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Setup Your Business

New User Onboarding

In the first step of setting up your business on the Fynd Platform App, we're here to guide you through the process.

Enter Business Details

  • Enter Business Name, for example: Homo Shopiens.
  • Enter Business Email, for example:
  • Click Continue.


Figure 1


These details will be used in generating your Fynd domain. If you wish to incorporate your custom domain, please contact our customer support once you've logged in.

Verify Your Business

  • Enter your PAN Number as shown in the figure 2.


Figure 2


Your business will be verified only once you enter a valid PAN number.

Add Your Business Address

  • Click Add Address.
  • A map will appear. Search your location in the Map.


Figure 3

  • Click Confirm Location.

  • Enter Complete Address (business). This address will also serve as the pickup location for deliveries.

  • Enter Landmark (optional field).

  • Pin Code, City and State will be auto selected from the location you added from the map.

  • Click Save & Proceed.


Figure 4


If you need help with multiple locations or a different pickup address, our customer support team will assist you.


Users can either permit the app to automatically detect their location or manually search for it using the search bar. For example: ‘Andheri East'.

Existing User: Create Business Account

To create new business account, follow the instruction given below:

  1. Go to Accounts.


Figure 5

  1. Click on your Profile as shown in the figure 6.


Figure 6

  1. Click Create New Business Account.


Figure 7