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Search Engine Optimization, abbreviated as SEO, is the process of making a website show up on the web search results. Get notified whenever someone modifies the app details, robots.txt, custom meta tags, or sitemap configuration.

Supported Type

  • Update


"title":"A.projeKt by Asmita Kala",
"description":"Contemporary Indian wear for women. \nContact: +91 9414007777"
"robots_txt":"User-agent: *\nDisallow: /dashboard/\nDisallow: /order/\nDisallow: /address_book/\nDisallow: /return/\nDisallow: /wishlist/\nDisallow: /cart/\nDisallow: /checkout/\nDisallow: /thankyou/\n\nSitemap:",
"name":"ahref domain verification",
"content":"<meta name=\"ahrefs-site-verification\" content=\"8fd0bc49d8b5e677c269c63c354380428d5bef1d6f9ae62f455ba058ad8b4d01\">\n",

Object Properties

appStringID of the application to which the SEO is related
robots_txtStringContent of /robots.txt file
sitemap_enabledBooleanShows whether the sitemap is enabled for exposing all the URLs of the application to web crawlers/bots
custom_meta_tagsArrayList of custom meta tags that are injected in HTML and used by crawlers/bots
detailsObjectApplication-level SEO details containing the "title" and "description" that would show up on the web search results