fulfil their foreign orders on their own or by utilizing FBA, Amazon's international shipping service.

Amazon packages and sends the order to the consumer once the customer makes the order. If a customer has any questions, Amazon's customer service department responds on their behalf.

When a customer returns an item, Amazon picks it up and transports it back to the fulfilment facility. This demonstrates Amazon's careful international delivery policy.

Payment option

After a consumer buys your product, Amazon credits your bank account with the funds. With Amazon's assistance, Indian sellers may easily export their goods from India to Dubai. Therefore, completing registration only requires the aforementioned steps; there aren't many complications or extensive documentation requirements.

Amazon Application for Selling on Amazon UAE from India

Application for selling on amazon image is shown

Amazon is the UAE's leading e-commerce business. Usually, Amazon sellers visit the Amazon website to initiate the selling process. However, they may now use the Amazon Seller App to sell their products in different regions of the world, such as the UAE. Selling to Amazon UAE has officially become easier for Indian Amazon sellers. To understand the process, read the steps below.

Know what you can and can't sell.

The regulations regulating the products provided on Amazon UAE are quite strict, so sellers must understand how the UAE charges Value Added Tax on purchases made on the website. When sellers ship items into the UAE, they should also obey UAE customs procedures and several other rules and regulations.

Login using the Amazon Seller App.

To begin the selling process, Amazon sellers may simply download the app from their IOS app store or Google Play store. They will then have to log in with their Amazon Seller ID. After signing into the app, the sellers can select the UAE as the region where they want to sell.

Become an Amazon UAE registered seller.

The seller needs to sign up for Amazon Global Selling, which they may do by linking their current Amazon India seller account or by creating a new one on the app. An Import-Export Code, KYC documents for the bank account, an e-commerce license, and other paperwork will be required by the seller. To learn more about the procedures, go to the Amazon website.

List your products.

Sellers from India can transport products such as clothes, dried fruits, handmade goods, coffee, jewellery, and so on. Sellers can promote their products after they have registered to sell on Amazon UAE.

To attract buyers, the seller should present very clear photos and a specific description of the goods, since when customers realize the product will be shipped from another country, they want to understand the description well.

The app allows the seller to add items and listings to their account. They may do so by going to the main page and choosing the "add product" option to make a new offer for an existing Amazon product or a new listing for a new product. In addition, if they already have listings, they may sync them.

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Track the shipment of products to the UAE.

Once the listing is complete, customers will be able to view the products and purchase them on Amazon UAE. Sellers can choose to use a third-party delivery service or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). If the seller selects FBA, they can easily view the entire shipping process on the Amazon Seller App.

Monitor the payments.

When a consumer buys a product, the seller is alerted via the app and may check it in the "manage payments" tab.

Make use of the specialized features

To promote their products in the UAE, Indian sellers can use Amazon features such as Sponsored Products, Lightning Deals, and discounts all through the Seller App. Some of these features are exclusive to the app. The sellers can even use the application's health dashboard to identify and concentrate on improving issues that need care in order to increase their business.

Communication is the key to success.

Sadly, Indian sellers are also known for offering imitation products, so buyers are suspicious of them while making purchases. As an outcome, sellers should constantly be available to answer customers' queries. Using the app, the seller may easily respond to any queries or comments a buyer has made regarding their product, as well as check their feedback without any hassle or delays.

How to Sell on Amazon UAE from India Price

How to sell on amazon UAE from India price image is shown

The kind of selling plan you choose, the type of product you sell, the fulfilment facility you use, and other factors all play a role in the overall cost structure of selling on Amazon UAE from India. Amazon Global Selling claims that Amazon UAE is the top e-commerce shopping destination in the country, with a $34 billion dollar trade market from India.

The Amazon UAE marketplace receives about 28 billion monthly visits from customers worldwide, which contributes to its popularity and gives you a good reason to choose Amazon UAE. Dubai is the centre of international trade, and it regularly hosts numerous events. As thousands of customers shop on Amazon UAE during holidays like Prime Day and Ramadan, exporters benefit.

The Dubai market provides a diverse range of product categories for sales in the global market, including some of the most well-liked categories in the Amazon UAE market, like Apparel and textiles, Fine and fashion jewellery, Coffee, tea, and spices, Handmade products, etc. Subscription fees, referral fees, and shipping costs are the three main components of the Amazon UAE selling plan. You have two options for product shipping:

Merchant fulfilment:

Sellers who list products on Amazon also handle customer service, shipping, and storage either internally or through a third party. In essence, the seller is in charge of the entire handling and shipping procedure; he has the choice of managing alone or in partnership with a third party.

Referral fees and shipping costs are part of self-ship or merchant fulfilment. Every time an item is sold, sellers receive a commission. There is a per-item minimum referral fee for some categories of items. For instance, sellers must pay the higher referral fee or the minimum referral fee per item.

Amazon subtracts the appropriate referral fee percentage from the total sales price for all products, excluding any taxes determined using Amazon's tax calculation services. The sum paid by the buyer for the item, delivery fees, and gift-wrapping costs is known as the total sale price.

If you choose an individual or professional selling plan, you will not be required to pay any monthly subscription fees. On Amazon Seller Central, you can find specific terms and conditions pertaining to subscription fees as well as referral fees on a variety of products.

Amazon subtracts the appropriate referral fee percentage from the final sales price for all products, excluding any taxes determined using Amazon's tax calculation services. The total sale price is the total amount paid by the buyer, including the item price and any delivery or gift-wrapping charges.

For monthly subscription fees, if you opt for an individual or professional selling plan, you have to pay a zero amount of money. However, there are certain terms and conditions regarding subscription fees and also referral fees on various products which you can find on Amazon seller central. Shipping costs: The costs of shipping your product through third-party sources.

Amazon Fulfillment:

Here, you can redirect your sales to one of Amazon's overseas fulfilment facilities or warehouses. Amazon manages the entire handling and delivery of your products to customers. Additionally, you receive a number of advantages, such as free shipping for Prime members and access to Amazon's reputable and secure shipping system.

The FBA plans consist

Referral fees range from 3% to 4% AED and are determined by the type of goods you sell on the global market, as well as closing costs, shipping costs, and FBA-specific fees. The shipping costs, which start at 4 AED per unit and are based on the size and bulk of your product, as well as the FBA-specific fees, which are essentially the storage fees you pay to store your products in the Amazon FBA warehouse based on the volume you use to store them, start at 4 AED per unit.

Over 250 million square feet of storage space and over 29 million units have been shipped to date, according to Amazon FBA. You only need to complete these 3 steps in order to register for FBA.

Sign up with Amazon Global Seller Central or Amazon Seller Central. Select FBA when listing your products. Next, get your goods ready for delivery to the warehouse. Send your product to Amazon FBA, and the company will handle all of the shipping, handling, and dispatching for you.

There are only 3 steps you need to follow to register for FBA.

Register yourself with Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Global Seller Central. List your products and opt for FBA, prepare your products for shipment to the warehouses your product to Amazon FBA and all the shipping handling and dispatching of your product will be carried by FBA with 24/7 facility and tracking shipment features. For more information, you can visit Amazon FBA.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What is Amazon Global Selling?

The Amazon Global Selling Program is an eCommerce export programme that allows Indian MSMEs, entrepreneurs, and retailers to sell their Indian items to global consumers worldwide via Amazon international marketplaces.

Amazon Global Selling allows you to sell on 18 foreign platforms in the Americas (US, Canada, and Mexico), Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, and Turkey, as well as the United Kingdom), the Middle East (UAE, Saudi Arabia), and Asia-Pacific (Japan, Singapore, and Australia).

Using this program, Indian MSMEs, entrepreneurs, and retailers can sell products on Amazon's international marketplaces,,,, and, reaching millions in more than 200 countries and regions.

What exported goods can be sold on the Amazon International Marketplace?

A vendor from India can find a multitude of goods on Amazon in more than 30 separate classes. The following are the top product categories for Indian sellers:

  • Textile products for the home: pillowcases, curtains, carpets, rugs, cookware, and tablecloths
  • clothing, such as ethnic wear like salwar suits, kurtas, lehengas, and silk sarees, for men, women, and children; jewellery, including fashion and fine jewellery; leather, including wallets, bags, shoes, and accessories.
  • toiletries, bath & body product lines, bath towels, home care, essential oils, and health & personal care.
  • Consumables include tea, coffee, and spices like black pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon.
  • Ayurveda: organic products, health supplements, pharmaceuticals, food, and dietary supplements
  • Beauty products: grooming, cosmetics, and accessories for the face and body
  • Children's toys, activity/learning boxes, robotic and educational toys, and cricket equipment are among the toys and sporting goods available. Office supplies and furniture include notepads, trinkets, canes, and wooden furniture.

How can one start selling on Amazon globally?

arrow down

Simply choose the item you want to sell, select the area where you want to sell, register with Amazon Global Selling and list your products, and either ship your products yourself or use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Amazon will help you with the following:-

  • Storage of your products in a cutting-edge fulfilment centre
  • Promotion of your product to customers searching for it all over the world.
  • packing and delivering the product to customers after an order is placed.
  • Returns and warehouse assistance
  • Credit transactions to your checking account in INR or foreign currencies, as per your preference.
  • We provide resources to assist you in advertising your company and its products on international Amazon marketplaces.
  • They will instruct you on the necessary export paperwork and compliance standards before you begin.

Within only 15 minutes, you can set up shop on one of the international Amazon marketplaces.

a legitimate business address; a credit card that can be used for foreign transactions; a national identity document (such as an Aadhar card, passport, or driver's license); and a business or personal-bank statement. Depending on your receiving country and product category, you might need a few more documents and licenses. The process of exporting to Europe, for example, involves the need for a VAT document. The dependable third-party service providers on Amazon's list can assist you in obtaining the necessary export paperwork.

Do I get shipment insurance at negotiated rates? How can one avail of Amazon Partnered Carriers?

Unfortunately, the pricing that Amazon has negotiated does not include shipment insurance. Direct insurance for shipments is available from the carriers if desired. You will receive instructions on how to go about doing so.

Contact information for Amazon-affiliated logistics partners is available, along with connections to their network infrastructures so you can speak with them directly. They will educate you throughout the reinstatement and help you send your goods directly to clients overseas or to Amazon’s fulfilment centres.

Is it possible to arrange a direct shipment of inventory from overseas suppliers to Amazon?

Absolutely. You can set up direct shipments of goods from foreign vendors to Amazon distribution centres. Nevertheless, you are responsible for overseeing customs clearance. But Amazon won't be listed as the importer or the final recipient of imported goods, and it won't handle the logistics or take care of any legal requirements. There must be labels and tags on every product.

What is automatic pricing?

To maintain the competitiveness of your listings, Automated Pricing will automatically change the pricing of the items you've selected. You can establish pricing guidelines to make sure your prices never deviate from the norm.

Consider experimenting with automated pricing if you already have higher profit margins on particular products. Pricing minimums and maximums can be established to take advantage of customer interest while avoiding unprofitable transactions.

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