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How To Sell Own Product On Amazon in 2024 (Definitive Guide)

How To Sell Own Product On Amazon in 2024 (Definitive Guide)

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For Amazon's 2.4 million sellers, selling on the platform is tremendously profitable, flexible, and a significant source of revenue. In reality, if they have considerable time and effort, anybody can sell on Amazon. Keep reading our article to find out how to sell own product on Amazon.There is an alternative to using Fulfillment by Amazon (also known as FBA), which is the technique used by most Amazon merchants to store and distribute their items from Amazon's warehouses.

Using Fulfillment by Merchant, you may handle the fulfilment of your own items that you sell on Amazon's website (FBM). Some sellers have chosen FBM, or fulfilment by merchants, to perform the process themselves in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting supply chains in 2020 (as well as Amazon's capacity for FBA inventory). We will go over everything you need to know about beginning an Amazon business and how to use FBM to fulfil orders.

How To Make Money On Amazon?

How To Make Money On Amazon?

You can start establishing an Amazon company right away, and it is a terrific way to supplement your income or grow an existing one. Sixty (60) per cent of Amazon sellers claim that their current business is their first venture into the world of online entrepreneurship, and one year later, 64 per cent of Amazon sellers are profitable.

Less than 20 hrs per week are spent working on Amazon companies by 59% of sellers. Since each person's experience with selling on Amazon is different, the first thing you need to do is decide what sort of business you want to start. We will go through the key choices you will need to make and give a brief overview of the fundamentals of Amazon selling in this article, so keep reading!

Step 1: Choose Your Market

Step 1: Choose Your Market

Amazon operates in 18 international markets:











Saudi Arabia





United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

The Indian Amazon marketplace is not only the biggest but also the easiest marketplace to use.

Step 2: Choose Your Business Model 

Step 2: Choose Your Business Model 

Various business methods that suit a range of budgets, time commitments, and seller personalities can work effectively on Amazon. However, whether or not you know what you want to offer on Amazon will have a significant impact on the business plan you choose

The most well-liked business structures for Amazon merchants are as follows:

  • Personal Brand: Making large quantities of goods to resell under one's own brand or label is known as private labelling. The private label business strategy is used by 67 per cent of all Amazon merchants.
  • Wholesale: Wholesale refers to the practice of buying another company's branded items in quantity to resale on Amazon, as opposed to private label, which is selling things under one's own brand. The wholesale approach is used by 26% of Amazon merchants.
  • Reselling (Arbitrage): Resellers engage in retail or digital arbitrage by acquiring discounted goods from brick-and-mortar shops, big-box retailers, or even online on-sale sites like eBay to resell on Amazon for more money. Online arbitrage is used by 17% and retail arbitrage by 19% of Amazon merchants, respectively.
  • Dropshipping: Dropshippers promote and offer for sale goods made by another source or manufacturer. When a sale occurs, the drop shipper buys the item from the supplier, who then sends it to the customer. The percentage of drop shippers on Amazon is 9%.
  • Produced By Hand: Amazon sellers produce their own goods like jewellery, apparel, or presents to sell on Amazon. Amazon Handmade is a distinct entity on the site, in contrast to the various business models that were stated earlier. 6% of Amazon vendors utilise the Amazon Handmade method.

Step 3: Choose Your Fulfilment Strategy

Step 3: Choose Your Fulfilment Strategy

FBA and FBM are the two ways that items are fulfilled on Amazon. The Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) method of selling on Amazon entails sending items directly to Amazon's warehouses from the seller (or the seller's supplier). Amazon then maintains customer service, holds the product, and distributes it straight to the client (typically using 2-day Prime delivery).

Amazon sellers that use the fulfilment by merchant (FBM) model display their goods there but handle all storage, shipping, and customer service themselves (or through another third party). MFN, or a Merchant Fulfilled Network, is another name for this.

Here are some interesting statistics you might want to check out:

  • FBA is used by 92% of Amazon merchants.
  • 57% of Amazon merchants solely employ FBA.
  • Amazon merchants employ both FBA and FBM to the tune of 34%.
  • FBM is used by 43% of Amazon merchants.
  • 9 % of Amazon merchants only utilise FBM

Step 4: Create an Amazon Seller Account

Step 4: Create an Amazon Seller Account

You will need to set up your firm after selecting what you will sell and how you will deliver your goods to clients; it is simpler than you would imagine

Establishing Your Company:

At this step, you will need to have a named company. The name of your company is completely up to you, however, we advise that it be somewhat general in case you decide to grow or change your product emphasis in the future (for example, changing Patel Spatulas Co. to Patel Home Goods). However, when you first start out, you do not have to register your company as an LLC or corporation. You are able to utilise your individual tax ID while selling on Amazon as a sole proprietorship.

However, you could still be required to submit a Do-Firm-As (DBA) form for the name of your business, depending on the state or nation in which you reside. You may register for an Amazon Seller Central account once you have the necessary company details

1. Get Ready With All The Documents You Will Need:

Make sure that you have the following information handy:

  • Commercial information (your business name, address, and contact info)
  • Email id
  • Phone number 
  • A credit card
  • Tax ID (National and State)

2. Visit Amazon Seller Central ( and choose the "Register today" option.

3. Choose whether you want to sell professionally or on your own.

4. Enter your details on Amazon.

Step 5: List an Item

Step 5: List an Item

You may begin listing things as soon as Amazon gives you the go-ahead to sell on the site. Two strategies exist for doing this, which we have listed as follows:

1. Make a sale from a current product listing:

First, all you have to do to sell a product that is already listed in Amazon's catalogue is visit the item and select the "Sell on Amazon" option.

Add the details of your offer after that:

  • Your cost
  • Condition (new or used)
  • Quantity (if you have more than one)
  • Fulfilment route (FBA or FBM)

2. Establish a fresh product listing:

You must create a new listing if the product has never been in Amazon's catalogue. This requires that you:

  • Register with Seller Central
  • To add a product, select Inventory.
  • To add a product that is not sold on Amazon, select that option.
  • Enter the product's information here.

It will take anything from a few minutes to an hour for the listing to show in Amazon's catalogue once you have finished creating it.

Step 6: Complete Your Orders

Step 6: Complete Your Orders

You must complete the order when you sell something on Amazon. If you sell your goods through Amazon FBA, Amazon will take care of fulfilment and ensure your consumers get their purchases. However, you will have to manage and dispatch your own orders if you are selling your goods through Amazon FBM. Each Amazon fulfilment strategy has advantages and disadvantages, which we have discussed in this article.

Benefits and Drawbacks of FBM

Benefits and Drawbacks of FBM

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of shipping via Amazon's Merchant Fulfilled Network before we get into more depth on how to do so.

Benefits of Amazon FBM

FBM vendors make more money.

  • Compared to the 26% of FBA sellers, 33% of FBM merchants generate more than $25,000 in monthly income.
  • Compared to 46% of FBA sellers, 53% of FBM sellers claim to have made total lifetime sales of over $100,000.

FBM vendors start their businesses for less money.

  • Compared to 27% of FBA sellers, 37% of FBM sellers began out with less than $1,000.
  • Compared to 27% of FBM sellers, 35% of FBA sellers began out with more than $5,000.

FBM sellers launch their enterprises more quickly.

  • Compared to 34% of FBA sellers, 51% of FBM vendors started selling on Amazon within six weeks or less.
  • Compared to 38% of FBA sellers, 47% of FBM sellers made a profit in under three months.

FBM sellers are prepared with a backup strategy.

  • FBM merchants may continue to accept orders and ship items throughout the vacations when unloading delays for inventory restocking might very well slow down an FBA seller's company.
  • FBM vendors may still accept orders and ship items in situations like the COVID-19 outbreak when Amazon forbids shipping certain products.

Cons of Amazon FBM

FBM vendors must devote more time to their company.

  • Compared to 16 per cent of FBA sellers, 20% of FBM merchants devote more than 40 hours a week to their Amazon businesses.

The competition is a bigger worry for FBM sellers.

  • Compared to FBA sellers, who are just concerned about rising prices due to greater competition, 72% of FBM sellers are.
  • Compared to 51% of FBA merchants, 57% of FBM vendors are worried that Amazon sells items that directly compete with their own.

FBM expenses might be more expensive for Amazon newcomers than FBA prices.

  • While it may appear that sellers who handle all aspects of shipping themselves save money compared to those who utilise Amazon FBA and are required to pay FBA fees, FBM merchants sometimes incur higher shipping expenses overall.

Compare the expenses and revenues of shipping the product yourself, versus having Amazon do it using Amazon's FBA calculator.

FBM vendors are responsible for their own customer support.

  • Most of Amazon's FBA merchants' customer care requirements are met by Amazon. On the other side, FBM merchants must also manage their seller feedback and accept and receive returns in addition to managing their own customer care claims.

When Do I Sell At Amazon FBM Instead of Selling At FBA?

When Do I Sell At Amazon FBM Instead of Selling At FBA

Here are a few circumstances in which it may be preferable to fulfil your own items rather than depending on Amazon to do so:

  • You use FBA to sell goods that are difficult to ship:

Some items, such as those that are big, need special handling, or have a low turnover rate, are sometimes better off being shipped by you rather than by Amazon using FBA.

Additionally, delivering your own bulky or unusual items might save you money and guarantee that the product is displayed to the buyer in the manner you like.

And as mentioned above, you can use Amazon's FBA calculator to evaluate the two fulfilment options if you are unclear about which would be more affordable.

  • You can do it for less money than Amazon:

Similarly, you could already have a network of merchants that deliver orders for you, or you might hire a third-party fulfilment company (not affiliated with Amazon) to do it.

Utilizing your own network in this situation could be the preferable course of action.

  • You can engage in dropshipping:

Due to the fact that drop shippers get their items directly from the supplier or manufacturer, they are only able to send them through FBM.

  • You can market homemade goods:

Although handmade goods can be kept at Amazon's fulfilment centres and sent through Amazon FBA, many Handmade sellers choose to handle the fulfilment themselves to guarantee that the goods are delivered in the manner intended by the seller.

How To List An Item On Amazon FBM?

In many respects, listing an FBM product is similar to making any other product offer. Once you have followed the instructions we have listed at the beginning of the article and have reached the section of the offer that says "Fulfillment Channel," choose the radial button that says "I will send the item myself (Merchant Fulfillment)."

Listing of FBM product.

You will locate your Merchant Fulfilled items under Inventory, which again falls under Manage Inventory after the item has been added to Amazon's catalogue. Verify that "Active" is selected for "Status" and "Merchant" is selected for "Fulfilled by."

How Will You Know When A Product Is Sold?

How Will You Know When A Product Is Sold

When a product sells, Amazon silently confirms, packs, and ships it without giving the FBA seller even a notification. To confirm and dispatch an order to your client, you will need to be aware of when you have one as an FBM seller. Two strategies exist for doing this, which are listed as follows:

1. The Central Order Widget for Amazon Sellers:

First, you have an ordering widget on Amazon Seller Central, as seen in the illustration below.

Ordering widget on amazon seller.

When an order is received, a number will appear under "Pending." Following Amazon's confirmation of the order and the completion of the transaction, the pending order changes to "Premium unshipped," "Prime unshipped," or "Unshipped."

  1. Premium shipping: If you provide Amazon customers with quick shipping choices like overnight or express delivery, this is known as premium shipping. 
  2. Prime shipping: Orders sent through Seller Fulfilled Prime are eligible for Prime delivery.
  3. Unshipped: All other delivery options, such as USPS Media Mail or First Class, fall under the category of Unshipped.

2. Mobile Amazon Seller App:

When an order is prepared for shipping, you will be notified if you have the Amazon Seller Mobile app.

How To Ship From India To Other Countries?

How To Ship From India To Other Countries

In order to export from India abroad, you must adhere to certain procedures. The e-commerce landscape in the US and India is rather dissimilar. However, it is anticipated that India's e-commerce sector would grow and become competitive internationally.

However, there are certain procedures that one has to be aware of when it comes to international shipping because it may help you serve consumers all over the world. The actions that must be taken in order to transport goods internationally from India are as follows:

  • Origin handling for export haulage
  • Customs clearance for export
  • Ocean freight Customs clearance for imports
  • Location management

International Shipping: Import And Export Of Products:

This is the initial stage in the process of getting the goods from the shippers to the forwarders' locations. Typically, these goods are delivered via roads, railroads, or perhaps even both.

Transporting the Original Product Internationally:

This stage entails taking care of all the actual handling, inspection, and loading of the shipment at the warehouse of the suppliers. The procedure is coordinated by the freight forwarder.

Costs Of International Shipping By Ocean:

The freight forwarder arranged a shipping line to convey the cargo so they would arrive on time. The expenses of shipping between ports are included in this stage, along with other fees like currency adjustment factors and exchange rates.

International Shipping Customs, Taxes, And Duties:

This sort of official regulatory formality entails delivering legitimate documentation to the relevant authorities.

Product Handling at the Destination:

This stage entails moving the goods from the port to the final warehouse and then unloading it there.

Importing Haulage For International Shipping:

This completes the process of actually delivering the product to the recipient and then to the customer.

What Other Shipping Methods Should You Be Aware Of?

Other Shipping Methods Should You Be Aware Of

The prices and services that consumers can select at checkout are referred to as the shipping method. Here are some shipping options you should be familiar with and how to charge for them:

  • Charge a sum determined on weight, location, and delivery time
  • Free delivery
  • A set price regardless of the number of products ordered

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your International Shipping?

Here are some strategies for lowering your overseas shipping costs.

  • Discuss shipping costs with the carriers. These prices are frequently lower, and the savings soon mount up, particularly for international delivery.
  • If you can make your items fit into a smaller package, you can reduce the size and weight of your items for less expensive packing and save a lot on postage.
  • You may pick flat-rate shipping as well because it enables you to precisely load products in trucks while saving money.
  • Additionally, you may buy bulk shipping and packing items.
  • To reduce money, you may also switch from using boxes to polybags, but be careful not to transport fragile things in the latter.

What Are The Best Shipping Companies In India That Ship Products Worldwide?

What Are The Best Shipping Companies In India That Ship Products Worldwide

Here we have listed some of the top shipping companies that can help you transport goods throughout the world and are used by millions of people.

1. FedEx

One of the most well-known international shipping businesses, FedEx, is skilled at managing fragile things even when sending them overseas. It is worth the money invested because of the reasonable prices. They even use their first-rate climate control shipping services to convey temperature-sensitive goods.

2. Express Ecom

One of the top suppliers of logistics solutions is Ecom Express. It works effectively for both small and large e-commerce businesses. For businesses wishing to provide their clients with outstanding delivery services, they have made it a fantastic alternative.

3. DHL 

One of the reliable worldwide shipping businesses is DHL affiliate. To make sure that all deliveries are done safely and on schedule, they have excellent real-time monitoring and tracking information. They can also manage the delivery of dangerous goods like medicines or other businesses that use chemicals. It is an excellent option because they also prominently offer "next day" delivery in many different foreign regions.


A Mumbai-based corporation called DTDC offers shipping services in 240 different nations. You can use DTDC if you're looking for a reliable international courier to serve clients in India and beyond. They are renowned throughout India for providing quick mail and parcel delivery services.

5. Aramex

One of the most well-known international logistics and package transportation firms is Aramex, which has its headquarters in Dubai. It offers affordable shipping costs to any location in the world. For your demands and the size of your firm, they provide e-commerce solutions. They meticulously handle the delivery, making sure that your consumers receive the goods in a secure manner.

6. UPS

UPS offers first-rate domestic services as well as a worldwide courier with a network spanning more than 20 nations. It is adaptable enough to handle many shipping methods, including overnight transportation of hazardous materials or delivery alternatives with sophisticated tracking features.

Can I Ship Via Amazon Prime?

Can I Ship Via Amazon Prime

Selling through Amazon FBA has several advantages, one of which is the fact that many times your items are already eligible for Prime privileges. It follows that customers who use Amazon and are Prime members can purchase things and get them within a two to three day period. FBM merchants are not eligible for this advantage unless they are Seller Fulfilled Prime eligible.

A service called Seller Fulfilled Prime enables FBM vendors to offer items with the Prime badge from their own warehouse or fulfilment facility. Sellers that sell Prime have a greater chance of winning the Buy Box, contacting more consumers, and providing them with messages about a confirmed delivery date.

A seller must fill out an application in order to join Seller Fulfilled Prime. FBM merchants who are interested in Seller Fulfilled Prime will have to put their names on a waiting list as Amazon is not currently accepting any new applications.

What Tools Do Fbm Merchants Require For Shipping?

What Tools Do Fbm Merchants Require For Shipping

The shipping resources you will need to transport your items depending on the carrier and method you choose. Some shipping strategies, like USPS Flat Rate, need particular boxes that may be obtained for free from your local post office. Alternatively, you may have them brought right to your home.

Other approaches need bringing your own shipping supplies. We suggest:

  • Envelopes, boxes, etc.
  • Packaging supplies (air bags, brown paper, etc.)
  • Peel-and-stick postal labels
  • Printer
  • Scotch tape and packing tape

Where can I find supplies for shipping?

Where can I find supplies for shipping

While you may buy bulk shipping supplies from a wide range of shipping supply companies, here are a few that we suggest:

  • Uline

Things To Keep In Mind While Selling Your Products Through Amazon

Things To Keep In Mind While Selling Your Products Through Amazon

Here are a few things to take into account while selling your items through FBM, as recommended by Amazon's best practices guide.

1. Use Amazon's "Buy Shipping" function

Using Amazon's "Buy Shipment" function, one of the simplest methods to guarantee that your items arrive on time and have tracking numbers is to buy your shipping there. You have the choice to buy delivery straight from Amazon when someone orders one of your goods there.

Go to Orders > Manage Orders to see Amazon's "Buy Shipping" option. Then, next to the order you wish to send, click the "Buy Shipping" option. Verify and validate the information after that. 

2. Enhance the Product Images

We are all aware of the significant influence that pictures have on consumers' purchasing behaviour and how important they are to succeeding on Amazon. In a sense, it serves as the hook for your items. Your conversions from search might be made or broken by a high-quality product image.

Remember that there are specific picture specifications set forth by Amazon that you must abide by. However, what differentiates your offering is how you display it within those constraints.

The first step is to provide high-quality, clearly visible images since prospective purchasers want to see them. However, you must have enough variety if you want your goods and images to stand out. Your main image must show the object on a simple white backdrop. You must put more effort into the remaining picture slots if you want to stand out.

Example: In accordance with Amazon's specifications for product photography, the main image should only feature the object on a pristine white background. There are no images, drawings, stickers, or complementary products. Even while lifestyle images provide consumers with a more accurate impression of the goods and motivate them to act, it is still illegal.

3. Use Your Product Descriptions to Tell a Story

It is simple to see similarities across product listings on Amazon, especially in the manner that the descriptions of the products are presented. They generally include a lengthy list of the product's most significant attributes and characteristics in an effort to persuade the reader to buy.

You must take a fresh strategy if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition. Create your product description page such that it provides customers with stronger incentives to choose your offering over those of your rivals. Give specific instances of how the product may be utilised to enhance customers' lives or address their problems. Prioritize the advantages above the features. Personalizing your product descriptions, for instance, should be helpful to retain your customers' attention.

4. Make Good Use of Your Backend Search Terms

The most crucial keywords for your product should be included in your title, bullet points, and description. However, you may expand the backend search terms with other keywords. Fillers like "a," "by," or "for" should be avoided because they are useless. Do not use the same words again, even if they are in a critical phrase.

You would be better off saying "red shirt, blue shirt, green shirt" as opposed to "red shirt, blue shirt, green shirt." Also, omit commas! They will be deducted from your allotted 250 characters.

5. Put in place a flexible pricing strategy

Pricing is undoubtedly a key component of obtaining and maintaining a competitive position in the Amazon marketplace. Your choice of Amazon's selling strategy will undoubtedly be influenced by the stage your company is in. A manual, rule-based, or algorithmic approach is your choice.

1. The manual repricing technique is rather straightforward. Either through Amazon Seller Central or other websites that are similar, you would manually modify the pricing. Given the time it will take to manually reprice each product, this type of repricing is best effective for merchants with a limited number of items to sell.

2. Repricing according to rules modifies the price in response to rival sellers. Several predetermined guidelines can be used, all with the end aim of having the lowest price. Many people believe that using this repricing strategy will provide you with the most competitive price. By utilising computer algorithms that are based on all current market variables, algorithmic repricing enables sellers to determine an appropriate price. 

3. Algorithmic pricing: This style of repricing analyses a number of variables that influence the seller's likelihood of receiving the Buy Box. The fact that algorithmic pricing is based on real-time data and is not prejudiced like human pricing is one of its main advantages.

6. The Strength of 99

Numerous research has been done on how pricing and numbers might affect a buyer's choice. Products being offered at INR 259.99 or INR 1599.99 is not unusual.  Although there is nothing wrong with such rates, clients are aware of them as an old scam. They are made to believe that the price is INR 1 lower than it actually is as a result. 

Customers could think you are trying to trick them if you use this stale tactic. Have you ever seen a car ad where the truck is advertised as being available for less than INR 40,000 but the retail price is INR 39,999? This reasoning is also applicable. When you sell on Amazon, it benefits to stand out. Try experimenting with appealing strategies to set you out from the crowd.

7. Boost Traffic with Outstanding Content

You have probably heard the saying "content is king" before. Your product page may receive a tonne of traffic from excellent content. Curating social media networks is a wonderful place to start if you have not previously. An individual eCommerce website should come next. From there, you may promote your items in countless inventive ways. These platforms are excellent for growing a following of devoted clients. 

The solution experts at X-Cart can help you with anything eCommerce related if you are not sure where to begin. To move them through the marketing funnel should be the aim of this material. You begin by being aware and giving it some thought. You should only drive a consumer to your Amazon store when they are prepared to buy.

What Is a Better Way To Sell Than On Amazon?

What Is a Better Way To Sell Than On Amazon

An omnichannel eCommerce platform called Fynd Platform is available to anybody who wants to launch an online business or expand an existing one online. The Platform successfully addresses the difficulties that company owners have while launching their online ventures. 

It serves as an all-inclusive solution for the eCommerce website and enables sellers to quickly and affordably construct stunning online shops. It enables businesses to quickly build an online store, manage orders, and carry out marketing and publicity efforts for their target market. Let us examine in further detail some of the key advantages of utilising the Fynd Platform.

1. Building A Brand Website Only Takes A Few Hours

By following these simple steps, brands can develop a website in about 30 minutes:

Step 1: Upload the product catalogue 

Step 2: Decide on a topic

Step 3: Connect your personal domain

Step 4: Launch the brand website

2. Order Management System (Oms) Manages Orders From Various Channels

For all channels, Fynd Platform provides an integrated OMS. These are its advantages:

  • Time is saved through automation by avoiding the need to repeatedly enter details like client and delivery information.
  • Accurate reporting: Brands may use an OMS to track products in real-time from the point of purchase to the point of order delivery.
  • It is capable of supporting all channels, including physical stores, internet shops, marketplaces,

3. Utilize Analytics And Tracking To Gain Insightful Data

Do you find it difficult to monitor the expansion of your business? Do not fear; Fynd Platform includes analytical tools to effectively monitor your company.

Graphs and tables are used to present data and statistics from the shopping cart, order, and payment. They are also available in PDF and CSV formats.  Brands may leverage application tokens like Firebase, MoEngage, Segment, and GTM for application analytics.

4. Cutting-edge QR Features

If customers are hesitant to browse your items on a shared tablet. The store manager may then use the Fynd Store app's QR code feature to let the consumer peruse the product right from their mobile device. 

The merchant might print out the QR code and put it at any convenient location at their store. Because customers may inspect the goods not just in that specific location but also in any of the brand's sites across the nation, this straightforward contactless function effectively doubles the size of your store.

5. Easy Creation Of Marketplace Catalogues

Fynd vendors may quickly submit their product inventory to various online stores including:

  • Facebook
  • Amazon Merchant Center
  • Myntra
  • Fynd
  • Ajio

Based on it, advertising may be made and presented to their target clients to increase sales in the market.

6. Produce Personalised Coupon Codes

Brands may build discounts to draw in more customers with the use of Fynd Platform's 10+ distinct coupon or discount codes. Additionally, we provide completely customizable coupons to the companies in order to boost checkout rates and encourage customers to make larger purchases.

On the Fynd platform, brands can easily create various discount coupons such as:

  • X per cent value and X dollar amount
  • X % discount for bundles
  • Discount on the bundle total
  • Discount % for the bundle amount
  • Buy X products, get Y free.
  • Purchase X products for the full price.
  • Amount of the bulk bundle %
  • Bulk on the percentage discount for quality

7. Design A Targeted Email Campaign For Your Intended Audience

The built-in email campaign functionality enables you to easily establish a communication campaign for your target audience. There is no need for brands to spend money on a separate email marketing platform.

By following a few simple steps, you can rapidly start an email campaign on the Fynd Platform.

  • Pick your audience
  • Make a list of your audience
  • Make a template for an email
  • Create a brief link for the product promotion using the editor to compose the email's text.
  • complete the email campaign setup

8. The Built-in SMS Tool

Using built-in SMS technologies, Fynd Platform enables clients to keep informed about the status of their orders. Customers will receive an SMS as soon as they place or cancel a purchase, verifying the order status.

9. The Most Cost-Effective Subscription Model

A 30 minute website launch is made possible by Fynd Platform for a low monthly subscription fee of Rs 599. Brands can easily handle orders, payments, and logistics from a single dashboard while leaving payment and delivery in the hands of Fynd Platform.

Get the most in-demand features, such as a custom domain, the Fynd payment gateway, SSL certificates, email and SMS marketing, and much more, without paying any additional fees. You can easily view the cost-effective pricing options available to you.

10. Excellent Technical Assistance

While operating an online marketplace with an eCommerce shopping cart, brands may need technical support. You may reach customer service at any time through email priority support or email support since Fynd Platform provides technical help twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

11. Own Payment Gateway

For an eCommerce business to collect money from clients, maintaining an effective payment procedure is essential. Numerous payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and wallets, are supported by the Fynd Platform. Every subscription plan has its own payment gateway, which it also combines with a number of other payment gateways.

How Can I Start Selling At Fynd Platorm?

With Just 6 Simple Steps, You Can Start Selling On The Fynd Platform. Because the selling process has been as straightforward as possible for customer convenience, you may start selling on the Fynd platform right away even if you have never established a website. You may ask us to create an online store for you that is both user- and SEO-friendly!

The Fynd Platform allows small companies to sell their goods on well-known channels like WhatsApp. If you are not extremely computer literate, you might find the Fynd platform handy. If you adhere to the guidelines listed below, creating an internet website is simple:

1. First, sign in to your Fynd Platform account. You may easily create an account if you do not even have one. Visit right now to sign up.

First step of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

2. Verify whether a "+" icon is present next to the Sales Channel selection. then select New App from the Online Store.

Second step of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

3. After clicking Next, a page will appear where you can enter your information and select the content you wish to show on your website. 

Third step of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

4. Finding the domain name for your website is the fourth stage. From the list of probable possibilities, pick a domain name. That will be the website address for your shop.

Step of choosing Domain name of website.

5. After that, select "Digital" from the Category drop-down option in the Products column. After choosing the appropriate option, enter the course name. After that, include the course's product details. After that, give a brief description of your service.

Fifth step of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

6. In step six, press the Save button. Make sure there are enough photographs and that the content is clear.

Step sixth of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

In the case, you are offering a variety of things, repeat steps 5 and 6. You can send your store’s link to your potential customers via WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

Final Word

By following these simple instructions, you may sell your things on Amazon without having to worry about storage, choosing, packaging, or shipping, as well as customer queries. However, it might appear quite troublesome to go through so many steps.

However, there has never been a better moment to start selling than now with Fynd platform, and with just about everything going on around the globe right now. Even if you have decided to take up selling on Amazon, it will not harm to have Fynd platform as a backup strategy even if you opt to go with Amazon FBA full-time.

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What products may be sold on Amazon?

The answer varies according to the brand, category, and product. A Professional seller account is necessary for some categories, a Professional seller account is not required for others, and other categories contain items that cannot be sold by third-party sellers.

How to start selling on Amazon?

Amazon gives you the choice to sell one item or thousands with its two selling plans (Individual and Professional, although you may also think of them as regular and premium). Choose the plan that is most appropriate for your company before you start the registration process.

While sellers that use the Professional program which needs a payment of $39.99 each month, no matter the number of products that you have sold. If you are using the Individual one, you will be needed to pay USD 0.99 per purchase. The Professional package certainly makes sense if you sell upwards of 40 things per month. You may change your mind at any time, so don't stress if you choose the wrong one.

What you will require in order to begin selling on Amazon?

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Make sure you have access to the following in order to finish your registration:

  • Account and routing numbers for a bank
  • Credit card with charges
  • Tax information National IDs issued by the government
  • Call-in number

How much does selling on Amazon cost?

Depending on your marketing strategy and the kinds of things you offer, you may incur a variety of selling expenses.

Membership costs - Depending on the plan you choose, you must pay different costs for your selling plan. There is no per-item price and a fixed monthly fee of $39.99 for the professional selling plan. Each item sold on the Individual selling plan carries a $0.99 cost.

Fees for sales - Included in these per-item charges are variable closing costs, referral fees (which are based on a percentage of the selling price and change depending on the product type), and other expenses (which apply only to media categories).

Shipment charges - Order fulfilment fees from Amazon apply when you handle orders yourself. These shipping costs are determined by the buyer's choice of shipping provider and product category.

Fees for FBA - Order fulfilment, storage, and extra services are charged for items that Amazon fulfils on your behalf (this is referred to as Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA).

What are some tips for listing items?

Create a product listing before you can sell something on Amazon. Create a new listing or match an existing one if another seller is already offering the same goods on Amazon (if you are the first or only seller).

Depending on their selling strategy, vendors upload and list their items in different ways. Simply put: Individual sellers list items, while Professional sellers can list vast quantities of their products via bulk uploading or inventory management using third-party platforms.

Your product will be accessible to both B2C and B2B clients after you successfully list it. With only one account and no additional expenses, you may do this to expand the reach of your offerings.

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