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What is FDK CLI

FDK CLI helps in building themes and extensions for the Fynd Platform. It helps you with the development & publishing of themes.

This document explains how to use FDK CLI for theme development. To learn how to use FDK CLI for extension development, see FDK CLI for extensions.


FDK CLI accelerates your theme development process with the following features:

  • Preview & test changes of themes before syncing
  • Hot reloading whenever changes are detected
  • Initialize a new theme using Emerge theme as a starting point
  • Sync theme to your application


To learn how to install FDK CLI refer to Install FDK CLI.

Getting Started#

Review the getting started with FDK CLI guide to learn about topics including:

  • Requirements for using FDK CLI
  • Authenticating the CLI
  • Creating a new theme
  • Previewing a theme
  • Syncing a theme

Command Reference#

FDK CLI offers basic commands for authenticating and for creating extensions, and specific commands for theme and extension development.

  • FDK CLI core commands reference
  • FDK CLI theme commands reference
  • FDK CLI extension commands reference

Contributing to FDK CLI#

FDK CLI is open source. Learn how to contribute to our GitHub repository.

More help#

  • Open a GitHub issue - To report bugs or request new features, open an issue in the FDK CLI repository.