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Export Catalogue

You can download your entire catalogue or part of your catalogue in a zip file.

  1. Go to the Products section in Fynd Platform, and click on Export.


    Figure 1: Export Button

  1. Click on Product.


    Figure 2: Choosing Product Export

  1. Use the download link to get your existing catalogue files in a format used by Fynd Platform. A zip file will be downloaded, extract it to get all the catalogue files.


    Figure 3a: Downloading All Catalogue Files

Open the required catalogue file for editing.


Figure 3b: Downloaded Catalogue Files (within a zip file)


If you don't need all the catalogue files, and you want to download products belonging to a specific brand or template, click on Fynd Platform (instead of the download link shown in fig. 3a) and generate the required catalogue using the filters - Template, Brand and File type.

If you are using the export feature to download and edit the existing products, you can use the Import Feature to upload it back.