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This action component is used to perform cart actions including, adding items to cart, updating cart items, removing cart items, removing coupons, applying removing rewards points, updating cart meta information including employee details and GST number and comments.


addToCartfunctionit is used to add items to cart, list of objects of item is passed as parameter in the function
updateCartfunctionit is used to increase or decrease items quantity in cart, object of item is passed as parameter
removeCartfunctionit is used to remove item with any quantity from cart, object of item is passed as parameter
updateCartMetafunctionit is used to update the cart meta information including comments, gst details and employee name, meta information is passed as body along with bag id
updateRewardsPointsfunctionit is used to add or remove user's rewards point
removeCouponfunctionit is used to remove applied coupon, bag id is passed as parameter
updateCheckoutModefunctionit is used to add or remove checkout mode, checkout mode is passed along with bag id as parameter


<template slot-scope="cart">