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How to create a website in 30 minutes?

How to create a website in 30 minutes?

As a business entrepreneur, it's imperative to take your business where your customers are. The retail landscape has seen a huge shift from retail stores to e-commerce marketplaces and now brands are creating their own website. With Covid-19 wreaking havoc, it becomes important that brands don’t rely on only one source for business.

Fynd Platform enables all brands-from homepreneurs to enterprises, to take their business online. While this might seem like a tedious process to many, using Fynd Platform brands can just plug and play their products and start selling online!

To begin, the first thing you need is a mobile number/email address for an easy signup process. You are then required to fill in your business details:

  • Your business name, address
  • Your GST/Pan card details
  • Your brand logo (Not compulsory, you can always fill this later)

Once you fill in the above details you are one step closer to creating your dream website. There are multiple things that you can do once you enter the platform. To break it down for you:

1) Add your first product:

  • Fynd Platform allows brands to add products in two ways. The first option, you can import bulk products either through an Excel or CSV sheet with various attributes and parameters to be filled. Fynd Platform has real-time inventory integration which makes it easy for brands to upload their product!
  • The second option, you can also manually add your products + images through an easy-to-fill form. There are pre-defined categories already integrated so you just need to choose through the drop-down menu.
  • Fynd Platform allows unlimited products irrespective of the plan you choose.

2) Add your sales channel

  • Your sales channel is the window to the catalog/inventory/analytics/themes/communication of your website. When adding your sales channel, choose a free domain by Fynd Platform or integrate your own domain name
  • You can then go to Themes and choose how you would like to structure your website. There are multiple free and paid themes on Fynd Platform that can help you create your dream website

3) Add your team

  • Whether you are a one-woman/man army running the show or have team members, Fynd Platform allows you to invite multiple people and give them exclusive access to your dashboard. You can add people as staff or admin. No one can enter your space unless you give them access.

Once your website is up, use the following tools to ensure greater success of brands and customers alike:

Logistics Integration:

Fynd Platform helps in-house logistics integration. Any time any order comes to the brand, we automatically assign the order to the lowest costing delivery partner

Payment Gateway Integration:

Fynd Platform is associated with major payment gateway channels like RazorPay, JusPay and Stripe. This helps brands collect payment for their orders in terms of Credit Card/Debit Card/Wallets/Pay Later and more

Communications Integration:

As brands, you need to ensure that your customers receive communications on time. You can use Fynd Platform’s in-house marketing tools like SMS and Emailers to send communication messages to all your brands!

Analytics Integration:

Brands can integrate 3rd party applications like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. to make informed data-driven decisions.

Fynd Platform offers brands an entire suite to take their business online. The entire platform is designed to help entrepreneurs with simplified solutions that amplify their business reach. You can request for a demo and our team shall reach out to you!


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