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The Home Page is your starting point for navigating the Fynd Platform App. It provides a clear understanding of the key sections for sellers, users, and business owners looking to build their online store. Whether you're a first-time user or returning, this is where you begin.

Step-by-Step Journey (For New Business Accounts)

Your journey through the app will follow these steps


Figure 1

After completing the steps in the above journey, you'll find the analytics and the following sections on your Home page.

Quick Tips

  • Click the 👁️ icon to preview your online store.
  • Tap the 🔔 icon to check notifications.


Figure 2

Sales Channel Selection

At the top of the Home Page, you'll find your Sales Channel name with a dropdown arrow. Use this to switch between multiple sales channels and manage it seamlessly.


Figure 3


Figure 4

1. Home

Start your journey on the Fynd Platform with the Home Page, where you'll find the Analytics Section first.

2. Products

Manage your basic, advanced, and inventory details. You can add, create, delete, view products, brands, and more.

3. Orders (OMS)

Efficiently manage your orders on the Fynd Platform App. This is your guide to navigating the Order Management System (OMS).

4. Manage

Here, you can manage your store, storefront themes, legal policies, social handle linking, and manage store details.

5. Account

In this section, you can switch between different accounts, manage and edit your business account settings, handle finances and payments (invoices, payouts, and subscriptions), adjust your profile settings, and access help and support.

This Navigation Bar serves as a brief introduction to the Fynd Platform app's main sections. For more detailed information, explore each section individually through their dedicated guides. Happy exploring!