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This action component is used to get the user’s account related information including is user logged in or not, user name and other details including email, number, etc.


user_dataobjectgrimlock user related data including the name, contact info. etc.
is_logged_inbooleanis the user logged in to the application or not
openLoginfunctionhandler to open the grimlock login page
openRegisterfunctionhandler to open register page
openForgotPasswordfunctionhandler to open forgot password page
openHomePagefunctionhandler to open home page
updateProfilefunctionEdit the user profile{first_name,email,gender,last_name,mobile,register_token}
signOutfunctionhandler to Logout from application
signInfunctionlogin user with username/mobile and password{is_redirection,password,username}
sendOtpfunctionsend otp to user login with mobile otp{mobile,country_code}
resendOtpfunctionresend otp to user login with mobile otp{mobile,country_code,token,action}
signInWithOtpfunctionsignin the user login with mobile otp{is_redirection,request_id,otp}
signUpfunctionregister user to application{first_name,last_name,gender,email,phone,password,register_token}
setPasswordfunctionset new password to registered user{password,code}
sendResetPasswordEmailfunctionsend forgot password email to user email id{email,captcha_code}
resendVerifyMobileOtpfunctionresend the registered user mobile otp{mobile,country_code,token,action}
resendVerifyEmailOtpfunctionresend the registered user email otp{email,register_token,token,action}
verifyMobileOtpfunctionverify the registered user mobile otp{request_id,register_token,otp,is_email_verified,is_redirection}
verifyEmailOtpfunctionverify the registered user email otp{otp,email,register_token,action,is_mobile_verified,is_redirection}
facebookfunctionlogin user with facebook as social login
googlefunctionlogin user with google as social login


you can use this action component taking the reference from following code block:

<template slot-scope="accountsData">
//user code