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Share Action Component

  • Tag:
    • fdk-share
  • Description:
    • This displays the shareable QR code and the various social links to share the cart, product or listing with any other person.


share_linkstringstore link to be shared
cartShareLinkfunctionhandler to generate share link on cart page, this returns a link
getShareLinkfunctionhandler to generate share link on product description or listing pages, this returns a link
generateQRCodefunctionhandler to generate shareable QR code of page URL, this returns a svg image
  • cartShareLink
    • Params:
      • uid => Bag ID to be passed
      • eid => Employee ID to be passed
    • Example:
      • cartShareLink(uid, eid)
  • getShareLink
    • Params:
      • url => url of the page of which shareable link will be generated (url of Product description and listing pages)
    • Example:
      • getShareLink(url)
  • generateQRCode
    • Params:
      • url => URL to be passed to generate QR code
    • Example:
      • generateQRCode(url)


in the following manner you can use this fdk-share action component

<template slot-scope="share">
<div @click="getShareLink(share)">
<fdk-inline-svg :src="'share'"></fdk-inline-svg>
<transition name="fade">
:title="`Spread the shopping delight! Scan QR`"