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Process of Extension Review Submission

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Before you submit your extension, please check the following things:

  • Verify that the extension meets our basic requirements and follows Fynd policy. This will ease your extension's review.
  • Make sure your extension is adequately documented in light of the fact that many of your users might not be as computer savvy as you are. Create a guide that is accessible for users of all levels of experience. Document any third-party services that your extension needs to function properly.
  • For extensions that need test credentials to function, include them in the Review Instructions of the Review Details section.
  • Please check the basic content before submitting such as
    • Video - Describing the extension to the user
    • Features - Clearly indicating the pointers/USP of the extension
    • Screenshot - Snapshot of extension setup UI and Pricing plan
  • Check your extension for errors and bugs on a development account before submitting it for review.


  • Fynd reviews your extension when you submit it to ensure that it meets our basic requirements.
  • Upon submitting the extension, the user will get an email communication saying Thank you for submitting [your extension name] to Fynd.
  • The extension will be approved if it meets our requirements. Please note that if your extension requires changes that prevent us from reviewing it, then you will receive an email that contains the subject: Important: Your extension review has been rejected. As soon as you have made the necessary changes to your extension, you can resubmit it via your Partner Dashboard.

Contact during the review process

You will be contacted at the email address you specified when you created the extension during the submission review process. Please add to the sender's list in your email service provider's settings so you can receive our emails.

What to expect when submitting an extension to Fynd

Upon submitting your extension, Fynd will send you an email entitled Thank you for submitting [your extension name]. A confirmation email will include your expected review date as well as some frequently asked questions. When you receive this email, this means that your extension is pending for review.


The wait time for extension reviews vary. For example, Subscription extensions require a longer review time.

How does the review process work?


Figure 1: Extension Review Flowchart

  • Your extension passes through different states: Submitted, Correction Required, In Review, and Live. You can see these states in your extension listing dashboard.
  • When you submit your public extension for screening, it moves into the review stage. You receive an email titled Thank you for submitting [your extension name] to Fynd. When you receive this email, your extension is marked as Submitted in your extension listing dashboard.
  • We will flag your extension submission as Correction Required with the details if it requires changes. The email is titled Important: Your extension review has been rejected, which describes the modifications that must be made before resubmitting the extension. If you receive this email, your extension listing dashboard marks it as Correction Required. Having updated your extension, you can resubmit it through the Partner Dashboard. When you do so, it will be evaluated as a new submission.
  • Once we've confirmed it meets all the Fynd extension requirements, we'll approve the extension. A confirmation email is sent to you when your extension has been approved titled [Your extension name] has been approved on Fynd. Following the email you receive, your extension is marked as Live in your extension listing dashboard, and it appears on the Fynd Extension page.