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Using Bulk Coupons Generator Extension


Bulk Coupons Generator will help you generate coupons in bulk for sales campaigns for your sales channel. The same can be updated by using this extension. You can also export generated coupon codes for further usage. For a coupon-set maximum of 50,000 coupon codes can be generated.

Steps to use Bulk Coupons Generator Extension

  1. Go to Extensions in Fynd Platform.


    Figure 1: Extensions Section

  2. Click Bulk Coupons Generator extension.


    Figure 2: Bulk Coupons Generator Extension


    Once you have installed this extension, it will be available in the list here.

  3. Select desired sales channel. Here, we have selected 'Fuschia Vine Designs'.


    Figure 3: Selecting Desired Sales Channel

  4. Click Create Coupon Set.


    Figure 4: Clicking Create Coupon Set Button

  5. Click desired coupon type you wish to create in bulk in Select Coupons Type window. Here, we have selected X Percentage Value (Refer Figure 5).

  6. Click Select & Proceed.


    Figure 5: Clicking Select & Proceed Button

  7. Fill the details appropriately.


    Figure 6a: Set Settings

    • Set Settings
      • Prefix - Provide suitable prefix value for your coupon set. For e.g., flat_x.
      • Number of coupons - Enter the number of coupons that you wish to create. For e.g., 3, 10, 50, etc.


    Maximum limit for number of coupons is 50,000.


    Figure 6b: Details

    • Details
      • Title - Enter the name of the coupon which will be displayed under Offers & Coupons on the cart page.
      • Subtitle - Enter the subtitle of the coupon. This is mandatory but it won't be displayed.
      • Description - (Optional) A brief description of the coupon.
      • Platforms - Tick the checkbox to decide on what user platforms the coupon will be eligible. For e.g., Web, Android, iOS.
      • Currency - Select the currency for which this coupon set is intended. For e.g., a coupon that gives a discount of 1000, should specify whether it is 1000 rupees, 1000 dollars, or any other currency.


    Figure 6c: Options, Applicable On and Restrictions

    • Options
      • Percentage Value - Enter the value that defines the percentage discount of the coupon.
      • Max. Discount Amount - Enter the maximum amount of discount available for the coupon.
      • Min. Cart Value - Enter the minimum amount for cart value to avail the coupon.
    • Applicable On - Here, one can decide where the coupon will be applicable. It can be either applicable to a particular brand, category, collection, store, seller or all of them.
    • Restrictions
      • Max. Uses - Select this to enter the maximum number of times this coupon can be used.
      • Min. Item Price - Select this to enter the minimum price per item.
      • Max. Item Price - Select this to enter the maximum price per item.


    Figure 6d: Restrictions Options

    • User specific restrictions - Restrictions for registered and anonymous users. For registered users, you can decide:
      • Max. Usage Per Customer - Enter the number of times a customer can use this coupon.
      • For User Registered After - Only those users who have registered after this date will be eligible for the coupon.
    • Other restrictions
      • Allow order return - If checked, a customer will be able to return the items purchased after applying a coupon. If unchecked, the customer won't be able to return those items.
      • Allow order cancellation - If checked, a customer will be able to cancel the items purchased after applying a coupon. If unchecked, the customer won't be able to cancel those items.
    • Payment Mode - You can restrict the coupon eligibility to a payment mode. For e.g., you can allow the coupon to be applicable for a purchase made using netbanking and wallet, but not cash on delivery.
    • Ordering Store - If you have physical stores where customers can place orders, you can choose the stores on which the coupon should apply. Moreover, such coupon would work only if the deployment store option is enabled in the settings. Click here to know more about the deployment store settings.


    Figure 6e: Schedule Options

    • Schedule
      • Live Now - Choose this option to make coupon live immediately.
      • Schedule Later - Choose the Start time to live the coupon and End time to inactive the same.

  8. Click Create.


    Figure 7: Clicking Create Button

    In this way, your coupon-set is created successfully.


    Figure 8: Coupon Set Status


    Figure 9: Live Coupon Set

  9. Go to Coupons in Marketing section of your sales channel in Fynd Platform.


    Figure 10: Coupons Section in Sales Channel

    You will see the list of coupons that we created in bulk by using this extension.


    Figure 11: Bulk Coupons

  10. Click a particular coupon.

  11. Edit Title, Subtitle, and Description for the coupon. Also, you can edit other details like Percentage Value, Max. Discount Amount, Min. Cart Value, and so on.


    Figure 12: Title, Subtitle and Description

  12. Tick the checkbox Show on coupon list present in Other restrictions section (Refer Figure 13). As a reasult, coupons will be visible under Offers & Coupons on the cart page of your website.

  13. Click Save.


    Figure 13: Clicking Save Button

    Repeat the steps 10 to 13 for rest of the coupons.

  14. Go to Offers & Coupons on the cart page of your website.


    Figure 14: Offers & Coupons on Cart Page

Final Output

You will see the list of coupons for customers to avail discount at the time of purchase on your website.


Figure 15: List of Bulk Coupons Created