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Shipment Details

Video: Checking the shipment details

In the list of shipments, these are the columns present:

  • Channel - The sales channel website on which the customer placed an order
  • Shipment ID - ID of the shipment
  • Price - Value of the shipment
  • Type - Depending on the delivery type, Standard Delivery, Same Day Delivery, Express Delivery, are some of the tags
  • Status - The current status of the unfulfilled shipment
  • Items - Shows the images of products and count of items in the shipment
  • Pack By - Shows you the time limit within which you must pack the shipment. If SLA is breached, it shows in red along with the time gone by after failure to meet the deadline. If SLA is not breached, it shows in green along with the time left to pack the shipment.

Please note, when you open a shipment, it opens the same view as you saw in Order Details. As and when a shipment is processed, new details appear in the form of additional tabs such as Fulfilment Details, Invoice Details, and Delivery Details(check video).

Before invoicing, you can also change the DP and re-configure the packaging material dimensions before packing the order.


When package dimensions are changed manually for shipments for which the DP is assigned already, the system automatically updates the DP cancellation status associated with the shipment. Following the status update, the DP is reassigned to the shipment, optimising logistics processing.