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Order Details

Video: Checking the order details

In the list of orders, these are the columns present:

  • Channel - The sales channel website on which the customer placed an order
  • Order ID/Shipment ID - ID of the customer's order/shipment

The column can be either Order ID or Shipment based on the chosen view.

  • Price - Value of the entire order
  • Shipments - For ease of shipping, an order might get divided into multiple shipments. It shows the number of shipments in the order.
  • Tags - Shows tags such as Standard Delivery, Express Delivery, One Day Delivery, and many more
  • Items - Total sum of products present in all the shipments

At the top menu, you will find several selections to help you filter and manage your orders:

  1. Search Type: Choose the filter type you wish to use for searching through your orders.
  2. Search by: Enter the relevant number or name for your search.

Seller can conduct searches using the last six digits of both order IDs and shipment IDs

  1. Date Range: Specify the timeframe within which orders were placed.
  2. Fulfillment Location: Select the location to view orders fulfilled from that location.
  3. Sort by: Select the criterion by which you wish to arrange your orders. Orders can be sorted based on either Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or Order dates.
  4. View: Choose a particular view type.
  5. Filter: Apply primary filters to refine your order list.
  6. Download: You can download the filtered list of orders for further reference or analysis.
  7. Order Error Log: The error log table contains columns displaying the associated sales channel, order ID, its total value, and a user-friendly response message. To access the complete log, click the Order Error Log button. This action will display the payload for the error, providing additional information.

Cross Company Orders: By default, cross-company orders are excluded from the list. Turn on the toggle to opt-in to see these orders. The toggle is initially set to OFF, meaning cross-company orders are hidden. You can switch it ON to reveal only these orders.


Figure 1: My Orders Home Page

Once you open an order from the list, you can see the shipments on the left-hand side and full information about the order on the right-hand side. It includes:

  • Order Details - Shows the order ID, date on which the customer placed the order, website URL, and order value
  • Customer Note - Shows the request note entered by the customer on the cart page before checkout
  • Payment Method - Shows payment method opted by the customer for payment, e.g. COD, Netbanking, Card, etc.
  • Shipping Details - Address of the recipient of the order
  • Billing Details - Address of the person who placed the order (generally same as shipping details)
  • User Details - The name, contact number, and email ID of the person who placed the order
  • Fulfilment Details - Shows the selling locations of your company from where the order was placed
  • Invoice Details - Shows details of order invoice
  • Delivery Details - Shows delivery details of your shipment such as AWB, tracking URL, delivery partner and turn around time.

When self-shipment is permissible for a sales channel, the delivery partner option for self-shipment is automatically selected as self ship.


Figure 2: Self Ship