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Keyword Mapping

How to access on Fynd Platform


Here, you can assign a word or a group of words to a specially curated list of items. Your customers will get the desired search result by simply entering the keyword on your website.

How to do Keyword Mapping for your Products

Edit Keyword Mapping


Figure 1: Configure the Keyword Mapping Feature

  1. Words - You can assign more than one keyword. A keyword can be any word or a group of words, e.g., shirts under 999, smartphones with 16MP camera, etc.
  2. Filter - Here, you should choose one or more filters to find the desired products, e.g., category filter, price filter, department filter, etc.
  3. Configuring the filter - Enter or choose the filter value. For example, in price filter type 999, in category filter choose T-shirts.
  4. Sort - Choose the default sorting method for the search results, e.g., High Price to Low Price.
  5. Test your keyword - Save the keyword mapping and test it live. Check how the keyword will work for your customers.