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What is Fynd Seller?
  • Fynd Seller is an omnichannel platform by Fynd, that provides unique integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain.
  • What is Pendency report?
  • The Pendency report contains the summary of orders that are placed but not yet packed or dispatched. Fynd will send this report to the stores reminding them to fulfil them (orders should be in packed status before the processing time or the marketplace will penalise them)
  • What is the Tata CLiQ Operational Process?
  • Coming soon...
  • What metrics are displayed on the order dashboard?
  • The order dashboard has the following: bags confirmed, to be picked, to be delivered, orders cancelled, return and RTO details. It shows the order processing data summary for the last 30 days.
  • What is meant by a locked order?
  • Orders or shipments that don’t have desired status or the information required for processing will be locked by Fynd (the seller will see that the order is locked). The seller won't be able to perform any action on that order till it is in locked status.
  • Why is order creation failing on Fynd Platform?
  • If the Store/SKU is not mapped or if the inventory is not live on Fynd Platform then the order creation will fail.
  • What are the various sections of the Fynd OMS?
    The sections are
  • Order manager: This section shows all the orders and the stages they are in i.e. new, confirmed, to be packed, ready for dispatch and escalations. You can navigate to individual tabs to check the order details.
  • Exports: Here you can check and download the bulk invoice and the manifest for the orders.
  • Returns: This tab shows the returns that are in transit and the returns received
  • History: This tab shows the order history, you can search for an order by entering any of the following - order ID, invoice ID, shipment ID, return ID etc.
  • Operational metrics: Here you can see all the overall metrics, store pendency, delivery partner pendency, returns and inward pending details. You can navigate to individual tabs to see the specifics.
  • Order metrics: This tab displays the order details - Orders placed, bags cancelled, pending store, pending delivery partner, in transit, delivered, RTO delivered, returned, lost/deadstock.
  • API support: coming soon...
  • What is meant by SPF policy?
  • It is the Seller Protection Fund policy. It explains the return process, T&C for registering claims, payout flow etc for the sellers if they receive the returns in damaged/unacceptable manner.
  • Explain the Tata CLiQ SPF policy
  • Refer to the following document Tata CLiQ SPF Policy

  • What SLA metrics are considered while taking actionable on stores?
  • The following metrics are considered: rejection percentage, aging, seller cancellations, SLA breach percentage, and order success rate.
  • What are Tata CLiQ's SLA metrics for sellers?

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