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Versioning Theme

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A Theme can have multiple versions. Whenever a new feature is implemented in a theme, theme developers can increase the version of the theme. Themes follow semantic versioning, so based on the magnitude of the change there can be a major, minor, or patch version increment. Versions help in adding new features to the child themes since whenever a new version of a parent theme is synced all the child themes of that theme get an option to upgrade themselves to the latest version. However, this is optional. Store owners can also preview the changes in the new version before upgrading. When a version of the theme is upgraded the child themes inherit system pages, custom pages, available sections, global configurations of the parent theme.

Upgrade theme version

Using NPM

Since themes use semantic versioning developers can use npm version commands to change the version of the theme. Refer npm docs for more info.

Using package.json

You can also manually change the version from package.json by updating the version key in the file.