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How to Sell Groceries on Flipkart? (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

How to Sell Groceries on Flipkart? (Step by Step Beginner Guide)

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Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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E-commerce is booming in India thanks to online shopping portals such as Flipkart, which have transformed the online shopping experience for Indian consumers. If we talk about the top category in the online marketplace, it is groceries. This blog will tell you all about how to sell groceries on Flipkart. Today, Flipkart Grocery offers over 7000 products in over 200 categories.

Grocery is the next big frontier for online shopping, and it is a key focus area for Flipkart to bring in new customers. The grocery operations of the company will also help the local food processing industry by connecting farmers' producers to lakhs of consumers via the tech-enabled marketplace. Flipkart Grocery has grown threefold in the last year.

Flipkart's voice-enabled grocery shopping, credit offerings, and open box deliveries provide millions of customers with a seamless grocery shopping experience. In addition, the company has launched "Flipkart Quick," its hyperlocal delivery model in Bangalore, with a 90-minute delivery guarantee. Everybody needs daily groceries, whether they work from home, an office, or another location.

Without a doubt, selling groceries on Flipkart is a great option, and sellers profit from it. You can, however, visit the Fynd platform if you want to create your e-commerce website. You can book a demo session here, and you will undoubtedly build your successful website with a great learning experience for the future.

How to start selling groceries on Flipkart?

To sell groceries on Flipkart, you must go through three steps.

1. Vertical authorization.

2. Brand acceptance.

3. Listing of products.

Vertical Authorization

Step one is to list your products when you decide to enlarge your commercial enterprise through promoting on Flipkart. Essentially, that is making a list with product information, descriptions, images, variants, and prices. You should include category/vertical and emblem information when you upload product details. The first and most crucial step is vertical approval.

If you intend to start your grocery business online, this is an essential step. To obtain a license, go to the Flipkart seller page. Proceed to the next step if you already have an exciting account; otherwise, create a seller account first. I proceeded to the new listing option and clicked on the add-on single listing button.

How to Choose the Correct Vertical?

1. When including a listing, pick out "Select Vertical" from the menu alternatives on the left-hand side.

2. Then, input the class you need to sell within the seek box.

3. You can also manually pick it out from the screen's list.

4. If you pick a class you aren't authorized to sell, you may receive a mistake message. Return to 'My Listings' and select the suitable category.

5. If the favored class isn't available, practice for class approval by answering a series of questions.

How to select the appropriate brand?

1. After selecting a category, click 'Select Brand' to enter emblem information. Enter the emblem code on the following page. Then, select "Check Brand."

2. You can continue if the request is approved by clicking "Continue."

3. If the request is denied, like "Apply for Brand Approval."

4. Finally, incorporate photographs, product details, price, transport information, inventory information, and other applicable information. After you've got your listing, ship it to QC.

Brand Approval.

If you need to promote groceries on Flipkart, you must first attain Brand approval. We must first achieve brand or product support before advancing on the Flipkart marketplace.You can get brand approval if you have a trademark or have applied for one. In addition, you must submit a brand authorization letter from the brand.

Most categories require trademarks to sell on Flipkart. However, a few standard products require at least an invoice from an authorized distributor. In the worst-case scenario, Flipkart will block the listings by stating that you must file a trademark application for the same.

To be safe, apply for a trademark once you begin receiving orders. A private label brand must have a trademark. Even if your trademark is pending, there is a good chance that it will be approved. When you apply for approval, you must possess specific essential details and information to obtain brand approval.

Required Documents List.

1. Brand name and logo:

You must have a unique brand name and logo. You can use multiple apps or graphic design tools like Canva for it. However, you need not worry about the brand idea or logo if you have taken a franchise.

2. Product images with MRP: 

Upload a clear picture of your product from all possible angles with a clear view of MRP rates, manufacturing date, and nutrition information. If your product is branded, there is no need to create an MRP tag because large companies provide their own MRP tags. If your product lacks an MRP tag, gather data on how to create an MRP tag and create your own MRP tag.

3. Trademark certificate:

 obtain a government trademark certificate. By issuing an application for the trademark, the Government will give the trademark to you if the application complies with the Trade Marks Act, 2016.

4. Category-specific government licence copy (e.g., FSSAI): 

The most crucial document you require is an FSSAI license to sell groceries. You can obtain it from the Government by following specific conditions and submitting the required documents: license number, manufacturing details, ingredient or nutrition information, and shelf life of the product. Image of the product (submit your product image), and image compression (submit your packing images).

5. Process

An audit is a check performed by the Flipkart team. The auditor physically inspects the seller's premises. Flipkart ensures that a seller complies with all legal and business requirements to sell in the requested category and does not engage in fraudulent activities. The seller uploads documents in a specific class.

The Flipkart team will now review your documents (if it is a brand authorization letter or FSSAI Mark & License number, an audit will be set up, and they will verify your documents with brands and the Government). Only you will be able to begin selling on Flipkart.

1. Log in to your Flipkart seller panel. Now navigate to 'My listing.'

2. Click on 'Add New Listings' now. Now, select 'Add a Single Listing.'

3. Find the category for which you want approval.

4. Start with checking for the brand you want to sell, and enter the name in the 'Enter Brand Name' area (If you are eligible to trade in that category, you can begin listing your product).

5. Now you will see many options such as (Brand Name, Brand Logo, Brand Website Link, Where you currently sell this brand's products?, MRP Tag Images, etc. 

6. The name of the company will be your brand name by default. If you have a brand logo, please upload it—although it is not required.

7. Provide a link to the brand's website. Put in a link to your brand's website if you have one(not necessary).

8. Finally, press the "Apply" button to complete the process. The message "Form Submitted Successfully" appears, indicating that your document has been accepted. It will take around 48 hours for your brand approval or for any errors to be resolved. The listing tab allows you to monitor the status and track the authorization.

Product listing.

Listing your products on Flipkart is much simpler than on other online marketplaces. When listing products on Flipkart, you must know your product category and the correct product details. The seller must have one product to sell on the website.

To complete your product listing procedure, you have to fulfill the following requirements:


The identity has no precise attributes, including the item name or product title. Flipkart has its very own identity logic, entirely with characteristics. The product version number may be used as an identification with different specification attributes.


The picture of the product must be clean and white, with a decision of 1100×1100 pixels in both period and width. Please comply with the picture recommendations and add the required pictures marked with an asterisk, including as many pictures as feasible to offer your clients a more excellent getting-to-know-you revel in your product. Including infographics can assist in increasing product visibility.


Correct details such as color and size are required when listing products with multiple variants. Changing the color or size attribute on Flipkart takes a long time. You should contact seller support if you want to change the attribute template.

How To Make Adjustments to Current Listings

1. If you had used bulk listings, you might have used Group ID to create variations. To create variations, you ought to first achieve logo approval.

2. Navigate to Listings→My listings. Click on the three dots for every product on the dashboard.

3. When you click Add Variants, you'll see if this class accepts variants. Variations may be introduced to lessons, inclusive of footwear and clothing.

4. You have entered all the information for brand-new listings after growing variations. If there are any values within the existing listings, they may be populated within the variation listings.

Key features and product descriptions.

The product description must be around a thousand characters and be able to explain or give an appropriate product description without any ambiguity. Include key phrases that are associated with the product.

Setting the Right Keywords.

There isn't any tool that is only available for Flipkart key phrases. However, you may extract Flipkart's unique critical words using Google Keyword Planner and You can fill in as many key phrases as you desire. Make sure your key phrases are also applicable and feature excessive potential. You may discover the most searchable lengthy-time period critical phrases in the Flipkart Search Bar by getting into your product name.


At Flipkart, SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. The supplier who sells numerous products on Flipkart makes use of the SKU term. It aids the vendor in figuring out their merchandise. You can not alternate an SKU on a product as soon as it's been assigned to you. It is an alphanumeric code with six-eight characters that offers identification to merchandise and assists the vendor in figuring out his inventory.

Additionally, it helps the vendor maintain stock in their company. SKU numbers may be generated manually or mechanically through the vendor's stock control or POS (point-of-sale) software. SKU numbers are assigned to merchandise primarily based on numerous traits, including price, manufacturer, color, style, type, and size.

Listing types on Flipkart.

1. Individual Listings.

Access your Flipkart seller account. Choose My listings→Add new listings→Add a single listing under listings. You must first select the vertical and then proceed to the next step, where you must decide on the brand. Enter the brand and continue with the product information. You should add snapshots or pictures of the product. Examine the Flipkart photo recommendations when importing product pictures and observe the steps.

Upload the product photo by clicking "add a photo." Each vertical can have its own set of requirements. You will acquire an immature tick on your dealer's dashboard as soon as you've met those requirements. Keep in mind that clients decide on visible pictures to text. Provide obligatory data along with product price, stock, transport data, product description, and a further description, keywords.

The more data you offer about your product, the more clients it will attract. It will also turn out that you are being transparent with your customers, which will boost your product's visibility and lead to more sales.

2. Listings in bulk.

You can also do bulk listings with an Excel sheet. To add listings in bulk, go to Add New Listings→ Add Listings in Bulk. Select your relevant vertical and brand as you would single listings. The remaining procedures are similar to the previously mentioned single listing.

Catalogs on Flipkart,

The supplier needs to fill in info such as Seller SKU ID, Brand, Brand Colour, shelf life, Image URLs, Group IDs, EAN/UPC, Description, Search Keywords, nutrition details, FSSAI documents, and so forth within the Flipkart Catalogue template.

Now, download the catalog template and fill in as much information about the product as possible. Filling in the required facts is sufficient. However, presenting extra information will increase the product's visibility. After filling out all the points within the catalog file, save and add them. Avoid changing the file's name to eliminate chances of misunderstanding and errors in the listing procedure.

Quality Control.

Quality control in your catalog. You can only proceed to the next step if your record has been approved. The most crucial aspect of bulk uploading Flipkart listings is correctly filling out and completing the catalog form without errors or warnings. If lists have been created but not sent to QC, they will be included in the draft.

The QC confirmed sheet consists of facts including the MRP, Discount, Selling price, shipping charges, Package Dimension, Stock Count, Flipkart dealer details, and so on. If there are any QC mistakes at some stage in first-class control, Flipkart will show the mistakes in product attributes.

You have to use the error tag to correct the mistakes. Flipkart's listings are now optimized for SEO. You might think that just listing your products on Flipkart will generate sales, but it won't. You must be dedicated to promoting your product. You can get higher sales if your product is high quality and your service is genuine. Better SEO can lead to more sales. 

Here are the Flipkart hacks every seller should know. Some SEO best practices are also included.

1. Understand your product's target market.

2. Choose keywords related to your product.

3. Put your keywords where they belong.

4. Interactions in social networks

Start your business as a seller on Flipkart, as it is easy to sell products on an online platform. It's a simple process that can speed up good marketing. Better quality, attractive images, and well-written descriptions lead to more sales.

Why do QC sheets fail?

There can be numerous reasons for QC failure, including There can be multiple reasons failure consisting of a product photo that indicates the MRP; a blurred image; no longer importing all facets of the picture; lacking product weight; lacking product manufacture and expiry date; lacking license number; and so on.

The identical product photo can not be used simultaneously for a couple of different products. It will show the error "Product Already Listed" in conjunction with the corresponding FSN (Flipkart Serial Number).

Requirements for Selling Groceries

1. GST registration:

 It is required for selling products on Flipkart. Flipkart's sellers additionally deal in items and services. They should pay taxes on each product they promote, which is excessive. To avoid those taxes, they must be GST registered and feature a GSTIN that uniquely identifies their items.

Anyone who desires to promote things on any of those systems should check in for GST and obtain a GSTIN. Registration with the FSSAI is mandatory for food products. There are three types of licenses: Basic, State, and Central FSSAI. The basic FSSAI license is sufficient for online sales.

2. Lab Tests:

 Some products, such as dried fruit and chocolate, require laboratory testing. Category approval: To sell food on Flipkart, an invoice, FSSAI license, food declaration form, and any by-product images are required for category approval. 

3. Food labels: 

They must include the product name. PPM; product expiration date; FSSAI license number; vegetarian or non-vegetarian logo; ingredient list.

4. Organic Certificate: 

To list organic food, you must provide an organic food certificate. You can get certified organic by contacting your local Government. 

Elements to Keep in Mind while Selling Online

1. Branding: 

Choosing a remarkable logo is vital as it represents your company. Marketing is predicated closely on branding. People are much more likely to believe manufacturers they recognize. It has to be quick and easy to remember. 

2. Shelf lifestyles or expiry date:

Dates are necessary for all types of meals. Each packet of the goods needs to have an expiration date. All element lists need to be protected on the product label.  Avoid contamination, spoilage, melting, and meal acetate damage.

Temperature management is utilized in a few meals to enhance excellent performance. Attempt to hold this temperature consistent all through shipping. The natural result and agricultural merchandise have to meet the ripening equipment. 

3. Informative images: 

Product photos must be excessively tremendous and at least one thousand pixels in size. It has to be clean and without any haziness—side pictures from all possible sides with clear information visibility.

Use a white background to create a high-quality first impression and draw customers. Including infographics along with the product, photos improve the general impact of the product. You can see how product photos can grow your e-commerce sales. Product list specifications: 

4. Product list specifications: 

The merchandise has to be indexed according to Flipkart's listing requirements and policies. Listing inventory with as much product information as feasible will increase the product's excellent rating and visibility. 

5. Advertise

Most e-trade structures have personal marketing and marketing options. Flipkart marketing is a powerful way to sell your merchandise.

FSSAI Registration

The Food Safety and Standards Authority is an act that is used to secure food laws and to establish science-based standards for food to control their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import to ensure food availability for human consumption and other food-related issues. The FSSAI registration process for your Flipkart seller is exceptionally straightforward. You simply need to sign in to the government website.

Upload the required documents and pay online. In 3-4 days, the FSSAI Food License Certificate will be delivered to your door. The FSSAI has made it mandatory for all Flipkart sellers to obtain an FSSAI Food Safety License Registration before starting their business. You must have an FSSAI food license to sell products such as food on the Flipkart platform.

If a business partner fails to produce an FSSAI certificate, Flipkart will not allow them to list their products. You must obtain an FSSAI certificate in the name of your company. However, to use the Flipkart warehouse, you must have another FSSAI certificate at the warehouse address. There are three types of licenses: Basic, State, and Central. Since you are dealing with online marketing, a basic FSSAI license would be enough to start your business.


A food business's annual turnover is less than Rs. 12 lakh, and only basic food licensing registration is required. When starting a business and unsure of expected turnover, an essential food safety registration or FoSCoS registration is completed, which can be upgraded to a state license if the turnover exceeds Rs. 12 lakh.

Basic FSSAI registration includes a wide range of small pan shops, tea stalls, home-based food operators, small warehouses, canteens, midday meal services, and food processors. This license has a maximum tenure of five years and a minimum tenure of one year.

Required Documents for Basic FSSAI Registration

1. Business deals with proof (power invoice or hire agreement).

2. A passport-sized photo.

3. The company name and address.

4. The commercial enterprise owner's Aadhaar card or identification proof.

5. Details of commercial enterprise activity: Flipkart-Food Seller.

6. FSSAI Declaration Form.

How to get your product FSSAI Registered?

Start with applying for registration at FSSAI registration. Fill out the form where you can enter your details. Furthermore, click on "Register." FSSAI will send you a verification code by email. Paste it. Then click the Submit button. Log in to your FSSAI account now. A dashboard will appear where you can see the options. Select "Apply for a new registration or license." Continue by mentioning your state, as the FSSAI rules may change according to the government policy of the states.

Next, you must choose the type of food you want to license. You can switch to another manufacturer or retailer. You will be asked for your annual income before uploading the form. A form fee of 100 must be paid to submit the form successfully.

Fill in the information about your company, including your company name, address, and when to obtain a valid license. Then include the food category. Then click "Submit" and "Next". You'll be led to a webpage where you can upload your ID and photo. Then he will ask you to pay the fee.

Fee Plan

1. To obtain a new license, you will need to pay 7,000.

2. The renewal fee for a grant is 7,000.

3. The price for changing the charge is 7,000.

The issued FSSAI license should contain or fulfill the following criteria.

1. FSSAI License with both your name and or company's name.

2. The FSSAI License has to be legitimate for at least two months post-approval.

3. The license should encompass or cover all the associated products you want to promote on Flipkart.

4. Show your FSSAI license quantity on an e-trade marketplace.

5. Mention their shelf existence and the optimal temperature required for storage.

6. Images ought to be in step with Flipkart guidelines.

7. Lab-checked documents are achieved in a NABL accepted laboratory notified through FSSAI.

If you are facing issues and want to know how to start your own online food business visit the Fynd platform for online food business-related issues.

Why choose Flipkart?

1. Excellent customer base: The first gain of promoting Flipkart is the website's attained and prepared customer base. No extra advertising is required to get clients to buy the product, nor are commissions needed to be indexed in this online marketplace. Flipkart has 100 million registered customers, making it the undisputed leader in the Indian online market.

Your products will be visible to all customers looking to make a purchase. You can create a product catalog in any segment that Flipkart allows. The website additionally lets the vendor set the rate of the product whilst accounting for Flipkart commissions, product demand, and competition.

2. Flipkart Advantage: It is a program that lets in-store dealers inventory their merchandise with Flipkart for a price in trade for the correct maintenance, packaging, and feedback. Sales spikes usually ensure quick product movement and excellent focused advertising.

3. Logistics network: Another significant benefit is the elimination of the seller's delivery and logistics headaches, as Flipkart arranges for the product to be picked up and delivered via their logistics network.

Flipkart is well-known for having an exceptional logistics department that allows you to sell your products to any part of the country, even the most remote. The logistics team will pick up your product from the warehouse or your door and deliver it to the buyer.

4. Guaranteed payment: A manufacturer or trader can also benefit from a guaranteed price within a week or two. The Seller Protection Fund (SPF) mentioned in the seller's agreement protects the seller in case of product damage or complaint where the fault is with the customer or the logistics partner.

When a customer purchases from you, the payment amount is transferred to your bank via the Flipkart seller account. The streamlined payment process makes tracking sales easier.

5. Catalog customization and designing: A seller can use Flipkart's designer network to help design and develop his product catalog with better photos and content for easier product sales.

6. Incentives and benefits: Flipkart offers incredible incentives to its sellers through its various programs, including low commissions and numerous benefits.

7. Low set-up cost: As the price of doing business on Flipkart is lower than on other e-commerce portals, you can reap the benefits of total sales. You can become a top seller with a small investment if you are a manufacturer, vendor, or supplier.

Ways to Boost Your Flipkart Sales

1. Active participation in spike sales

Flipkart frequently experiences sales surges, allowing you to expand your online business. During spike sales, almost every category has fantastic deals. As a result, the number of buyers and visitors to the Flipkart platform increased. Spike sales increase buyer satisfaction and establish you as a preferred supplier.

2. Proper packaging.

How your product is delivered to the customer influences their purchasing experience. Good packaging reduces the risk of damage while in transit. More importantly, it represents exceptional service and increases buyer trust in you and your company, increasing your Flipkart sales.

3. Enhancing your cataloging skills.

Your online catalog represents your product and influences buyers. A well-designed catalog with clear product descriptions is essential for converting visitors into buyers. Remember that most people shop online to save time; thus, your product description should be appealing without being overbearing. Cataloging also entails categorizing and sub-categorizing your products. This will help buyers find your products and increase sales for your brand.

4. Maintain on-time delivery.

You must consistently exceed the buyer's expectations, whether in terms of product quality or delivery time. Ascertain that your products are RTD (Ready to Dispatch) so that your logistics partners can deliver them quickly. Returns and exchanges must be completed promptly to maintain positive customer ratings and reviews.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Product Online

1. Not becoming acquainted with the pricing structure.

Many sellers overlook pricing structures in the excitement of their first online sale and later regret it. Closing fees, delivery charges, and storage costs add to the headache. Therefore, familiarising yourself with the pricing structure before listing products is essential.

2. Not attempting to comprehend the seller's policy.

All marketplaces follow the rules and regulations to ensure the platform's smooth operation. This set of laws ensures that every seller has a fair chance and a variety of growth opportunities. When selling online, sellers pay little attention to policies and make costly mistakes.

3. Making Use of Low-Quality Images.

One of the biggest errors that sellers make is skipping the investment necessary to create a compelling catalog. A high-quality record not only impresses customers but also provides much-needed product knowledge. By providing high-quality images from multiple angles, sellers can allow customers to check whether a product has the required features. For instance, ignoring the importance of a white background and not including images with varying angles.

4. Inadequate customer service.

Customer service encompasses a wide range of activities. It includes how you handle user messages on your website. It's how you respond to social media questions and comments. It's how you take phone and email complaints from customers. It is a customer interaction that requires your attention and assistance.

Poor customer service (including slow response time, impatience, refusal to issue refunds, and so on) is the surest way to lose existing customers and make it challenging to gain new ones.

You should be available to your users and customers at all stages of the sales process, from gathering information to checking out and following up. This ensures that they have no problems or that if they do, you can resolve them quickly and effectively, and professionally.

5. Lack of market research.

Without market research, you will never know what age group your product is best suited for. A minor difference in the age of the targeted audience can have an impact on your online campaigns. You can create campaigns that hit the target and produce positive results with proper research.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

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What types of groceries do consumers want to purchase online?

Indian consumer behavior varies according to the demands of the moment. Indians frequently purchase breakfast foods and kitchen supplies online. You must have enough inventory when selling groceries online to meet client demand. Knowing the essential goods your client purchases is therefore helpful.

Did you know dry foods are the most popular online grocery category in urban India? 34.7% of the Indian food market comprises products in the dry food category. Cereals, grains, and related products such as grains and their products, pulses and their products, sugar in all forms, edible oils, and dry fruits are also included in this popular category.

What aids in choosing the appropriate market for your brand?

We advise:

1. Send emails to your first 50–100 consumers using Google Forms to collect feedback and narrow your target market.

2. Social media: During the pandemic, is there little to no access to groceries in a Tier 3 town? Use social media to contact them and find out what they need. And many brands were created as a result of a need for speed or a shortage of resources in the existing markets.

3. Poll your audience to determine their needs and preferences. For instance, we polled our social media followers and discovered that many had difficulty locating high-quality products in grocery stores.

4. Customer behavior analysis is necessary if you offer perishable goods like milk, eggs, and bread. You must identify the local customers who frequently order these items and stock your shelves accordingly.

Why is it important to communicate with customers?

arrow down

Take good care of your customers. Make sure your products have a long shelf life and are of excellent quality. Customers should be notified when things go out of stock and should receive emails or updates on social media about various deals and discounts. Maintain a feedback loop and stay in touch with your customers. Online retailer Flipkart uses user evaluations and testimonials to reassure buyers about the quality of their food.This is because there are many distinct product categories and variations for groceries to stock, maintain and sell.

Is it necessary to have a business license to sell on Flipkart?

The immediate answer is "no." It is not necessary to have a business license to sell things online, especially on Flipkart. This is accurate because few of the products sold on Flipkart are governed by federal law. Most online products are consumer goods that do not require government approval. A Flipkart Business account, a particular account created just for businesses, can be used by any type of business.

It is effective for single-account sole proprietorships, but it also has a lot to offer more prominent companies that can employ approval processes to keep spending under control. Like any other self-employed person, Flipkart vendors are allowed to deduct expenses for things like home offices and education. It is wise to subtract your entire gross Flipkart income from your total gross Flipkart expenses because they will surely add up as a Flipkart vendor.

How Do I Create a List of Prospective Buyers?

Make a list of the offline grocery stores in your neighborhood; if there aren't many near where you live, you might have to include some outside your city or county. Make a note on your list of each store's availability of products similar to yours, their prices, and the name and contact information of the buyer or head store manager. Mark off the retailers from your list who don't carry the goods you're trying to sell.

For instance, a bargain grocery store is not the place to try and land a contract if you are selling exquisite truffle salt. Instead, you should consider upscale, gourmet, and health-conscious stores and grocers. How your product appears and feels when delivered to the customer has a significant influence on the customer's decision to purchase. When products are packaged with high-quality materials, they are less likely to be damaged during transportation.

Furthermore, it promotes outstanding customer service and builds consumer trust in you and your business, which can boost sales. Our research shows that 52% of customers return to stores that use premium packaging, and 5% of customers anticipate receiving their online purchases in premium packaging. Sales can increase by 30% as a result of packaging investments.

Are Increased Sales Significant?

You will have many opportunities to increase your sales with outstanding shopping events, also called spike sales. They provide tempting discounts on almost all categories when sales are at their highest. This attracts the most customers and creates a tonne of traffic. Sales can be raised with little effort while also expanding your consumer base.

As additional measures can be taken to ensure that you have a large number of customers during a sale, such as hiring more logistical staff and using TV advertisements and online platform advertising, taking part in spike sales can also help you increase customer satisfaction and establish yourself. Specific events specific to Flipkart include Big Billion Days, Independence Day deals, etc.

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