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Add Myntra

How to access on Fynd Platform

First, you need to export your catalogue to Myntra. Check Exporting Catalogue and Inventory.

  1. Enter your Myntra marketplace credentials.


Figure 1: Enter Myntra Marketplace Login

  1. After a successful login, the Myntra marketplace will be added in the list of sales channels. As shown below, you will have to get the following sections for Myntra marketplace:


Figure 2: Myntra Configuration

Myntra Settings

You will get the settings page for enabling the Myntra marketplace.


Figure 3: Myntra Settings

  1. Marketplace Credentials: These are your credentials provided by Myntra, which you used for login.
  2. Inventory Configurations: You can use this if you wish to automatically send your inventory and price updates to Myntra.
    1. Quantity Sync: Enable this to sync the quantities of all your products with Myntra. Let's say, the quantity of a t-shirt is 25 nos as per your inventory on Fynd Platform, the same quantity (25) will be displayed on Myntra.
    2. Price Sync: Enable this to sync the price of all your products with Myntra, e.g., price of a t-shirt is ₹299 as per your inventory on Fynd Platform, the same price (₹299) will be displayed on Myntra.

Inventory sync is automatic. However, if you feel that your inventory updates aren't reflecting on Myntra, you can manually trigger the sync by clicking the 'Kebab' menu as shown below.


Figure 4: Manually Triggering Inventory Sync

  1. Selling Locations: Here, you can map your selling locations with those at Myntra. You can view a list of all your selling locations that you have registered on Fynd Platform. The data of your selling locations, such as Name, Store Type, Store Code and City will be as-is on Fynd Platform. Myntra provides you the Myntra Store ID for your selling locations and you will have to provide the Processing SLA. Make sure you map the correct values while typing the marketplace ID for your respective selling locations.

What is SLA? SLA refers to a contract that stipulates all the terms and conditions between the seller (you) and the marketplace (Myntra). In this case, it is specifically about the agreed time taken by you to dispatch your product with the courier once an order has been placed on Myntra, e.g. 2 days.

As an alternative, you can use the Download option to download a CSV file, fill the seller mapping (done above) and upload it using the Upload option.

Once you have performed the seller mapping, click the Save button at the top-right corner (as shown in fig. 3).

Myntra Products

Now it's time to map your products. Click the Add Mapping button.


Figure 5: Add Product Mapping

Search the product you want to sell on Myntra.


Figure 6: Search your Product

Fill the Myntra marketplace identifier: Myntra SKU.


Figure 7: Fill the Marketplace ID

Myntra provides you these details if you have exported your catalogue to Myntra.


Figure 8: Save Product Mapping

  • You can even activate or deactivate a product by using the toggle button.
  • As an alternative, you can use the **Download** option to download a CSV file, fill the product mapping (done above) and upload it using the **Bulk Upload** option.


Figure 9: Activate/Deactivate Products

Now, you can start selling on Myntra!


Figure 10: Product Available on Myntra

Myntra Reports

You can view a detailed Inventory and Order reports under the Reports section, as shown below:


Figure 11: Inventory and Order Report