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How to generate OAuth Client ID and Secret for 3rd-Party

How to access on Fynd Platform

Introduction to Platform Client

For building and integrating your business with 3rd-party clients such as developers and agencies, you have to generate an OAuth credential, i.e., Client ID and Client Secret. Once you share the credentials with the 3rd-party clients, they can generate an access token, and start consuming the Platform APIs to develop features and utilities for your business.

Generate client OAuth credentials

Video: How To Get Client OAuth for 3rd-Party

  1. In the APIs and SDKs section, go to the Client tab and click the Create Client button.

  2. Enter the Client Name for whom you are creating the credentials.

  3. (Optional) Add a brief description and tags.

  4. Assign company-level and application-level (sales channel) permissions.


    Be mindful of the permissions you grant to the client to prevent unauthorised access. Once saved, you can't edit them again.

  5. Click Save.

The Client ID and Client Secret will be available for you to share with your 3rd-party clients.

Generate token using client credentials

Clients can use the code given in the following snippet to generate a token. The generated token will be unique and will have all the information related to the permissions and roles granted to the user of the token. For security reasons, it's recommended that clients generate a token with limited validity, and issue it to the developers to prevent any misuse.

Once the token is available, clients can utilise SDK libraries and call SDK methods to build custom solutions for merchants. Click here to know more.