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53+ Business Ideas in Indore for 2024 (Highly Profitable Business in MP)

53+ Business Ideas in Indore for 2024 (Highly Profitable Business in MP)

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Indore is the most populated and significant city in the province of Madhya Pradesh. Indore is most well known for being the instructive center point that incorporates the Indian Institute of innovation and the Indian Institute of the board.

Additionally, there are a few specialized benefits that Indore has since it is chosen among less than 100 Indian urban areas to be created as a smart city. If you want to begin your new activities in Indore, this article will significantly assist you.

Indore is a city in west-central India. It's known for the 7-story Rajwada Palace and the Lal Baag Palace, which date back to Indore's nineteenth century Holkar administration.

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The Holkar rulers are regarded by a bunch of burial chambers and cenotaphs at Chhatri Baag.

  1. Is it that time of the year again? 
  2. You’re probably thinking, Is it 2024 already? 

Yes, it sure is! We know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out the best small business ideas in Indore in 2024, and we think we’ve got some pretty good ones here. 

Look at our list of fantastic small business ideas in Indore and see which one(s) you can relate to most!

1. Jams or Pickles Business

While it might not be as glamorous as running an art gallery or working as a florist, setting up a business that makes jams, pickles and sauces are one of those tiny businesses that could still make you some good money.

What’s more: unlike many other types of food products on which there is stiff competition (everything from ketchup to mustard), jams, pickles, and sauces are much less crowded meaning your chances of success are higher.

2. Stamps & Coins Business

While they’re not particularly profitable, certain coins are so rare and unique that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars. These coins can be used as collectibles or added to an investment portfolio.

You can quickly turn some spare change into hundreds or even thousands of dollars with just one valuable coin. The trick is knowing where to find it.etc.]

3. Pet Care Service

A Girl is Taking Care of Pet Dog

It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. After all, your pet needs care and attention just like you do. If you have unconditional love for animals, why not put it to good use? A dog walker or pet sitter can rake in around $10 per hour—sign up on one of these websites and start raking it in immediately.

4. Fragrant Candles Business

Three Fragrant Candle Glasses With Sticks

Candles are a fantastic tool to bring a relaxing scent and atmosphere into your home. People often buy candles with fragrance or color that reflects their style. If you have some artistic talent, you can try to create beautiful designs on candles using craft paint and toothpicks.

Once they are dry, finish them off by putting a coat of clear wax over the top to seal everything in. You can sell these creations online, at craft fairs, or from your home by setting up a shop like The Green Candle Store.

5. Bakery

Many sweet show in  image

Create delicious cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and bakes from your home. People prefer fresh homemade baked goods to store-bought ones. So, selling your homemade delicacies through online portals will be easy. Also, you can earn money by selling them to various restaurants and caterers. If you love baking, think of trying it as your business idea.

6. Ice Cubes Business

Ice Cubes

One of my favorite side gigs is to make ice cubes. When I host large family dinners, it seems that no matter how much ice I put into buckets, it’s never enough. Rather than buying bags and bags of ice at my local corner store or using unsafe gas-powered ice makers, I just buy a ton of water bottles and freeze them in zip-lock bags and Tupperware containers. Then when company comes over, we always have plenty of extra ice on hand.

7. Travel Services

A Girl is Walking With Travelling Bag At Outside of Airport

From transportation to event management, there are plenty of opportunities for an entrepreneur looking to open up a new travel business.
People worldwide can always enjoy traveling, which is why this business has plenty of opportunities and a great and promising future.

8. An Ethnic Food Store

Ethnic food store is becoming more popular day by day. People’s food habits are changing from time to time due to the increasing pace of life and busy schedules. Many people have no time to go to their local shops or market to buy fresh vegetables and meats.

So ethnic food stores will be more beneficial for them.n In such a store, people can buy everything they need, not only vegetables and meat but also all types of spices, ready-to-eat meal preparations, pickles, etc.

9. Medical Sample Collection

A Person Holding A Blood Test Bottle Sample

If you are a doctor or nurse, you probably have patients who must give blood samples at regular intervals. You can use technology to streamline your workflow. A pen or device that can draw blood safely and efficiently would save your patients time, be convenient and relieve you of some small sample-collection tasks. If you haven’t considered it before, find out whether such a product exists and how much demand there is from other medical professionals for such a tool.

10. Antique Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration

Whether it’s your inherited heirloom or vintage treasures found at garage sales, fixing furniture can be pretty lucrative. And if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, these antique restoration experts can help! You can find them on sites like Thumbtack or Fiverr. Message them on their site and tell them what you need to restore. It’s that easy!

11. Party Services

For those with event planning skills and experience, a home business can also be set up by contracting with individuals or companies who need help planning an event. Remember that as a contractor, you are running your own small business and will need good organizational skills, time management, customer service, and integrity.

A party planner must enjoy arranging details and working with clients; otherwise, they probably won’t succeed at setting up their own small business. If you do not feel prepared to operate your own small business but want to start earning money from event planning, consider offering your services as an employee to established event planners or hire on as an independent subcontractor. Good organizational skills are essential for any planner; it keeps your boss happy because you keep her organized!

12. CCTV & Surveillance

These businesses provide security and surveillance equipment and services. These range from small local shops to large multinational firms which supply security and surveillance systems all over India.

Many of these businesses have been established by Indian families who immigrated to Australia, the UK, or North America and began selling video surveillance systems door-to-door; they have since moved into modern brick-and-mortar stores throughout their home countries. In recent years, the growing demand has seen video surveillance firms open branches in South Africa, Dubai, Germany, and Canada.

13. Start a Freshwater Aquarium

With an aquarium, you can create an entire self-contained ecosystem. Aqua fish require little attention and maintenance, allowing people with busy schedules to enjoy watching them live happily in their aquariums. You can access some of the most popular freshwater and saltwater species available by starting your tank.

14. Nursery Business

A Man Is Roping a Plant in a Pot at Nursery

‍Gardening is a great way to bring in extra income if you have spare land. If you can use it to grow plants or raise small animals, you can sell these at local farmers’ markets and make good money.

If you’re not much outdoorsy, there are always easy ways to invest your time—selling flowers on Etsy or building sales pages (you don’t have to know anything about WordPress to do that!) are just two examples.

15. Mobile Garage

Mobile Garage

The trend of setting up your own business is at an all-time high and has opened up many avenues to take advantage of. One such street includes starting your mobile garage and providing automotive repair services.

In today’s busy life, people prefer ‘on-demand’ services which means you can set up shop right outside your local market or shopping complex and provide essential auto repair services at affordable prices.

16. Small Online Business Ideas

You can become a virtual assistant if you have good typing speed and basic computer knowledge. You can perform administrative tasks online, such as making appointments, making travel reservations, booking tickets online, etc.

It is easy to get jobs if you are looking to start a small business with low investment. Most of these companies hire remote workers who can work from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection.

17. Babysitting/Childcare Service

Babysitting is one of the most talked-about small business ideas, and for a good reason. Families are always looking to get out and have fun—and they’re willing to pay someone else to watch their children while they do so.

For instance, if you live near a school, you could offer to watch children after school or even all day during breaks—that way, mom can pick them up at your house on her way home from work.

18. Network Marketing

Keyboard, Cup of Coffee, Glasses, and Mobile Displaying Online Marketing on Desk

Network marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money from home. I started out selling Cutco products when I was 18. I didn’t make much, but it was a great introduction to sales and customer service. I learned to get phone numbers, email marketing, and work with people face-to-face.

19. Meal Service (Tiffin)

Different Types of Food Are Displaying in Tiffin Box

If you love cooking, running a meal service can be a lucrative side business idea that allows you to make gourmet meals without having to deliver them yourself. For example, you might take your favorite homemade meals and sell them online using sites like Spoonify or Bite Squad.

20. Mobile Phone Repair/Accessories Service

If you’re technical, making money on your smartphone is possible. But you don’t necessarily have to be a whiz—more than 90% of mobile phone repair work is relatively straightforward and can be done by almost anyone with minimal training. Smartphone repair can also be lucrative if you have a steady customer base.

21. Drop shipping

Selling products and shipping them to customers through an online platform like Amazon or eBay is one of the easiest ways to start a business. You don’t have to worry about stocking inventory. You can sell items at lower prices than traditional retailers because you don’t have to pay extra money on rent, employees, or security.

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22. Blogging

Blogging is excellent if you enjoy writing and want to build up your skills. Not only will it help you grow as a writer, but it will also provide an opportunity to network with like-minded people who are trying to achieve similar goals.

23. Food Processing

There’s great potential for an ambitious food processing business, especially one that seeks to export or open restaurants. For instance, one of India’s most popular foods is Pav Bhaji, which is essentially mashed potatoes and vegetables cooked with spices and eaten with Pav (Indian Bread). You could start on your own as a street vendor selling Pav Bhaji.

24. Waste Management and Recycling Company

If you have previous experience with recycling or can show you’re knowledgeable about waste management, launching your own waste company can be a lucrative small business.

By finding clients that need to get rid of the junk or other unwanted items, you can partner with them to start your trash-hauling and collection business. Especially if you have experience driving commercial vehicles, waste management can be an ideal business opportunity.

25. Masala Production

It may be that you’re looking to supplement your full-time job income. Perhaps you want to start your own business but aren’t sure what kind of small business is right for you.

One of the best things about becoming a masala production entrepreneur is that there’s no one size fits all definition of what it means to work from home as a masala producer.

26. Production of Gems and Jewlery

The gemstone business is unique from that any other industry. Each piece is valued by its uniqueness, so quality and craftsmanship are essential for success. Gemstones can be found all over India, but states like Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh are home to some of the best sites.

You need specialized equipment, machinery, and mining rights to start your own mining business. However, you can produce finished products anywhere in India. Selling directly to jewelers or exporting internationally could be lucrative options when starting.

27. Tour Companies

You can make money by providing group transportation to visitors if you know how to drive. Many large- and small-scale tourist attractions have deals with tour companies that will pay per trip/tour completed. Some times are as short as an hour or two, while others last all day.

This can be an incredibly lucrative business if you live near a big city (like New York) where tourists flock year-round. Find reputable companies online and meet with them (in person!) before agreeing to anything.

28. Cement Production

Considering cement is one of India’s biggest industries, you could launch your own construction company—but there are plenty of ways to make money by producing cement on a smaller scale. For example, you can set up an outdoor furnace and sell cement if you have enough land and know-how.

29. Software Production

Someone is Writing Code in Laptop

This one is similar to software development and web design. But instead of creating new apps, websites or designs, businesses will often seek a company capable of updating and fixing existing software/websites. Software production will always be relevant because as long as enterprises live, there will need updated software.

30. Embroidery and Tailoring Services

A Tailor is Operating a Tailoring Machine

Being a part of garment-related industries, embroidery and tailoring services have remained one of the top small business ideas. The textile industry has evolved into one of India’s most significant economic sectors, and its prominence continues to grow globally.

In today’s digitally saturated world, customers spend less time shopping offline and more time researching products online – especially when buying products related to apparel, accessories, or household goods.

31. Breakfast Joint

Different Type of Food Displaying in Lunch Box

A breakfast joint is exactly what it sounds like: an eatery that specializes in serving breakfast food. Unlike with most other types of businesses, starting a breakfast joint is relatively easy as there are few regulations governing what can be done and how it can be served.

Because many people have limited time and cash available when they wake up, there are plenty of customers to go around — and if you work hard enough at building your brand, those customers will spread far beyond your local area.

32. E-Commerce Business

Start an e-commerce business. E-commerce is massive, and because of that, it can be very profitable. You can start your e-commerce store by selling products on sites like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy, to name just a few. If you do decide to go down that route, make sure you have plans on how you’re going to get people to visit your site.

33. List Building

Inbound marketing is becoming more popular by the day. To grow your business, you must start building your email list. Marketer Neil Patel says that lead magnets—i.e., freebies were given away in exchange for contact information—are one of four essential elements of any successful marketing campaign.

34. Affiliate Marketing

Keyboard, Glasses, Cup of Coffee and Mobile Phone Displaying Online Marketing on Desk

One of the easiest ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Use your social media network, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, to drive traffic to your website and begin earning commissions through affiliate partnerships.

This way, you will have first-hand experience with companies products or services. An advantage of affiliate marketing is that there are a lot of free materials available on these websites, which can help people learn about what they should sell and how they should do it.

35. Digital Marketing Services

Someone is Watching and Selecting Images From Tablet

If you want to scale your startup to success, focus on these three things: 1) improving your product, 2) building a great team around you and 3) scaling your marketing.
Hiring Digital Marketing Services can give you access to many kinds of services that will help with all three of these things: SEO, SEM, and PPC are just some of them. To use Digital Marketing Services effectively, make sure you’re creating content that genuinely adds value and is worth people’s time.

36. Drop shipping

Group of people discussing something looking at laptop

Whether you are doing e-commerce or online business, it is essential to have a supplier base. If you don’t have access to prominent manufacturers and suppliers, you can get into dropshipping.

Instead of buying stock from the manufacturer, a retailer buys it from them and sells it to the end customer at the marked-up price. This way, retailers can make money by becoming intermediaries. You need good sourcing from reliable suppliers with steady deliveries.

37. Event Management

The world is moving towards online shopping and e-commerce. It would help if you had an online business to survive today. Today, the internet rules most of our lives; we all love watching movies, playing games, downloading songs from iTunes, and shopping from Flipkart or Amazon India. So why not start an online business and earn money quickly?

38. Social Media Services

Social Media Services

More than half of consumers are likelier to buy from brands they follow on social media. And given that social media is so important, it makes sense to build your following!

Social media services are an easy niche with low startup costs. I’ve already done all the hard work by researching over 200 businesses (and found around 1000 more) offering these services. Now you can sell them without creating any product or service – promote someone else’s business!

39. Agriculture Sector

There are profit and growth opportunities in the Agriculture business. The latest data from the Census of India shows that there are still vast areas of unutilized land. You can tap into government schemes to support you in covering these lands and farming on them. There are government schemes related to food security, fertilizers, etc., which will be helpful towards your growth.

40. Food & Beverage Business

Food and beverage businesses have increased exponentially over the past decade. Many Millennials are interested in starting a catering company as they are familiar with different types of foods, spices, cooking methods, and presentations.

If you can cook, you can make money through food-based businesses such as catering services, restaurants, and specialty stores. It’s easier to sell food than persuade someone to buy clothing or electronics they don’t need.

41. Business in Entertainment Sector

Business in Entertainment Sector

This is an up-and-coming sector in Indore. If you’re looking to make money with something that’s going to be exciting and fun, consider starting an entertainment or leisure business. Of course, there are many different types of companies within each subsector—here are some options:

• Theme park
• Laser tag
• Bowling alley
• Recreation center (miniature golf, batting cages)
• Kart racing track/go-kart track

42. Landscape Designing

A Person is Roping a Plant in Port

A unique kind of gardening, landscape designing includes an artist’s touch to create visually stunning landscapes and is a joy to be around. Landscape designers have an artistic background and often use paint or sketches to figure out how their designs will look on paper before creating them outdoors.

Landscaping can be done both indoors and outdoors. It involves laying out plants, trees, stones, paving, etc., on walkways, courtyards, and outdoor patio areas like gardens, terraces, etc.

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43 Wedding Planners

Decorative Tables and Chairs are at Event Centre

Planning weddings is a multi-million dollar industry, and there are endless opportunities to launch your own wedding planning business. If you’re good at multitasking, client interaction, problem-solving and creative thinking—then planning other people’s big days could be your thing. It may be time-consuming—but it’s certainly rewarding! Get started by searching online for local bridal expos and craft fairs to get your name out there.

44. Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects could be better, but we need to move forward to continue growing. Here are some of my favorite ideas for small business ventures that would improve our quality of life, boost local economies and create jobs. Let’s get started!

45. Electrical Services

Three Yellow Blubs Are Lighten Up

Electricians can fix everything from repairing faulty switches to installing new electrical outlets. If you’re an electrician, ensure your clients know you are available 24/7. You never know when an emergency repair might pop up! These are just some of your primary responsibilities:
(1) design
(2) installation
(3) commissioning and start-up procedures.

46. Plumbing

If you have pipes (and really, who doesn’t?), it pays to know how to fix them. Knowing to plumb inside and out could be just what your career needs to thrive. Learning basic repairs, maintenance, and installation can help you get there—and add more than $1,000 a year to your bottom line.

47. Sanitary

Cleanliness is next to godliness. A well-kept workspace will encourage clean habits, and keeping your workspace tidy will make it easier to get things done. Investing in an organized storage system can take your organizational skills to new heights.

Loads of cheap and cheerful desks, units, and shelving offer ample room to stash away everything from books and binders, stationery, and spare laptop chargers to copier paper, staple guns, or sticky tape.

48. Home Based Business Ideas

A Man and Woman Using Laptop

Going out of your comfort zone to develop new business ideas can be difficult, but many entrepreneurs enjoy brainstorming ideas and testing them. If you want to try your creative abilities and get some hands-on experience running a business, then a home-based business might be right.

49. Salon & Spa Services

A Lady Taking Spa Services at Salon

One of today’s fastest-growing entrepreneurial sectors is salon and spa services. With more people going on the go, many will be looking to get pampered and relaxed at your services.

Fynd platform banner for free demo

Now, depending on how you want to work it, there are two approaches you can take: You can rent an existing space, or you can open up your storefront. Both options have advantages, but there are plenty of things to consider when choosing either approach.

50. Health and Beauty Services

A Woman Taking Hair Spa Services at Salon

Looking to start your health and beauty business but aren’t sure where to begin? Follow these steps to create your spa—whether it’s as simple as setting up shop out of your home or as elaborate as creating an entire venue dedicated to rejuvenation. There is a multitude of ways you can make money by catering to all sorts of clientele and niches.

51. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services are an excellent option if you’re wondering how to make money as a teen. I hired my two younger brothers to clean my room and sweep our family room when I was preparing to sell our home.

52. Data Entry

Doing Work on laptop

Your business venture can begin with data entry if you have basic computer skills. You don’t need any fancy or specialized software to get started—just access to email and some free time.

Typing and data entry services range from $1 per form entry to $2-$3 for relatively easy work that doesn’t require special formatting. Some typing sites will pay by check; others pay via PayPal or direct deposit, depending on how much you type each month.

53. Professional Consultancy Services

One of the most lucrative and stable small business ideas, professional consultancy services are great businesses to start when you want to build your credibility and reputation as an expert. As your clients succeed, so will you. You’ll be guided every step of their business journey.

54. BPO Services

As India progresses exponentially, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) business has increased. The rise of startups like Amazon, Flipkart, and others has helped fuel its growth. BPO services are one of the most accessible business ideas you can start from home. If you are computer savvy and familiar with online work, you can easily apply for jobs on portals like People Square or work2home.


These thoughts were the best and most exceptional views to launch your business. These are best for indoors. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comment box. I hope you find this article relevant and helpful. This is the list of the option you can choose your best option according to your requirements and your budget. ‍

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

What can be some of the best business ideas for beginners in Indore?

Most of us want to start a new business but don’t know how to choose one and which business ideas are profitable. If you are looking forward to starting your own small scale business, then there is no better place than Indore where you can develop and expand your idea into something great.

Let’s look at some of the most successful industries that offer excellent opportunities for startups.

Profitable home business ideas

Most people do not become rich overnight, which means that their businesses also need time to build up. However, by starting on the right foot, new business owners have more success than ever. Here are some of those things to keep in mind as you begin your first business. - Colin Cramm

Most successful small business ideas in India

arrow down

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you keen to start your own business? Do you have some good business ideas but are unsure about how to take them forward? If yes, then here are a few of our best small business ideas that will help you realize your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Small business ideas in India for ladies

Running your own small business while juggling your personal life can be tricky. With India’s workforce gender gap still deep, there are plenty of opportunities on offer for enterprising Indian women looking to start their businesses.

From home-based businesses to office-based enterprises, there are tons of options available to suit every budget and temperament. Browse through these ideas below and pick one that strikes your fancy.

Business ideas service industry

The future of the service industry looks very promising with many small businesses which have huge potential. One must know providing an integrated solution to solve customers' problems and make customers happy.

Service industries are one among those industries which are recognized as sectors because of their great importance and contribution to the national economy.

It offers various opportunities to people starting from entry-level jobs such as serving customers by providing them food, cleaning their tables, etc. up to managing big companies.

For being a successful entrepreneur, do I need to invest more?

No, many successful entrepreneurs do not spend a lot of money on starting their businesses. Many of them don’t spend anything at all. How is that possible? They choose business ideas and industries they’re passionate about and simply start doing what they love doing.

This way you can focus more on your passion which increases your chances of success manifold. Here are 49+ best small business ideas to start in Indore.

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