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Knowing how to debug the errors in the theme is important as it helps in speeding up the development process. Most of the syntax errors are shown in the terminal along with a stack trace for you to know the exact cause of the error, however, sometimes the error message might not tell the complete story. Below are a few things that might help you while building your theme

  • Check whether you are setting the current environment before running any command. To know your current environment run fdk current-env.
  • Check your browser console and terminal for errors.
  • Verify if you are using the correct context.
  • Below is a list of error codes that are thrown by the CLI with their description
    • FDK-001 - Current directory is not a theme directory
    • FDK-002 - Context not set
    • FDK-003 - API server error
    • FDK-004 - Something went wrong
    • FDK-005 - Invalid options passed
  • Sometimes errors might not be displayed properly in SSR, in that case, try serving your theme with SSR disabled
  • All commands have an --verbose option to enable verbose logging. These logs are dumped in to debug.log file which can be helpful for debugging any issue.
  • Always keep your CLI up to date as new features and bugs are resolved in every release. Whenever a new version has been released a prompt is shown in the terminal after a command executes successfully.