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How To Sell Rs 5 Note on eBay - (Step by Step Guide)

How To Sell Rs 5 Note on eBay - (Step by Step Guide)

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

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It is first essential to create a user account before using eBay, one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. With an eBay account, you may place bids on auctioned goods, purchase stuff immediately, and even start your own online business by marketing and selling your items to customers worldwide. 

Whether you have inherited 5rs banknotes or collected them, selling them on eBay is a simple method to get cash. All are as simple as creating an account, advertising your 5rs banknotes for sale, and that's it.

Examine and grade the notes to get their approximate values before you start. Then, take action to publish a quality listing by, for example, photographing each banknote and outlining its condition. 

Trying to sell 5rs notes can be quite profitable, particularly if you have a valuable collection. If done correctly, you might even earn more money than if you physically sold the 5rs banknotes. You can understand how to sell Rs 5 notes on eBay with us. 

What Is eBay, And How Does It Work?

What Is eBay, And How Does It Work

eBay is an online marketplace known for its popular consumer-to-consumer transactions and auctions. It's also well-liked by internet retailers who use it as a distribution platform.

There are numerous nations where eBay is accessible. You can enter the postcode to look for goods in your neighbourhood. As an alternative, you can look for goods sold domestically or abroad.

Anyone can create a free eBay account. Both buying and selling things are options. Some costs are involved with a seller account, such as listing fees, etc. The expenses differ depending on the amount you are selling your goods and how long you offer them.

This is because almost anything may be bought or sold here, where millions of transactions occur daily. The blatantly commercial aspect of eBay is the primary lure for both consumers and sellers. On eBay, a product is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.

For highly sought-after things, such as collectibles, discontinued goods, vintage goods, odd items, or anything else in short supply, merchants may be able to demand very high prices. As a result, collectors now turn to eBay as their preferred source for items they wouldn't otherwise be able to find.

Since eBay has such a vast assortment of things, sophisticated search capabilities, notification systems, is user-friendly, and has anti-fraud mechanisms in place, collectors have come to the site in large numbers. Some collectors make a profession by trading collectibles on eBay for hours daily.

The e-commerce eBay store allows vendors to present all of their goods in one location. Rather than resembling individual eBay postings, they look much more like typical internet shopfronts.

Businesses can more effectively communicate their brand via eBay shops and their created web pages. Click on the red door-style icon beside a seller's user ID if you see one. You will be directed to their eBay Shop as a result.

An eBay Shop is the ideal way to start an ecommerce business on eBay. Utilizing eBay's user-friendly features, sellers may create a shopfront exactly how they want.

Most websites may operate 50 servers, but eBay has four to five times as many. In different locations in the United States, there are sets of 50 servers that hold 200 servers.

Since they all contain the same information, you can communicate with any of several sites whenever you use eBay. There are several other mechanisms to take up the load if one of them fails.

When you browse a listing for a Persian rug on the eBay website, your computer communicates with Web servers, which communicate with application servers, which extract information from storage servers so that you can learn the current bid price and how much time is remaining in the auctions. 

eBay has local partners in many nations that deliver static data to reduce download times. Additionally, there have been monitoring systems in 45 cities worldwide that continuously check for network issues.

Millions of users may continually search for, buy, and sell products because of this infrastructure. The user interface makes everything easy to utilize. Let's give it a shot.

Is It Legal To Sell Old Notes On eBay?

Is It Legal To Sell Old Notes On eBay

Yes, you'll be able to sell the last coins and notes in Bharat, and you'll be able to do so even on online websites like eBay, etc. But they will be sold like products to individuals like note collectors and will not be a monetary system for exchange. Remember, listing coins on eBay isn't free. 

There are listing fees, shipping fees, and value fees that are based mainly on the ultimate asking price of the item. There are fees if you use PayPal. Therefore, you ought to choose what coins you will sell on eBay.

After many years, around 50, when everyone uses digital money, people will pay a lot of attention to what old paper money looks like. These apps, like eBay, help people fulfill their desires. But you can just sell those notes that are considered antique. Also, five rupee notes are considered antique.


Selling notes on eBay isn't tough. Creating a correct and quality eBay listing for your messages is crucial to creating a proper name and realizing top dollar for your coins. If done well, you may get more cash for your notes on eBay than if you sell them at the local note store. 

According to the sale of good acts, you can only buy antique notes, and you need to ensure you do not sell notes at a higher price. And also, it depends on the government of the country.

In the case of a 5 rupee note, you can sell it on eBay quickly. eBay is an excellent website to sell your old letters; it is straightforward to use and convenient. You found the best customers who are willing to purchase old currency.

How To Sell Rs 5 Note On eBay?

How To Sell Rs 5 Note On eBay

You must create an account on eBay before you can start selling. You already own one if you've ever made an eBay purchase. You can convert it into a seller's account without taking any more action. Take time to complete your account profile, including choosing any payment methods you intend to use.

Creating an account is easy. To keep records of your listings, you must register by entering your email address and name. When you're ready to list your 5rs notes after setting up an account, click on the "Sell" at the top of the page.

  • Select Selling from My eBay drop-down option on any eBay page.
  • Fill out the registration form, select Personal or Business, and then click Create account. Next, enter your contact details and choose Continue.
  • Your browser will be sent directly to My eBay. You must now register your profile as a seller account on eBay. Select Selling again from the My eBay drop-down box after opening it.
  • Click the "List an item" button on the Selling Overview page. The Selling your item form will be sent to you.
  • Complete the form to sell your item and press the Send button. You will be taken to the registration page for seller accounts after your listing is saved as a draught. Select Start now.
  • A one-time security code must be entered after entering your phone number to confirm it.
  • Your account information must be verified when you sign up to sell on eBay. Depending on your registered nation, you will get rewards directly into your bank account or Payoneer account.
  • Read the transaction fees that eBay levies.


You are allowed to post up to 50 products for free each month as a merchant. Following that, you must pay a USD 0.35 listing fee. Since eBay deducts a charge of 10% from every sale, the closing fee is where most of the cost is incurred. The closing payment is based on the price at which your 5rs banknotes are sold.

Remember that there may be charges associated with whichever payment method you use. For instance, PayPal levies 2.9% plus $0.30 upon that total sale price. Additionally, there may be a sales tax in some places, which is automatically taken when a customer pays for the 5rs banknotes. The sales tax is determined by local regulations, although you can ask customers to pay for this.

  • To collect payment for sales, set up a payment account: PayPal is the easiest method of sending and receiving payments. Since eBay manages PayPal, it is tightly intertwined with the platform. It enables clients to make direct payments to you via their payment account or even a linked form of payment, including a bank account, credit card, or debit card. Go to your eBay profile page and connect your payment account.

  • Additionally, you may allow customers to pay with a debit or a credit card. You must open a merchant account to accomplish this. It is something to think about if you intend to operate a shop or sell a lot of Notes.

  • Increase your revenue by generating some favorable feedback: Your review rating is crucial to selling Notes effectively. The majority of customers check your rating before making a purchase. Sell your most negligible value 5rs banknotes initially, or create a few eBay transactions to raise your rating. After that, the other party might provide feedback and a star rating, which could help you sell more Notes.

  • Buyers are frequently cautious when dealing with new accounts since counterfeit notes are sold on eBay. People are likely to purchase from you if you have a good reputation and a lot of positive reviews. The ranking method considers the item's description's correctness, the quality of the communication, how fast the product was received, and other factors and the cost.

eBay Listing Notes

eBay Listing Notes

Identify the Note you want to sell.

You can't accurately list a note purchasable unless you recognize it. If you don't remember what Note you have got, begin by checking the date, mint mark, and other noticeable details. 

Also, post it to a note cluster online or call a dealer if you would like to help. Another way to induce competency in commerce is by looking at auctions for similar notes. Compare the notes on the list with your list and see how many people buy them.


Grade the Note to find out what quantity it is valued at.

Grading could be a way to place a price on a note by examining its formation. A note's value is set by its impression and is lessened by damage. To estimate a note's worth on your own, purchase a handbook or find a grading guide online. You can also take the Note to a knowledgeable critic for another accurate estimate.

If you think a note is practical, like a price of $200, contact a service like the skilled Note Grading Service (PCGS). They supply a political candidate grade that you can use once the Note is available for advertising.


Take clear, accurate photos of the notes you plan on selling.

Every eBay list you create gives you a free area to display twelve photos. They make the most of this by showing off the Note from different angles. Get brilliant images from the front and back of the Note. However, don't neglect the ridges and other tiny details. Ensure the pictures give a correct representation of what customers will expect to see.

Taking photos on the phone is okay. However, consider borrowing a reliable camera. It will result in higher quality photos that improve your chances of finishing a deal. Take clear photos in good lighting. Gleaming scratches, discolourations, and other injury indications


Write an accurate description of each Note you're selling.

It gives very little background data concerning the notes. Begin with the Note's common name, then mention when and where it was minted. Describe the formation of the Note as well as any damages you see.

You must be correct and honest; you could write, "1909 wheat penny with no mint mark." "It's got dark colouring on the reverse and a little scratch on the president's cheek."

Buyers seek accurate descriptions to confirm that the Note isn't a counterfeit if you had it professionally hierarchical, a list that still features additional credibility to the outline.


Clarify your return policy in the description.

Mention that you don't settle for returns if you wish all sales to be final. Not accepting returns prevents consumers from bringing back broken or counterfeit notes. If you would like to require returns, provide a 30-day window when the acquisition is finalized. They justify that the customer has to pay to pack and ship the Note independently.

Reduce the likelihood of comeback requests by advertising your notes accurately. Clear photos and descriptions go a long way toward client satisfaction. Remember that the comeback policy isn't an excuse to sell counterfeit or falsely advertised notes. The customer will raise a complaint with eBay to obtain reimbursement.

Completing Process For Selling 5 Rs Note On eBay 

Completing Process For Selling 5 Rs Note On eBay 

Whether you have inherited Notes or collected them, selling them on eBay is a simple method to get cash. All are as simple as creating an account and advertising your Notes for sale, and that's it. 

Identify and grade the Notes to get their approximate values before you start. Then, take action to publish a quality listing by, for example, photographing each Note and outlining its condition. Selling Notes can be highly profitable, especially if you hold anything unique.


Create an auction so that people can place bids on your notes. The method that makes eBay famous for auctions can be harmful to utilize if you're unfamiliar with it. After deciding on a fair minimum cost for your notes, watch for bids to come in. 

Consider pricing the notes slightly below what you expect to get in return. You can notice the offers start coming in quickly if the pricing is competitive and visitors find your listing. Many ads receive zero bids. This might result from your asking price being too excessive, the listing not being seen, or a variety of other factors.

Even if a currency doesn't sell, you still have to spend the listing cost. The listing charge is still due even when a Note doesn't sell. This can become a problem if you intend to list more than 50 Notes per month.

Auctions include a risk. It's not uncommon for Notes to receive less interest than anticipated or for a fierce bidding war to increase the price more than you expected.

Fixed cost 

You can also choose a fixed price if you're unfamiliar with the auction option. With this feature, all you have to do is post your currency with a fixed price on them, and then website visitors can choose the notes of their choice for the price listed below. 

This option is much less risky because your cost will be set, and there won't be any room for uncertainty. Consider using fixed-price ads for helpful notes that you don't want to haggle over since they are pretty safe.

If the Notes don't sell straight away, just have patience. To display all of your currency for sale on your shopfront and manage orders as they come in, fixed pricing listings are also helpful if you own an eBay store.

Advertise and Wait for confirmation 

Wait for the buyer of a Note you advertised to make a payment. Keep an eye on your auctions or wait for someone to purchase from an ad. eBay will send you a note via email and through your account.

Do deliver immediately. Keep an eye out for a follow-up message informing you that the sale has been completed, and the money has been transferred into your seller account.

Safe and convenient delivery to customers 

To prevent damage during shipping, package the notes well. Place the Note inside a cardboard container. Additionally, put it in a plastic bag to protect it from moisture deterioration.

Place the Note into a padded envelope after being bubble-wrapped. Add a label on the front of the envelope to complete. Buy bubble wrap and envelopes from shipping or office supply stores to reduce the cost of shipping supplies. Then, utilize your eBay account to print the label at home.

Things to keep in mind before selling old notes online

Things to keep in mind before selling old notes online

Always inspect a note's worth before choosing to list it on eBay. Shared notes are usually not priced in merchandise online because of the fees. Keep in mind that notes don't perpetually sell for the maximum amount you'd hope.

It's common for auctions to receive several bids. Never decide to clean notes on your own. You may create extra money by merchandising old notes in their original condition.


  •  Detailed and Honest Descriptions: Look at your Note rigorously and describe its condition in the description portion of your listing. Tell them accurately and truthfully if their area unit has visible scratches, dents, surface damage, or other distracting features. Correct descriptions can serve you well for a long time. As a result, consumers can understand what to expect after they receive their notes, so they'll leave you feedback.

  • If a customer suspects that you just have a disingenuous note with a noticeable defect, this can hurt your rating and result in lower sales costs. A grateful client receives much extra money due to the Note's deception.


  • Shipping cost: To increase the number of bids on your notes, supply "Free Shipping" on coins of low value (less than $10–$20). An inexpensive shipping fee with delivery confirmation and insurance is for intermediate-priced coins ($20-$200). For notes over $200, you ought to ship them via insured mail with a delivery fee that accurately reflects the extra price. If you make the delivery fee too high-ticket, consumers can jump over your Note and opt for one more item with a less expensive or free delivery fee.


  • High-Quality Photographs of Your Notes: Nothing else results in obtaining top dollar for your notes over prime quality and correct images. Invest in a good photographic camera and learn how to photograph notes well. Poor quality images that are out of focus and scans that don't capture the actual options of the letters can lead to bust bids on your notes.

  • You must ensure your images are clear and every detail in your messages is visible. If you're serious about trading notes on eBay, finance an exceedingly high-quality camera and take the time to find out how to use it. If you do not have a photographic camera or the one you have cannot do close-up photography, your second-best choice is to use a colour scanner.


eBay Auction vs. Buy It Now

eBay Auction vs. Buy It Now

"Auction" style listings enable sellers to set a starting minimum bid and permit potential consumers to bid on your things for up to ten days. Once the auction tip is reached, you're responsible for selling the Note to the winning bidder. Take care not to set a gap bid (or reserve) in line with what the market can bear. This can cause folks to skip your notes and look at different places.


"Buy It Now" listings permit you to list your coins indefinitely with a collection value that a vendee creates; time pays if they need to get your cash. In my expertise, auction-style listings have achieved higher results than "Buy It Now" listings.


To use "Auction and Buy it Now," you need to additionally mix an auction listing with a buy it now values. A purchaser will prefer to purchase your item in real-time by clicking on "Buy it now. If any bid is placed on the auction, then the "buy it now" choice is removed, and the item can be sold as an auction-style listing. 

Therefore, don't set your buy-it current value too high in the hopes of creating a fast buck. Set an honest buy, its current value that will cause an on-the-spot sale while not sacrificing your profit on merchandising your notes.

Know more about selling 5rs note

The Ashoka Pillar emblem is on the right side of the Note. The Reserve Bank of India will reinstate the Rs. 5 notes in their current format. On the back of the Note is a picture of a farmer using a tractor to plough a field. The Note's principal colour scheme, like the current design, is light green and soft pink. 

There is no inset letter on the recent five rupee note inside the numbering panel. The language box on the obverse contains the denomination amount of the banknote in 15 different languages.

If you enjoy collecting vintage and unique coins and banknotes, your pastime may enable you to become a millionaire while relaxing at home. It should be mentioned that exchanging an old Rs. 5 note online might get you thousands of rupees. On some websites, you can make one lakh rupees if you have an Rs. 5 note with a picture of a farmer operating a tractor and the number 786 printed on it.

Let us inform you that people have gained millions of rupees by trading their old and valuable coins and notes online over a long period. You can quickly auction off old coins and banknotes on platforms like eBay.

You must upload it to the website if you have a clear photo of the above Rs. 5 note. Once you post a picture of Rs. 5 messages to the website, the bidding process will begin.

Build Your Own Website

Build Your Own Website

You want a website that is just like eBay; no problem. With the Fynd Platform, you may expand your business and reach millions of clients! The largest offline to online eCommerce platform in India is Fynd Platform, which boasts top-notch cloud infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. It can truly use other multichannel platforms and has full omnichannel potential. Book a demo with Fynd Platform.

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What is eBay? How does it function

Even though eBay is among the most popular and well-established e-commerce sites online, On this platform, you sell your product through Bidding and fixed price methods. It doesn't sell anything. Since gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years and becoming one of the most powerful online shopping platforms for consumers, eBay has recently added the opportunity to buy products at face value or to submit price offers for them.

Is purchasing notes from eBay secure?

The good news is that it's safe to use eBay, especially as a buyer. It is now impossible to encounter the essential issues that plagued early eBay customers decades ago, such as fraud. As a result, dealing on the eBay eCommerce platform is safe for both buyers and sellers. In addition, the platform has an intuitive user interface and a simple registration process that make it easy for sellers to sell their products.

What payment method does eBay support when selling goods

arrow down

eBay accepts a variety of payment options PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and credit or debit cards are all accepted for payments on eBay. These payment options offer automatic transfers to the seller's bank account. Additionally, Payoneer integrates with eBay, a solution that automates numerous transactions, speeds up the payment process for international merchants and offers an enhanced sales system. eBay's payment system is safe, and the platform has taken great care to protect customers' privacy while making payments.

Is it allowed to exchange 5 Rs notes in India?

In India, you are permitted to supply used cash and notes. This is even possible with internet markets like eBay. Old notes can be sold without limits because the government will impose sales tax on purchasing a particular 5 Rs note, but they won't be considered legal tender for exchange and can only be sold to Note collectors and sold as goods. Some people have a strong desire to collect old banknotes, and if they treat them right, they might be able to make money from them.

What steps must I take to register to sell on eBay

  • Step 2: Navigate to the registration tab on the home page and click it. Join as a seller by scrolling down.

  • Next, take a clear picture of the Note and upload it to the platform in step three. Following that, eBay would spread the advertisement among users of the platform for purchasing vintage banknotes and Notes.

  • Step 4: People will get in touch with the merchant to complete their purchases after reading the advertisement.

What sets eBay apart from its rivals

Although eBay's rival websites are successful, their business models are very dissimilar from eBay's. eBay provides buyers and sellers with an experience in online goods exchange. Since the order is sent directly to the seller rather than stored by eBay, it distinguishes it from other e-commerce platforms.

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