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How to Sell on OLX in 2023 - Shipping, Delivery Pro & Cons (Step by Step Guide)

How to Sell on OLX in 2023 - Shipping, Delivery Pro & Cons (Step by Step Guide)

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Do you wish to sell or purchase products that are brand new or used? Placing an advertisement on the public listing site OLX is a way to do so. In this article, you will learn how to sell on OLX.

OLX allows users to publish free classified advertisements and sell or buy products at a reasonable price. Follow our detailed guide and discover a fantastic way to acquire or sell desired items.

As per, OLX ranks #1 Classifieds > eCommerce & Shopping websites (As seen in India), is at #82 on Website Rank of the Country, and at #1,021 in the global rankings of all websites. In May 2023, 28.9 million visitors visited the OLX official website.

So you are interested in selling through OLX India? Great. But, if you are wondering how to sell more regularly, how to attract more interested customers, and whether or not OLX advertising is worthwhile, read on. We will teach you how to sell on OLX and all you need to know is this article.

Since 2008 or 2009, OLX has been a popular name in India. It is one of the most popular places to post free online classified advertisements for everything from motorbikes to t-shirts.

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On the network, job postings and real estate listings are also fairly frequent. However, OLX is best recognised as a marketplace for pre-owned home goods. This site receives millions of advertisements every day.

But how do you go about selling on OLX India? Is it a smart idea for a company owner to offer their items on OLX? Are OLX classified advertisements any good? We will go over all you need to learn about selling at OLX in this post. Let us get started.

What Is OLX and How Does It Work?

The Full Form of OLX OnLine exchange, which was founded in 2006 and is based in Amsterdam, is a Dutch-based online marketplace. It was created as a Craigslist alternative for people living beyond the United States.

Wikipedia describes OLX as a location where you can buy and sell services and things including electronics, clothing, furniture, household goods, vehicles, and motorcycles.

According to reports, the network had 11 billion page views in 2014, 200 million monthly active users, 25 million listings, and 8.5 million monthly transactions.

OLX is a brand that is presently operational in the following countries -

  • Poland
  • Brazil
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Argentina
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bulgaria
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Kazakhstan
  • Peru
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

The OLX marketplace is a location where you can buy and sell services and things including electronics, clothes, furniture, household goods, vehicles, and motorcycles. Keep reading our article to find out how to sell on OLX.

The Story Of OLX - As Seen On Website

OLX likes to bring value to their consumers. Over 300 million individuals use our platforms every month to locate their perfect house, purchase or sell a car, find a great job, sell stuff they no longer need or get a great deal on something they need.

They also assist hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies in locating clients. They also believe in maintaining value within their organisation. To attain their maximum potential, they invest in themselves and each other. They avoid bureaucracy and encourage their workers to think beyond the box.

When making choices, they listen to a wide spectrum of viewpoints as part of their commitment to inclusiveness. They also mix the entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility of a startup with our worldwide size and the support of Prosus, one of the world's leading consumer internet companies.

Last but not least, they increase the value of our stakeholders' investments. They are proud of the beneficial impact they have on the environment by allowing more mindful consumption and assisting the globe in making the most of its finite resources via more efficient commerce. They are dedicated to their one mission - to shape the future of commerce to reveal the hidden worth in everything.

The Advantages of Selling Your Products Online

Any company's success depends on its ability to advertise online. People are increasingly using the internet in general, and OLX in particular, to research items and pricing before making final selections, or just to locate the greatest offer.

Chart of advantages of selling online.

This implies that a company cannot afford to ignore internet advertising because the majority of its consumers are likely to conduct their searches online. If effectively utilised, this modern-day advertising tool expands your customer base, generates new leads, expands your reach, and eventually helps you raise your earnings. Let us look at some of the pros and benefits of scheduling a digital campaign on OLX in more detail.

1. Staying on top of things

With over 13 million monthly visitors, it is impossible to go unnoticed online! Targeted display advertising keeps you top of mind. Their staff can assist you with increasing brand recognition, standing out from the crowd, increasing sales, and expanding your business.

2. Economically affordable

One of the most significant advantages of online advertising is its low cost. You do not need to spend a lot of money to market your products and services, unlike traditional advertising tactics. Online advertising is less expensive, more effective, and more quantifiable.

3. Helps you find your intended audience

They can help you locate the correct audience online. They focus on the people who are most likely to be engaged in what you have to offer. They gather information about their online users and create important user categories based on their participation and activity online. They may also interact with your audience by contextually targeting them based on their relevant category or sub-category.

This will also assist you in producing more leads and improving the effectiveness and profitability of your efforts. OLX features 13 main categories and over 70 subcategories.

4. Reach out to people at the beginning of their purchase process

Perhaps the most significant advantage of classifieds is that you will be able to contact folks who are just starting their search.

5. Flexibility of Ad Types

Online advertising is adaptable! It does not limit you to a single sort of ad. You have the flexibility to alter and adapt as you go. With the optimization tools you get, you may adjust your expenditure at any time, refresh your images, and change your target demographic as needed.

6. Data accessibility

Traditional (non-digital) campaigns can cost a lot of money and reach a lot of people, but the ROI is never known. Online advertising staff is always monitoring your campaign to track everything using quantitative metrics to determine its performance.

Some of the measures that can assist you to make an informed decision about the next action to take are -

  • The number of impressions, or how many times your ad was viewed on OLX, is the number of times your ad was seen.
  • CPC stands for cost per click. How much did a single click on your ad campaign cost you?
  • How many unique users have seen your ad?
  • CTR stands for click-through rate. What is the amount of clicks that an ad impression generates?
  • The percentage of visits that result in the intended action is known as the conversion rate.

7. Budgeting and Campaign Management

The diverse range of audience targeting choices online provides the answer you need to achieve your goals, whether they be for brand recognition or performance. It will work with you on your advertisements, get you set up, and monitor your reports for any holes that need to be filled, as well as design your digital campaigns around your brand strategy and positioning. But how to sell on OLX? Keep reading to find out.

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The OLX Business Model

If you are reading this, you are presumably aware that OLX is a classified advertising website. It is essentially an online platform that brings consumers and sellers together. Both parties begin by registering for an account. The next step is for the sellers to make adverts.

Consumers, on the other hand, go through the ads before making a purchase.

As per, 90 per cent of searchers have not yet decided on a brand before beginning their search. Thus you need to create your advertisements carefully, to leave a long-lasting and positive impact on your potential buyers.

It is up to OLX to guarantee that the platform gets a steady stream of traffic. Paid web ads and television commercials are their primary sources of traffic. And OLX does a fantastic job at generating traffic. OLX India's organic traffic increased by 40% in 2019 compared to prior years.

According to OLX India's CEO, the company has 50 million active users dispersed throughout 4000 cities across the country. When it comes to generating money, however, OLX does not follow the lead of other large classified sites. The monetization of Google advertising generates a significant amount of cash.

The firm collaborates with partners who, in turn, collaborate with Google as ad suppliers and middlemen. What can all this mean for you? To put it another way, there is no cost to sell on OLX. You take home any profit that you make.

OLX, on the other hand, has native adverts and aggressively supports sponsored ads. Your ad will gain greater reach and views if you enhance it. If you want to start a business or sell things regularly, you will need to use sponsored advertisements

As per Statista, E-commerce has become an integral aspect of the global retail landscape in recent years. Similar to many other industries, the retail sector, has gone through drastic changes ever since the internet was introduced, and due to the ongoing digitization of our modern life, shoppers from virtually every nation now profit from the comforts of online buys.

The amount of online shoppers increases every year with the growth of internet availability and usage at a quick pace throughout the globe. In 2020, nearly two billion individuals will have purchased goods or services online, with global e-commerce sales exceeding 4.2 trillion dollars.

How Do I Purchase Items On OLX?

If you want to buy instead of worrying, "How Do I Sell On OLX?" or "Can We Sell Clothes On OLX?" follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Search For The Perfect Product

First step of searching product on olx.

In the Search Box, type in the name of the product you want. For instance, mobile, furniture, electronics etc).

To get the best results, start your search with a concise summary of your desired product in just a few words. For example, instead of just iPhone, use the iPhone 13 pro max of 256 GB.

Step 2 - Choose Your Ideal Location

Choosing location on olx.

If you are asked, choose your location. Make sure you specify the proper state so the buyer and consumer may meet at a mutually suitable location. If the buyer is from another state or region, the transaction may be more challenging.

Step 3 - Read Through The Details

Reading proper details on olx.

Look through the products that are offered. Read the information provided and look at the photographs carefully to ensure that the product you are contemplating matches your needs and is reasonably priced. You may use the filters or conditions on the left side of the page to narrow down your search.

Step 4 - Contact The Vendor

Contacting vendor of product.

Contacting the vendor is the next step. If you see something you are interested in, contact the seller using the information provided. You may also schedule a meeting to inspect the item in person and determine whether it matches your needs. Meeting in public is a good idea, but be mindful that some merchants may be deceptive about their items. Before making a final decision, thoroughly investigate each prospective purchase.

Step 5 - Ensure that your item is in good working order

Final step on olx.

You need to ensure your item is still in good working order. When you receive your goods, examine them thoroughly for all of their components. When you are completely pleased with the condition of the product, you should purchase it.

How to Sell on Olx and Make Money?

Wondering how to sell on OLX? It all begins with placing an ad on OLX. Here is how to create your first OLX advertisement -

  • It is simple to post ads on OLX. Look for the "SELL" button at the bottom of your phone screen once you have finished signing up and setting your location.

  • To see a list of the categories, click on "SELL." OLX is adamant that you do this properly. You can not modify the category once your ad has been published.

  • Once you have decided on a category, make sure to note the brand, write a catchy headline, and include a detailed product description. Before drafting the description, you should try to come up with a compelling value proposition.

  • Is your product complete and ready to use? Is it protected under the manufacturer's guarantee? Is there any emotional importance to it? You want to emphasise the positive aspects. Deceptive product descriptions, on the other hand, are a major no-no.

  • Avoid making promises that are not to be kept. Take a good snapshot of your item. Take it in a well-lit environment and from a favourable perspective. Ads with 4 to 6 photos are more likely to perform well. However, 2 to 3 crisp, clear photographs are generally sufficient.

  • The price is the next step. Decide on a fair price. OLX has rigorous price limits. Your advertisement may be rejected if the pricing is too low or too expensive. Simply evaluate and publish your location after you have posted the pricing.

However, there is a catch. You can only post a certain amount of advertisements per category on OLX India. And, to be honest, such figures are insufficient. You can only place one mobile phone ad each month, for example. You will receive 2 free advertisements if you have furniture to sell (60 days renewal).

For further information, please visit the OLX India assistance centre. There is a method to repair this, but it will cost you money. You can purchase ad bundles based on the category of your goods. When you want additional advertisements, just select the plan that best suits your needs.

The number of adverts allowed after purchase would be much more realistic. Once your ad is online, you will start receiving inquiries from potential purchasers. You may contact or call them directly or chat with them on OLX. Please note that no transactions take place on the OLX platform.

OLX simply matches buyers and vendors. Following that, both parties are responsible for any transaction. This policy has both benefits and drawbacks.  We will get to that later.

How To Create Good Advertisements For Selling On OLX?

What is that one secret that sets your ad out from the rest? No, there is no secret formula, but there are some things that you may do to help. We will show you how to write captivating advertising that targets the correct customers in this article.

With the help of these suggestions, you may increase your click-through rate or CTR, as well as your campaign's quality score and thus your return on investment (ROI). Here are some suggestions -

1. Maintain The Relevance Of Your Ads

Using your clients' most frequent search query keywords in your ad titles and text is one method to boost relevancy. In an ad group, you may create many adverts. Each ad group can include up to 100 advertising (including active and stopped ads), which are shown in an even rotation by Microsoft Advertising.

Experiment with a range of ad names and content to see which words and phrases are most engaging to your target demographic. You may assist enhance your campaign ROI by eliminating the other advertisements from the ad group once you have found your most successful ad or two in regards to CTR and conversions.

2. Describe How Your Product Differs From Others

This is nothing more than Advertising 101. Customers acquire your goods for a variety of reasons. Is it a solution to a problem? Is it useful in terms of saving time or money? Or does it have distinguishing characteristics? For instance, if your product comes in many more colours than the competitors, you may include colour options in your advertisement.

3. Make Use Of Easy And Regular Language

Research your target audience's age group and gender, and then utilise that information to write your commercials. Use phrases and a tone of voice that will appeal to your average buyer.

Directly address your consumers. In your commercials, use the words "you" or "your" to make it seem like you are speaking directly to them. For instance, say “You are aware of what we are referring to.”

Make sure your visitors are qualified before they arrive. In your advertisements, use language that will assist you to attract actual potential buyers. If you primarily sell high-end items, for example, avoid using phrases like a discount, deal, or inexpensive. Make it obvious who your items are for in your ad. This can help you save money by removing clicks that are unlikely to result in sales.

4. Be As Precise As Possible

The more explicit and clear your offer, the better. Instead of "huge discounts," provide a specific percentage, such as "50 per cent off."

5. Have A Call To Action In Your Message

Make it easy for people to click on your ad right now. Encourage consumers to request a pamphlet or consultation, get a free e-book, sign up for a newsletter, or reap the benefits of a limited-time discount by using a specific call to action.

6. Make A Pricing List For Your Goods Or Service

Consider including the pricing in your ad if the service or product is reasonably priced. Make sure your ad connects to a destination page containing both the product (or service) and the pricing to assist your ad is approved.

What Are Some Things That You Must Avoid While Posting Advertisements?

1. Random capitalization is something to avoid - "Find GREAT bargains on sWiMsUiTs," for example.

2. Avoid excessive punctuation - "Great swimwear bargains!!!!" for example. "All styles are 50% off!!!"

3. Avoid misspelling and slang - "Tell your friends to get their swimsuitz here," for example.

4. Avoid misleading customers with your ad - "All goods are 20% discounted," for example. When just some of the things on the URL of the landing page you are connecting to are 20% discounted and not all goods.

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How to Increase OLX Buyers?

Consider OLX to be an online bazaar where buyers and sellers haggle before making a purchase. Once you have more prospective buyers, your chances of receiving a good price increase.

The first step is to create a compelling headline and product description. Before you write, consider your USP, as previously said. Do not conceal the defects, and do not exaggerate the positive aspects of your product. It is also important to have clear images.

However, on a network like OLX, where paid advertising is openly promoted, you can not afford to ignore native sponsored advertising. These are the easiest and most successful strategies to increase the number of people who see your content. There are a few different forms of OLX sponsored ads, which we have explained below -

Feature Advertising

When you enable feature advertisements, your ads will appear in the top spot for your selected keyword linked to your item, with a "featured" tag. According to OLX, a 30-day plan can reach up to ten times as many people as free advertisements. Even with a 7-day plan, you will get four times the views.

Boost to the Top Ads

When you post an ad on OLX, it will rank pretty high for a brief time. The OLX algorithm quickly replaces it with fresh, fresher adverts as the days pass. The lower your ad is placed, the fewer people will see it. Solution? Boost your advertising to the top of the page.

Once you have upgraded your ad, it will be treated as a new one and will rank higher. You may reach out to up to two times as many buyers.Aside from these two, you have the option of increasing your ad limitations. For further information, see the preceding part of this article.

You may look at the plans using your OLX app.Simply go to "My advertisements" and choose the ad you would want to promote. Then select "Sell quickly" from the drop-down menu.

You will see a list of packages from which to choose. All major credit cards, debit cards, Net banking, and UPI - India's most popular online payment methods - are accepted.Please keep in mind that ad packages vary by item category and area. The offer you receive in one area may not be available in other locations.

What Should You Do If Your Ad Is Rejected?

It usually does not take long for your adverts to get authorised. However, your ad may be rejected by OLX in specific situations. It can be aggravating.

What to do if ad is rejected.

OLX identified a few scenarios in which you can be rejected. Here is a quick rundown to save you some time and aggravation:

Prohibited Items

For ethical and business reasons, OLX does not allow you to sell certain items. College entrance paperwork, burglary tools, escort services, firecrackers, and human organs are just a few examples. Before you publish, have a look at their list of prohibited items.

Prices That Are Not Valid

OLX is motivated by self-interest to vigorously safeguard buyers and provide a pleasant purchase experience. It is part of their duty to keep an eye on the pricing of the listed items. The price of your item should fit the product category and condition, according to OLX.

Bad Title

Misleading titles, containing profanities, containing special characters, or including phone digits are all guaranteed ways to get rejected.

Bad Description

Your item description must include information such as functionality, product condition, colour, size, and other pertinent information. Any suggestion of hate speech, religious bias, derogatory phrases, or an unregistered phone number is enough to get your ad refused.

Duplicate Ad

If your ad title, photographs, or description are too similar to other advertising in your city, it will be rejected. Did you place a comparable ad within the last 30 days? You are unable to post the new one.

Invalid and Unsuitable Photos

Another significant no-no is the use of invalid and improper images. To begin, you must provide photographs of your item, not images of a similar but distinct product. Also, avoid photos with low resolution. Stock photos, photos with phone numbers, and indecent photos are all prohibited.

What Are The Common Issues That People Face With OLX's Business Model?

A women thinking about issues.

OLX is an excellent alternative for getting rid of one or two outdated goods. It is dependable. It does not charge dependent on how much money you make. You can sell some products even if you do not have any paid or sponsored ads.

OLX has a lot of shops that offer brand-new things. On the surface, it appears that OLX is working for them. Is it not enticing to get on the bandwagon?However, a closer examination reveals that not everything is rainbows and sunshine.

A Business Model That Is Not Flexible

A small business's existence is contingent on selecting the correct audience and providing excellent customer service. To accomplish so, you will need a lot of control over your marketing and the ability to reach out to the relevant people regularly.

If you are performing online marketing, you may use social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing to get the job done. Offline, the same may be done by forming networks, investing in outdoor advertising, and so on.

When you put all of your eggs in OLX's basket, you are effectively giving up all of your marketing strategy's flexibility in exchange for a little extra ease. Yes, you may use OLX to market your listings.

However, you will not be able to target the consumers you wish to attract. The return on investment will be significantly lower than that of sites such as Facebook and Instagram. You also will not be able to give your consumers any discounts or a tailored experience. If you want to stand out and develop, OLX will stifle your progress.

There Is No Organic Growth On Olx

A steady stream of quality free visitors is the lifeblood of any long-term business. This traffic is often generated by SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. You would have no possibility of growing your audience if you develop your business on OLX. In essence, you would be saying goodbye to any long-term free traffic. The only way to get visitors will be through OLX advertisements, which are nowhere near as flexible and long-lasting as Facebook ads or AdWords.

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Prevalence Of Scams

Any transaction is not the responsibility of OLX. The vendor and buyer agree on conditions outside of the site and conduct business. The merits of this paradigm are undeniable. It does, however, expose platform users to considerable risk.

Because transactions are conducted behind OLX's back, cybercriminals can prey on unwary individuals, particularly those with minimal online buying expertise. There are several horror stories on OLX about dodgy individuals who defrauded sellers and drained their bank accounts. Furthermore, the delivery procedure is outside your control. The customer did not always receive the goods after paying for them.

One may argue that such sad incidents are insignificant in comparison to the vast number of fantastic offers that occur every day. True. However, the statistics are still alarming, and fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated. If you know predators lurk in the murky water, why take chances?

Ultimately, selling on OLX as a company can only succeed if you use it as a supplement to your other marketing efforts. Despite its many advantages, OLX is limiting at times and draws undesirable individuals. There are better choices available.

Case Studies Of Scams On OLX

Police Capture Gang That Stole Rs 71,949

This report from gadgetsnow, speaks of a group of cyber criminals working on classified ad sites such as Olx that has been captured by the Delhi Police. After a victim reported losing Rs 71,949 while using Olx to buy a secondhand automobile, the cyber squad in Vivek Vihar nabbed the gang.

Scams on sites such as Olx, Quikr, and others have been going on for a while. Even some well-educated city dwellers have fallen prey to such con artists. It is important to note that these frauds have nothing to do with sites like Olx and Quikr. These frauds are mostly attributable to the general public's lack of knowledge of app-based payment systems and UPI.

Man Lost Rs 8 Lacs While Trying to Sell Cupboards On OLX

This report from the Times of India speaks of a man, by the name of Anand Krushnan, who was trying to sell a cupboard on OLX and had posted an advertisement for the same. However, soon a scam artist contacted him under the pretext of trying to buy his cupboard for RS. 7000.

The con artist sent an online link to Krushnan which was supposed to credit the money to his bank account, but instead of doing that, the link debited Rs. 96,000 from his bank account.

In An Olx Fraud, CM Kejriwal's Daughter Loses Rs 34,000

This report from India today tells you how Arvind Kejriwal's daughter was recently the victim of an internet scam in which she attempted to sell an old couch set on OLX but was defrauded of Rs 34,000 by an online con artist.

As startling as it may seem, these sorts of scams have grown frequent on e-commerce platforms, where fraudsters prey on customers' ignorance of online payments. The online marketplace OLX has been one of the most common targets of these frauds, with people from all around the country reporting being deceived on the platform.

What Is The Better Way to Sell Online?

Do not cut corners if you are running a small business and would like to sell online. Begin your web marketing campaign. Yes, it is more time-consuming than simply posting ads on OLX. A well-thought-out web marketing strategy, on the other hand, is long-lasting, adaptable, and useful.

Your website should, in theory, be your most valuable marketing asset. Consider it the hub that connects all of your other marketing platforms. Following that are social media, content marketing, paid advertisements, and email marketing.

These marketing platforms increase traffic and lead generation. Once your company is up and running, you can quickly grow it to meet rising demand. Let us take a quick look at each component of efficient web marketing.

Building Your Secure Website

Your website serves as both an internet address for your firm and a marketing lifeline. What is the significance of this?

But what should you consider creating your website?

  • Your website receives qualified visits from search engines as well as social media.
  • Your items, as well as your business information, may be listed on your website for people to see.
  • Most significantly, your website is used by 75% of consumers to assess your company's reputation.
  • Fraudulent behaviour is also reduced when you have a website. Your visitors will be able to transact without fear after you have set up secure online payments on your website.
  • You may use SEO to your advantage by generating links and improving your website content. Search engines send a steady stream of free visitors to a well-optimized website.

What are some things that you must keep in mind while creating your website?

The Website's Objective Must Be Clear

The user's criteria must be met by your website. On all pages, having a basic, obvious goal will allow people to interact using whatever you have to offer. What is the purpose of your website? 'How do you direct?' Is this a food blog site, or would you say you are selling anything to the customer? A website serves numerous objectives, the most essential of which are:

Hierarchy of Images

The most significant aspect of the visual hierarchy includes scale, shading, symbolism, contrasts, font, spacing, surface, and style. The creation of a point of convergence, which shows viewers where the essential data is, is one of the most important aspects of visual progression. Follow the following chart to know the laws of hierarchy -

Chart of laws of hierarchy.

When Creating A Website, Search Engine Optimization Is A Must

Web indexes can simply move through your website if it is SEO friendly. The better your site is at being found through search, the higher it will rank. When it comes to website design, a well-structured SEO strategy starts with meticulous preparation and research, yet incorporating SEO into website design may be difficult for most organisations.

  • Begin by keeping things simple and focusing on the essentials through interesting content. There is no way that one can overstate the significance of keyword research.
  • Have a well-organized sitemap and pay attention to details like alt text on images, titles on joins, and meta-labels.
  • Make sure there is not any extra code for the web indexes to get lost in. The best code is clean code.

Does this all sound like a bit too much to you? Thankfully, the Fynd platform is here for your rescue! The Dukaan app allows you to create a website from the ground up in 30 minutes. It is not simply a one-page website.

Rather, a website with all of the essential eCommerce capabilities, such as product listings, payment gateways, invoice generators, live chat, and email collecting forms, among others.

Marketing on Social Media

The biggest benefit of social media marketing is that you can simply identify and engage your target audience. You may use social media advertisements to narrow down your criteria so only your most loyal clients see the message.

It's one of the most effective strategies to raise brand recognition. When you run SMM and influencer programs on a routine basis, your target audience will begin to recognise your brand.

SMM may be extremely beneficial in the early stages of a website's development when there is very little traffic. To promote quality visitors, for example, you might enhance postings on social media. And, as you would have anticipated, qualified traffic converts at a far higher rate.

As per, 71 per cent of the worldwide population with Internet access use social media. Nearly three-quarters of persons with Internet access have at least one social networking account, with 52 per cent having two or more.

This implies that not only do your present and future consumers likely utilise social media, but they are also likely to use several platforms. So, if you are debating whether or not to create accounts on some of the major platforms, the chances are that your market is already there.

The typical Indian social media user spends 2.5 hours each day on social media, whereas the global average is 2.4 hours.

Statistic of time spend on social media.

Marketing with Content

The primary idea of content marketing is that by offering valuable/entertaining material, you earn trust (and hence more sales). It falls among the most beneficial marketing mediums.

When inbound visitors see the value you offer, they go out of their way to locate your content and engage with it. This generates a consistent stream of leads without having to spend a lot of money. To put it another way, your cost per lead plummets.

Furthermore, after observing your readers' enthusiasm for your content, search engines generate even more traffic. To put it another way, good content marketing boosts your SEO.

As per, Content marketing is used by 72 per cent of marketers. 30% of them have a documented content marketing plan, whereas 42% have an unstructured content marketing approach. Smaller firms do a better job of documenting their content plans, with 48 per cent doing so vs 41 per cent for bigger enterprises. Here we have listed a few tips on how you can improve your content marketing -

Ask the Appropriate Questions

Too many marketers create content for the sake of creating it. They are not wholly to blame. After all, content reigns supreme. You are doing things worse if you are in that group. According to the Harvard Business Review, you should ask yourself four key questions about content marketing -

  • What is the purpose of the content (what are your objectives for each item and campaign?
  • What value do you have to provide in exchange (do not bother if your material does not have at least perceived worth)?
  • What do you use as an anchor?
  • Is there a particular kind of experience that you look forward to providing?

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Produce the Right Kind of Content at the Right Time

There are way too many people who make use of online marketing as a catch-all term, simply making blog articles, pics and vlogs, and anything else into the mixture, in the false hope that "if you create it, people will come for it" mentality. Successful marketing, on the other hand, relies on getting the message to the correct people at the right time.

You will need to personalise content for every stage of your funnel or client journey to do this. The stuff they require at the outset differs significantly from that required at the conclusion.

Only 6% of marketers feel ebooks are useful at the purchase stage, despite 56 per cent believing they are beneficial at the awareness/interest stage. Case studies during the decision-making process? They get a thumbs up from 40% of people. At the very peak of your game, only 18 per cent is going to try that.

Have a Content Strategy in Place

Make a list, draw a diagram, and know exactly what you're doing, why you are doing it, and who you are doing it for. Ensure that everyone involved has a copy of your strategy.

Your strategy should also include advice on writing style, publishing frequency, and aesthetic features, among other things. You want to provide your prospects, leads, and customers with a consistent content experience.

The plan's basics may be boiled down to only seven steps:

  1. Objectives
  2. What is your one "thing" that makes you unique?
  3. Measurement
  4. Audiences
  5. Needs of the Audience
  6. Executions of Content
  7. Amplification of content

Investigate, argue, and write it down. Only 14 per cent of the least effective content marketers have a defined plan, whereas 65 per cent of the most successful have one.

Create Your Apps

When you provide your consumers with a personalised experience, they adore it. They have a sense of being heard and cared for. That is the most effective strategy to build a loyal consumer base.

Branded applications are the most effective at providing customised experiences. It is significantly quicker than your website. On top of that, it sends out personalised content and reminds customers to interact with your company.

Yes, developing your app is costly. Fynd Platform, on the other hand, can assist here as well. You may get your store APK after upgrading your Fynd Platform subscription.

Directly distribute your APK to your mailing list subscribers and social media followers so they can download and utilise it. Only when you have established these cornerstones of efficient web marketing can you try out an OLX listing. OLX is a great second option, however, do not make it your priority.

How To Sell On The Fynd Platform?

Information of Fynd app available on ios, android and web.

The process of selling on the Fynd platform has been kept extremely easy for your convenience so that you can start selling right away, even if you have no intense knowledge of how to build a website! You can leave the worries of creating a user-friendly and SEO-incorporated online store for you, to us!

Fynd Platform assists local companies in becoming digital and selling their products using current channels such as Whatsapp. Fynd platform can be useful, especially if you are not extremely tech-savvy.

You may simply create an online website by following the steps below:

‍Step 1: Log in to your account on Fynd Platform. You may easily make an account if you do not already have one. All you have to do is visit, and register in under a minute.

Step 1 of selling products online on Fynd platform.

Step 2: Look for a "+" icon next to the Sales Channel option. Then, under the Online Store, select New Application.

Step 2 of selling products online on Fynd Platform.

Step 3: A popup will appear, prompting you to enter your information, select what you wish to publish on your website, and then click Next.

Step 3 of selling products online on Fynd platform.

Step 4: Now look for the domain name of your website. Choose your domain name from the list of suggestions. That will be the internet address for your store.

Step 4 of selling products online on Fynd platform.

Step 5: Next, go over to the Products category and change the Type to "Digital." After that, choose the appropriate Department and then input the Course Name. Later, insert the course's Item Name.

Step 5 of selling products online on Fynd platform.

Step 6: To make it more enticing, add some photos or media, and then write a summary of your product. Then press the Save button. ‍Make sure that you have included lots of photos and put in an easy description.

Step 6 of selling product online on ynd platform.

If you have a variety of products to offer, repeat Steps 5 and 6. To obtain orders, just share the URL to the online store with clients over WhatsApp after the procedure is complete.

Case Studies Of Business Growth With The Fynd Platform

With Fynd, Ruosh Increased Their Omnichannel Sales By 300 Percent

Ruosh is a famous luxury footwear brand based in Bangalore, India. Ruosh has swiftly increased its footprint across key account channels, with 35 company-owned stores across 13 cities and 300+ places of sale, including all major Indian e-commerce platforms.

The firm, which is committed to innovation, comfort, and craftsmanship, has seen a 300 percent increase in multichannel sales since the first epidemic wave (July 2020 to July 2021).

What has the Fynd platform done?

In June 2018, Ruosh teamed up with Fynd. Since then, Fynd has played a key role in helping Ruosh expand and stabilise its business by offering ground-breaking technology solutions and overcoming a variety of problems.

Roush's omnichannel approach was improved by multi-stockpoint connections on their company website and third-party markets. Over the last three years, there has been a significant shift in the impact of omnichannel business, fueled by Fynd -

Fynd assigns a Growth Manager to each brand to help them grow through activities including frequent business review calls, stock health sanity checks, discount planning insights, and daily store operations checks. All of this, as well as other tailored offers, has had a significant influence on Ruosh. These measures assisted Ruosh in tackling the below-mentioned challenging issues, in addition to achieving a milestone sale of 1 crore in November 2020.

How Spykar's Omnichannel Shift Resulted In A 200 Percent Boost In Sales

Spykar, a major denim brand in India, was founded in 1992 with a passion for design innovation and a desire to stay up with an ever-changing dynamic global fashion market for today's 'Young & Restless' generation.

Spykar operates via franchisees, but unlike huge retailers, they partner with smaller independent establishments to serve a younger demographic of customers. The company also sells online through partner agencies that retain stock in warehouses, such as Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Tata CLiQ, Nykaa, Ajio, and others.

The necessity to make systematic modifications to their omnichannel selling approach emerged as a result of the conversations. This included altering how they engaged and worked with markets and franchisees, eliminating intermediaries to improve inventory management, and gaining ultimate control.

Fynd's team talked with Spykar about possible options, which led to them strategizing their omnichannel transition. We divided this stage into two parts: identifying clear objectives for what we intended to accomplish, and then gradually incorporating the necessary modifications into the model without disrupting present sales.


Thus we have covered how to sell on OLX in our article. OLX is one of India's most popular classified websites. It's incredibly simple to get started selling on that site. Simply post your adverts, toss some money in the pot, and wait for buyers to respond. OLX is a great place to sell your used stuff on occasion.

However, OLX is not the ideal option for selling your products or services online as a company. In that situation, you should focus on developing an efficient web marketing strategy and using OLX as a backup plan.

Maximize Festive Season Sales With Fynd Platform

Learn from the masters and cracks the code to festive season sales success with Fynd Platform's Festive Readiness Guide

hero image

What is the kind of deliveries offered by OLX?

OLX may provide two sorts of services, depending on the country: home deliveries, when the courier business picks up the item at the seller's location and delivers it to the buyer's doorstep; and store-to-store deliveries.

Is selling and buying on OLX safe?

OLX understands the significance of safe dealing, and its website has a wealth of advice about what to do and what not to do while selling and buying on online marketplaces. Follow their advice to avoid being scammed, and always check to see whether the merchant has excellent feedback. The majority of the time, the deals go well and both parties are satisfied. However, we recommend using a safe website such as Fynd Platform for a safer and more secure selling journey.

How to sell on OLX and accept cash on delivery?

arrow down

It depends on the terms of your payment arrangement with the OLX seller as well as the delivery option you select. If the seller accepts, all you have to do now is check to see if the postal service or courier business conveying the goods allows it. Keep in mind that paying cash on delivery (COD) frequently entails an extra shipping price.

Will OLX handle my shipping as well?

OLX offers a variety of delivery alternatives that vary per country. The platform, on the other hand, does not manage the shipment. The customer is still responsible for booking shipping, packing, and sending the things.

How can I know if the shipment was sent or not?

The simplest approach to find out is to contact the OLX vendor directly and inquire if your item was sent. If your item was dispatched with a trackable service and the seller-provided the courier company with your email address or phone number, you will most likely get shipment updates through email or SMS.

How long will the shipment delivery take?

Domestic deliveries are typically quick, taking between one and three working days based on the region and delivery provider selected. Your overseas commerce takes a few extra days depending on the route.

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