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General Queries

How do I do the cataloguing?

It is possible to upload products in bulk. You need to add all the product information in an Excel sheet, for which you can download a sample file from Fynd Platform. Once done, you can upload the Excel and your catalogue will be visible on Fynd Platform.

I want to do email marketing but I don't know where and how to start.

Email marketing is a great medium to endorse your products and services. We will train you and your team before the final handover.

Can I integrate my delivery partner on Fynd Platform?

Yes, we can integrate a delivery partner of your choice at an additional cost. For your convenience, we already have the best delivery partners, including those that offer hyperlocal services.

With so many competitors in the market, such as Shopify and Wix, why should I choose Fynd Platform?

As the name suggests, we're offering a 'platform'. It includes features that are beyond the common services offered by competitors. Besides, merchants coming to us, often cite the issues they face with other e-commerce solution providers. Taxation problems, payment gateway issues, lack of marketing and support, and poor integrations are some drawbacks that discourage the merchants.

Can you help me design my website?

Our platform has fully featured websites with user-friendly themes. However, we have partnered with trusted agencies and freelancers who can help you create websites, do cataloguing, and many more.

I don't wish to use the existing themes, can I integrate my own customized theme?

Yes, you can do it with the help of a Fynd Partner.

How does your pricing stand amongst competitors?

Shopify has pricing that starts somewhere around 2100 - 2200 INR. There, a commission of 2.5% is given to the payment gateway; however, Fynd does it by itself. Moreover, our standard packages start from ₹599. We also offer weekly payouts of the amount via Bank Transfer.

How do you assign a delivery partner to fulfill an order?

We have two criteria: A DP that offers the lowest cost, and a DP that is immediately available to fulfill the order.

Is shipping cost included in the pricing?

No, shipping cost is separate from the pricing plan, and it is as per the rate card.

Do you do international deliveries?

It is possible, but INR is the only currency we deal with. So far, we have catered to Indian consumers, but you can ship international orders by yourself if you can.

Is there any penalty if I cancel a customer's order?

No, we don't impose any penalty for cancelling an order. But we encourage you to avoid such scenarios to the best of your ability to minimize customer grievances.

Can I add my existing customer database for Email and SMS marketing?

Yes. You can add your existing customer details in the Audience page under Communication section.

Can you help me with social media marketing?

Although we don't do social media marketing, we have Fynd Partners who can help you with the same.

How can I do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for my website?

We offer built-in tools to increase your visibility in search engine results. Apart from that, you can use Pattern SEO (an external tool), and if you need help with advanced SEO, Fynd Partners are there to help you.

How much do payment gateways generally charge?

It differs between 2 to 2.5% of the total amount.

Can I integrate my own payment gateway? How will the commercials change?

Yes. Brands can integrate their Razorpay account. We will take a 1% commission and the subscription fee starts from ₹5000 (excluding GST).

Why is the transaction fees high?

Because it includes the payment gateway charges.

I don’t have a GST number right now but I have a PAN number. Will I be able to service the orders I receive?

Yes, you can register with your PAN card, but then, we can only deliver orders in your state. If you would like to accept orders from all over India, you will have to handle the delivery yourself. However, we would like to add that you can get your GST registration done from one of our Fynd Partners in the meantime.

Are themes dependent on pricing plans? Will I get more themes in a higher plan?

No. You get all the themes in every plan.

What if I don't want to continue with Fynd Platform?

You can choose to discontinue our services but you need to pay for the entire month you have decided to terminate the association. Following that, you will not be charged from the next month. If it is a discounted/bi-annual/annual plan, we won't be able to provide any reimbursement.

Can I use or transfer the website once I discontinue Fynd Platform?

No. The website will cease to exist after you discontinue with Fynd Platform.

What are all the modes of payment a brand can use to pay for Fynd Platform plans? Please mention in case of monthly, bi-annually and annually.

Brands can subscribe using their credit card or make a pre-payment for 6 months or 12 months. They can pay directly via a digital invoice with their debit/credit card or make a bank transfer.

What payment gateway is integrated with Fynd Platform?

We use Stripe and Razorpay as our payment gateway.

What is the payment cycle like?

The subscription fee needs to be paid by the brands every month. The sales revenue is transferred to the brand after 7 days and after deducting our transaction fees.

Generally how much do brands have to spend on marketing? And what do agencies charge?

For performance marketing, agencies charge around 30-40k, whereas, freelancers charge around 15k. This is separate from the budget you set for running ads. Social media agencies charge around 20-50k per month. Therefore, freelancers are cost-effective.

Do you have a “Shop our Instagram” plugin?

Brand or agency has to create an extension for the same, because we don't have the functionality right now.

Do you help brands with the sourcing of products/packaging or manufacturers?

No. We don't source products.

How do I change the prices of products, let's say on an occasion or a festival?

We have a Partial Update option. Click here to know more.

If I have a theme built on Shopify, can I shift that theme to Fynd Platform?

Our theme engine works differently; therefore, you have to develop the theme on our theme engine. However, you can reuse the HTML and CSS code of your earlier theme up to a certain extent.

When sellers have more than one brand - can they manage multiple brands from the same dashboard even if they want to create multiple websites?

Yes. Sellers can manage both a multi-designer brand as well as a company with multiple brands and websites (sales channels).

Do you provide Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics?

Yes, they are available for free on Fynd Platform.