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Support Ticket



Customers raise queries to you by filling a form, following which, a support ticket is generated for you to resolve. Get notified whenever a new ticket is created or when an existing ticket is updated.

Supported Type

  • Create
  • Update


"event": {
"id": "f8MQDLeODXLwlMY1rw855sKPJrwrBefu0868isjpLiY=",
"name": "support-ticket",
"type": "create",
"version": "1",
"category": "company",
"trace_id": [
"created_timestamp": 1653029059655
"payload": {
"type": "create",
"ticket": {
"_id": "628738c32f8f1508095d031f",
"tags": [],
"source": "platform_panel",
"status": "pending",
"content": {
"title": "Test",
"attachments": [
"type": "image",
"value": "",
"display": "image_file"
"description": "PHA+V2ViaG9vayBjcmVhdGU8L3A+"
"category": "product",
"priority": "low",
"created_at": "2022-05-20T06:44:19.527Z",
"created_by": {
"_id": "5fce04bfee521cfa0017300b",
"last_name": "Mourya",
"first_name": "Satyenkumar"
"updated_at": "2022-05-20T06:44:19.527Z"
"contains": [
"company_id": 1

Object Properties

contentobjectContains title, base 64 encoded description (HTML), and list of attachments
statusstringDescribes the status of the ticket. Possible values: pending, in_progress, resolved, closed
prioritystringDescribes the priority of the ticket. Possible values: low, medium, high, urgent
tagsarrayArray of string describing relevant tag to the ticket
_idstringUnique string used for retrieving and updating the ticket
categoryobjectThe category for which the ticket is raised, e.g. Catalogue, Collection, Product, Logistics, etc.
created_byobjectContains description of user who created the ticket
created_atdate-stringTicket creation time
updated_atdate-stringTicket last updation time