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26+ Business Ideas In Yamunanagar For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

26+ Business Ideas In Yamunanagar For 2023 (Low Investment High Profit)

The following Business Ideas are suitable for individuals who want to make a startup in Yamunanagar. These simple ideas include small to large businesses, which support your skills, assets, and financial balance.

With these business ideas, you can begin with small enterprises and later transform them into large enterprises. To come up with small business ideas you can start right now, and evaluate your abilities, skills, assets, and financial situation.

Yamunanagar is a district and municipal corporation in the Indian state of Haryana. Due to its proximity to the Yamuna River, the lovely Yamunanagar acquired its name. This area is also an attractive tourist destination because it is adjacent to a river. Due to its status as the commercial center of the state of Haryana, this city has rapidly risen in the popularity rankings in recent years.

In this city of Yamunanagar, in addition to the specialized equipment for petrochemical plants, the gear for the manufacture of sugar and paper is also created. One of the biggest railway wagon and coach repair shops in India is located there as well. This region is the greatest producer of lumber due to the abundance of poplar trees, and the plywood companies and enterprises here are well-known across the world.

Yamunanagar is well renowned for being an industrialized region as a result. Haryana is one of the most stunning, alluring, and forward-thinking cities. Despite being somewhat isolated from the rest of the state geographically, it has managed to become one of the most sought-after locations for industrialization. As a result of the numerous companies existing in this location, there are a lot of work prospects and Haryana's economy is given a significant boost.

You are reading the right article if

  • You want to start a side business in Yamunanagar.
  • Furthermore, you'd like to start a business with a small initial investment.
  • You want to know business-related statistics in Yamunanagar.

You can easily get several business ideas on the Fynd platform. We will discuss many profitable, scalable, and long-term business ideas in Yamunanagar in this article, which will help you build a successful business career. 

Statistic Table

The economy of the State/City
Contribution to Country and State Yamunanagar has exceptionally rich soil. Here, wheat, sugarcane, and rice are the principal crops grown. This location also has its grain market. This city is economically prosperous and ranks second in terms of state income generation. It has greatly increased its trade and commerce goals in recent years. This city is home to a wide variety of industrial facilities, including sugar mills, and industries producing heavy machinery, plywood, paper, and steel, among others.
GDP Rs. 23,21,104 lakh.
Total Population 216,628

Successful Business Story:

Sita and Puspa have been knitting and weaving wool clothing to supplement their meagre incomes. As news of their high-quality goods and snug-fitting clothing spread over time, more and more customers began approaching them for larger orders.

At this point, Didi Ki Bunai approached the two women and offered to help them launch a "formal" knitting and weaving business and advertise their goods while also facilitating their "ease of business".

These rural women now find empowerment in Didi ki Bunai as they earn their living by knitting and weaving clothing, which is how they make ends meet every day. Puspa and Sita hail from the Haryana hamlet of Khedawali in the Pinjore Block of the Panchkula District.

The Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP), a component of the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana - National Rural Livelihoods Mission, deserves all the credit for the village's considerable growth in terms of women's entrepreneurship (DAY-NRLM).

Didi Ki Bunai is a cooperative association that was founded with several self-help groups (SHGs) and has completely changed the lives of women in Haryana villages. The society, assisted by the SVEP, offers market access and other assistance to female business owners.

Didi Ki Bunai was founded with the assistance and instruction of community resource persons (CRPs), who has developed into the connecting link between the market and raw materials so that business owners may support themselves and expand in the future.

They receive assistance from the CRPs with managing knitting yarn and other necessities. Another Khedagaon resident named Sulekha is affiliated with the cooperative and has been knitting and weaving winter clothing for as long as she can remember.

She, too, underwent training via the SVEP and launched her own fledgling woolen clothing company. The dedication and labor of CRPs and businesspeople transformed the lives of several rural women, whose talents are now fully commercialized.

Business Ideas in Yamunanagar:

It’s on everyone's wish list to own a business by themselves even if it’s a small-scale trade. So, we have listed the best business ideas for you to establish and earn a fortune.

1. Accountant

A lady was accountant

The financial activities of a business, organization, or firm are collected, accurately recorded, analysed, and presented by an accountant. To create and build a business, one must have more than just financial and mathematical acumen, therefore starting an accounting firm involves hard work and devotion.

The education, experience, and business-building skills needed to run a successful accounting firm are in addition to those needed for good accounting. It is important to become familiar with the financial regulations that control the demands of your target market.

An accountant may be used by businesses in additional capacities, such as the advisor and financial interpreter, to communicate financial information both inside and outside the organization. Consequently, one of the most successful and profitable industries is the accounting industry.

As of now around 750,000 students are seeking after the CA course and the whole membership count of the ICAI is approximately 350,000. A significant number of individuals occupy eminent positions in Government and different associations.

2. Food And Agro-Processing

A snack shown in image

Agro-processing is the technique or procedure used to change agricultural raw materials from their initial state to produce a consumable good. Additionally, the goods made from these traditional agricultural raw materials may or may not be edible.

The agro-processing sector is a substantial contributor to the economy, offering commercial possibilities, employment, a rising export market, and excellent investment returns.

The agro-enterprise may be referred to as a successful business because of the business prospects that surround this industry. The fact that an agro-processing company is a subsegment of the agriculture industry is a solid argument for investing in one.

Because of this, company owners enter this industry hoping to see greater returns on their investments. Therefore, if you want to start an agribusiness, the agro-processing industry is a viable niche with a huge profit margin.

3. Automobile Business

Many car shown in image

 The automotive industry is made up of a large variety of businesses and institutions that are involved in the creation, improvement, production, marketing, and sale of automobiles. The car parts industry is both lucrative and evergreen.

Given the abundance of automobiles and maintenance facilities in a city, this might also be an excellent business idea for entrepreneurs interested in the retail industry in the automotive sector.

One of the car industries where there will be demand for many years to come is this one. As a result, starting a business with tools and spare parts in an urban region might bring in a lot of money.

A retail auto spare part business sells all kinds of accessories and equipment needed by clients for their automobiles. Between thirty and forty lakh rupees in India are required for the financing of this enterprise.

This might be a highly lucrative vehicle company concept with a good business plan and smart investment. India's Automotive Industry is worth more than $222 bn and contributes 8% of the country's add up to send out and accounts for 7.1% of India's GDP.

4. Travelling Agency

A lady is going with his traveler bag

One of the businesses with the highest income potential is the travel agency sector. To maintain their competitive edge and expand their clientele, these firms must always be on top of things.

The attractions and activities in a city are other topics on which travel agents advise their customers. To be competitive, travel firms need to stay up to date on all the newest offers and discounts.

A successful travel agency must have the capacity to innovate and change with the times. On the other hand, significant developments are happening in the tourist sector. Travel agencies will need to be able to keep up with these sectors' growth as they continue to expand.

Entrepreneurs in this sector will confront a variety of difficulties. A travel agency's ability to capitalize on trends and quickly adjust to market shifts determines how successful it will be. While identifying profitable niches and upgrades to differentiate themselves from rivals, successful travel agencies take advantage of developments that benefit their clientele.

5. Newspaper Agency

newspaper shown in image

Everyone enjoys reading the newspaper, and when it comes to local publications, they are particularly interested in seeing the issues and themes that are important to them covered.

Before starting your newspaper business, you must conduct extensive study and preparation, though. Furthermore, with careful planning and administration, you will be able to secure advertising in your newspaper that will bring in money for you.

Selecting the kind of Small Newspaper is a need for operating a newspaper agency. To benefit your readers, try to draw attention to regional concerns, matters of regional relevance, and helpful data regarding regional organizations and businesses.

It is recommended to start with a monthly newspaper when deciding how frequently or how often you should publish your newspaper. This will provide you with plenty of time to obtain advertisements as well as news and information. You can switch to biweekly and then weekly after some time.

Agreeing to the quarterly report released by HT Media on February 1, 2021, the Newspaper company's net deals at Rs 244.29-crore in December 2021 were up 48.02% from Rs 165.04-crore December 2020. The quarterly net benefit at Rs 28.35-crore in December 2021 was up 270.89% from Rs 16.59-crore.

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6. Cooking Classes

A lady and man and kid cooking together

A cooking class might be as simple as providing one-on-one training in a student's kitchen at home or as ambitious as operating a fully furnished and authorized facility. Make your decision based on your preferences, goals, and timeline, and do your research before moving further.

If you're interested in opening a full-fledged culinary school and have a big budget, think about building numerous cooking stations so that more students may work at once.

If you design your culinary school with a distinct purpose in mind, marketing will flow from that emphasis. Join the institute with health care specialists to prepare nutritious meals. If you are sharing recipes from a certain place, get in touch with residents of that area or any potential consumers who might be considering visiting that area. Promote your cooking courses for kids by placing ads in parenting publications and on parenting websites.

7. Sweet Shop

Many sweet shown in picture

A wonderful business venture where you can generate a sizable profit is opening a sweet store. If you wish to start a sweet store, it may be a better venture for you, and you might make big money from it.

Today, it's common to have one or two sweet shops in every street and chowk neighbourhood. These businesses don't always have to sell only sweets; they can also be attached to a hotel and dine-in, which may be advantageous for you.

When considering the investment for the sweet store, you first visit the location associated with it, such as how much money you pay or invest for the location you want to use. The supplies you use in your business are of the same caliber as those you sell or use in the production of your store's items.

In addition, find out how many more similar businesses are situated around the location of your new sweet store. Knowing this is crucial for you. Considering that your business will flourish when there is less competition.

8. Vehicles Renting

A rental car shown in image

A very competitive market exists in the vehicle rental sector. The price of purchasing and owning a brand-new automobile is increasing at an ever-increasing rate, and demand for the car rental business is rising quickly as a result of the present supply chain delays related to semiconductors.

You must select what kind of car rental business you want to run before you can get started. You can acquire an existing vehicle rental firm, own a franchise, establish your own business and brand, or partner with a car dealership, among other choices.

Scheduling customer bookings and providing the rental automobile are the two main requirements for launching a car rental business. If you have a thorough study and networking plan, you may launch a vehicle rental company with little capital.

9. Furniture Business

A lady buying chair

Thousands of people are employed globally in the highly labor-intensive industry of furniture manufacturing. If you want to start a business making furniture, your starting budget should be between twenty and thirty lakh.

Prior to beginning any business, this is arguably the most crucial step, which includes selecting the type of furniture you want to make. To understand your target market, the need for it, and the geographic locations you desire to serve, whether locally or on a larger scale, it is vital to do market research. A comparative study that considers your rivals, the cost of your products, and the qualities that will make your furniture stand out in the market are essential.

However, if a professional equipped with modern technology enters this industry, his firm may run swiftly, or by employing such talented people, then his future is promising.

10. Hair Salon

A 2 man cutting hair of his customers

Establishing a business plan is the first thing you need to do to make sure the beauty company at your salon is successful in the long run. You need to decide how much money you're willing to put into this venture.

Operational expenses, including rent, hiring staff, purchasing inventory, insurance, and the prices you'll charge for services, must be balanced against one another to make a profit when starting a salon. Even while the size and breadth of your vision will define a large portion of the operational costs, the pricing of your goods and services is set in some ways.

To create a foundation strategy for your salon, you must think about your objectives, analyze the market, and Use a well-thought-out marketing approach, so you can outperform your rivals.

If you are selling ice cream that you have made yourself with distinctive flavors, you can base your profit margin on a value-based pricing approach. However, depending on the product, you might anticipate a profit margin of twenty to thirty percent when selling ice creams from a reputable third-party brand.

11. Bakery

2 lady making cookie at home

A bakery can be founded as a wholesale enterprise that sells baked goods to grocery stores and establishments, or as a retail operation that operates out of a storefront and sells baked goods to clients.

The caliber of its products is extremely important to any bakery, whether it is a small-scale operation or a huge multinational. Develop a range of baked products that are unique from those provided by other neighborhood businesses or made by private residents.

The potential of a bakery business may be increased by concentrating on both wholesale and retail sales of baked goods. The caliber of your products, your selling price, your running expenses, and your marketing will all have an impact on how profitable your bakery is. Because they may be run at lower labor and food expenses than other food company models, bakeries offer significant profit potential.

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12. PlaySchool Services

A kid drawing on paper

You may create a play school where you can instruct children. The most important thing is to provide quality education, therefore you don't need to invest a lot of money in it at first.

This company may be launched with simply two rooms and one group of students. Recent years have seen a boom in the nursery and preschool industries. The company is profitable and doesn't need much money to run.

In your neighborhood, there can be a lot of tiny nurseries. To persuade parents to enroll their children in school, they often provide several advantages. The purpose of playschool may vary for every parent.

Some parents would rather that their kids finish their education before starting school. Parents who are employed might not have a lot of free time to spend with their kids. In this case, the parent doesn't have to worry about their children after dropping them off at preschool and going to work. They may support their kid in this way and generate money.

13. Textile Manufacturer

A man seeing thread at machine

The creation, production, and marketing of yarn, textiles, and ready-to-wear clothing are the core focuses of the textile business. Given its enormous potential, the textile sector should be taken into account by manufacturers and merchants.

Based on the financial commitment and commercial interest involved in creating and selling textiles, decide whether you want to be a producer or a retailer who purchases from the manufacturer and sells to the consumer. You must choose the appropriate market to purchase the most popular materials and textiles.

To decide which fabric is the most profitable to sell, take into account manufacturing costs and market pricing. The textile sector will require significant investment. The funds are required to begin an inventory and maintain sufficient stock for ongoing operations and continue selling. 

14. Banquet Hall Business

A hall seeing in picture

For business owners who wish to launch a company in the hospitality sector, opening a banquet hall is a very lucrative venture. It takes a sizable initial financial outlay to launch a banquet hall business.

Additionally, before you raise a single bill, the majority of the cash must be invested. Consequently, you need to understand the price well. Every kind of gathering is organized as such in professional banquet rooms. The preparation of the marketing strategy and promotion, however, benefits from the analysis of the unique demand. 

People often seek to employ a local banquet facility. Therefore, it is crucial. The business gatherings will undoubtedly outnumber the social or private parties if the banquet is located in a commercial location. The food and other value-added services that the banquet venues organize for their customers help them make money.

15. Candle Manufacturer

A lady making candle

The best Business option for novice entrepreneurs is the candle industry. A startup may come upon a fantastic opportunity that requires little to no initial investment and has such high demand that it will never go out of style.

You should develop your financial strategy before starting your candle business so that you can decide whether to run it on a small or large scale. A significant amount of money must be invested to launch your firm. If you wish to expand further, you may start it for around fifteen to twenty thousand up front.

Since there is fewer personnel needed for the candle industry than for other industries, it can operate more profitably and more cheaply. Keeping a profit margin based on the cost of production in mind, you should decide how much to charge for each of your candles while also making sure that your rival in the market is paying for the same item. Keep the value below them as much as possible.

16. School Transportation Service

Transportation service with ground

Another lucrative venture that involves more than just picking up and dropping off students is starting a school transportation company. Finding the correct consumers and selling the concept effectively is crucial for success.

The markets that can be used for business will be discovered via research. Whether the company is a partnership or a sole proprietorship will determine how it is structured. Once the construction is complete, it is necessary to apply for the necessary municipal and state permits, tax identification numbers, and other legal requirements.

You may interact with bus owners and reach target consumers in many ways to manage this company. This mostly consists of yearly agreements with educational institutions including colleges, schools, and universities for a certain charge.

Bus proprietors might also consider interacting with families and other clients in remote locations that are shut off from the mainstream. Typically, a fee-based paradigm is used for this.

The first problem for company owners is finding reasonably priced, dependable transportation. A business cannot afford to spend money, which is why negotiating and entrepreneurial skills are crucial for cutting costs without sacrificing quality and safety.

17. Pest Control Business

A man filling chemical bottle

All methods used to both avoid initial pest infestations and to deal with them once they have occurred are included in pest management. Along with a variety of other methods, such as integrated pest control, pesticides of both chemical and natural varieties are used. Since the pest control industry is growing, starting a pest treatment company is a great opportunity.

Obtaining adequate training and learning the principles of the industry is the first and most crucial step in starting such a firm. You must obtain certification before opening a pest control firm since this line of work involves the use of very poisonous and hazardous materials.

Security and protection are crucial while beginning a business. Depending on your level of commitment, you may need to start with a little sum of money—roughly five to six lakh.

You must take into account that you can find all of the money required to do the tasks, including finance for the initial investment as well as worker and employee benefits.

18. Packaging Business

A lady packing a book

The packaging industry is growing in the contemporary marketplace. Everyone has to bring their possessions. Packing has become more significant as a result of online shopping. Increasing the shelf life of products like food is the primary objective of packaging. It also emphasizes the significance of the work done by packers and movers and makes it easier to handle several items at once.

The market for the packaging business was increased by these options. For many business owners that deal with products, packing and delivering orders takes a lot of time. The demand for packaging leads to many people starting their own distribution companies.

Getting into the packaging sector will pay off handsomely because of the expanding demand. You will need to exercise a little patience to develop a customer for the company. A multitude of variables, such as lifestyle changes, population growth, rising income levels, an increase in media consumption, notably on the internet and television, and worse economic conditions, are contributing to the rising need for packaging materials.

19. Coffee Shop

A man giving coffee to customer

Opening a cafe or coffee shop requires significant time and money to open and run. You need to invest some time right away in learning what it takes to operate a successful cafe. To do this, you need to speak with coffee shop owners and figure out what works and what doesn't by observing their experiences.

Gather images, menus, and design concepts to serve as inspiration for the style of your café, the cuisine you'll serve, and the experience you want your guests to have when they enter.

When deciding on a name, selecting the decor, organizing the menu, selecting the coffee, selecting the cups, and defining how you will interact with clients, consistency is key. Having your vision well-defined will help you achieve this.

20. Ice Cream Parlor

ice cream shown in image

The demand for ice cream often peaks during the summer, making it a seasonal commodity. But in recent years, people have started consuming more ice cream and other frozen treats throughout the winter.

A number of elements contribute to reducing the impacts of the weather and supporting the expansion of the nation's ice cream business as a whole. The attractiveness of eating out and the excess money are mostly caused by the rising demand for ice cream businesses.

Food trucks and ice cream shops are widely available in towns and cities around the nation. It is advised that you conduct in-depth market research and obtain as much data as you can on the local ice cream industry before beginning your ice cream business.

Start by writing a business plan that takes into account everything from your budget for ingredients to your preferences if you want to ensure the utmost success of your new ice cream business. Your company profile is here. On a single piece of paper, you can see all of your objectives, aspirations, and accomplishments. Once everything is up and running, you'll be able to launch your ice cream shop.

21. Tailoring Store

A lady is tailoring clothes

As we know tailoring is a necessary service that has made the tailoring industry one most profitable businesses for upcoming years. Make sure to create the appropriate processes and structures from the start to assist you with the expansion of your firm if you want to successfully manage a tailoring business.

It is crucial to maintain capital to provide stability, the ability to pay employees, and the ability to purchase tools and necessary products as necessary. However, there are a lot of different elements, like brand equity, that greatly influence tailoring profit.

Your plan for tailoring business, inclusive of every other element, must include the market segment you intend to serve, as well as your projected area of specialization and place on the value chain.

22. Beauty And Spa

beauty product shown in image

Personal care and aesthetic procedures are among the services provided by spas and salons. A company is usually referred to as a salon if it provides hair styling, manicures, or other aesthetic services.

In addition to other services that promote client relaxation, spas frequently offer the same treatments that salons do. Decide on the services you wish to offer before establishing your business.

Even though you are an expert at providing top-notch service and treating your personnel like a professional glam squad, running your business' money independently could be challenging.

Both successes and difficulties come with managing the money of a day spa or salon. You can make your payments on time by managing your cash flow and creating a budget.

Additionally, it can aid in your search for original approaches to raise profits and improve the quality of your salon and spa services. By keeping track of the financial aspects of your beauty and wellness business, you will be able to save up for required improvements and even your future.

23. Laundry Business

A lady washing his clothes

The Laundry Business is a service sector business that deals with the basic requirements of people. When the store is first opened, someone takes the unclean clothing from the customers, washes and presses them, and then returns them to them. In exchange, the customer pays the businessman.

Understanding the goal of the business area is the first and most important stage in creating any kind of company strategy. A budget, or fund, is needed to launch a business, and this amount establishes the business's parameters.

Laundry businesses can be created on a small scale if the budget is low. Laundry businesses are extensively used retail establishments that offer laundry cleaning services to their clients.

It is one of those companies that will last a long time and whose services are in high demand since they make people's lives easier. As a result, it's critical to comprehend your customer class.

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24. Medical Store

A doctor stitching a patient

A medical supply business is a great idea for someone who wants to make money all the time. Sometimes, a typical medical supply store is insufficient. Therefore, if you're looking for a different way to make money, think about starting a medical practice. Starting this business only requires ten lakhs of rupees. Depending on your business tactics and customer service, it might even be more.

For chemists or pharmacists with extensive experience, this medical store business opportunity is appropriate. In addition to selling medications, this industry offers a variety of business opportunities. It is solely done to satisfy the growing need for vitamins, medical supplies, and other goods related to health. The industry of medical stores has a very optimistic retail margin.

25.Personal Trainer

A man doing exercises with gym trainers

Fitness experts include personal trainers. In this business, workout recommendations and instructions are typically involved. Moreover, they encourage their consumers to become more physically fit. Small-group and one-on-one fitness training are provided by individuals in this sector. Diet plans tailored to each client's needs might be offered by personal trainers. Health clubs, fitness centers, and hospitals frequently employ personal trainers, or they may work for themselves. The personal training sector has a low capital intensity, which makes it the most profitable.

Therefore, in contrast to other businesses, you don't need to invest a significant amount of money. However, the industry demands a very high labor input, much like other personal service industries. Considering that people respect personal trainers for both their temperament and level of fitness and routine understanding.

26. Seed Seller

A man seeding on ground

In an area where agriculture is the main industry, selling seeds can be successful. There is a shift toward more efficient, informative, and profitable plant-growing techniques. Increasing your farm's cash streams by selling seeds can be quite effective.

There are other benefits. You can grow your food crops using the seeds you've stored if you have enough of them. As a result, you can modify fundamental types to fit your particular growth environment and procedures.

Initially, the profit margin will be low, but as word spreads about the excellent caliber of your goods, the profit margin will rise. There are healthy profit margins for selling seeds if you work in a contract with agriculture companies and sell your seeds to them.


In terms of industry and revenue, the city of Yamunanagar is a treasure for the state of Haryana. Several industries have established townships in this metropolis, complete with marketplaces, schools, universities, and residential colonies where the workers may live happily and successfully.

The manufacturing and industrial sectors of small- and medium-sized businesses primarily sustain the economy. There are many fundamental business concepts on the list above. You may select the approach that works best for you based on your talents and capabilities.

In this article, we have 26+ business ideas in Yamunanagar, which will be helpful for individuals seeking to start their businesses. We hope this article has given you a good option for a business startup.

What do you think is the best-suited business? Please leave a comment down below and share it with your friends.  If you are looking for more articles like this, then don't forget to check out Fynd Platform, which gives thousands of ideas for a beginner.


Which industry is famous in Yamunanagar?

The plywood, sugar, and paper industry is the most famous and Profitable Scope in Yamunanagar.

What are the infrastructure and real State status of Yamunanagar?

The government and the major real estate players have taken a special interest in enhancing the general infrastructure of this city due to the growth in trade and commerce there. Due to the development of the city's roadways and infrastructure as well as the numerous malls and real estate developments now under construction, the area offers promising investment opportunities.

Why Start a Business in Yamunanagar?

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The city of Yamunanagar actively promotes an advantageous economic environment, with all its resources and costs. The city is well located, and labour prices and raw materials are cheap. In the future, the investment will become a sizable profile margin.

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