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Available States

PlacedOrder is placed but not confirmed by the store
Store reassignedOrder is rejected by the currently assigned store and the order is reassigned to another store
Bag confirmedStore has confirmed the availability of bag
Bag invoicedStore has prepared the invoice of the confirmed bag
Bag not confirmedStore doesn't have all the bags and store reassignment is pending
Bag not packedStore is yet to pack the bag
Bag packedStore has packed the bag and is awaiting for pickup by the delivery partner
Bag pickedDelivery partner has collected the packed bag from the store
Cancelled FyndBag was cancelled because the product was unavailable/price mismatch/closed
Cancelled customerCustomer cancelled a bag in the order or the whole order
DP assignedDelivery partner is assigned after the bag is invoiced
DP not assignedDelivery Partner yet to be assigned for picking the confirmed bag
DeadstockStore didn't accept the return and it lies in the deadstock
Deadstock defectiveReturned item is defective
Delivery doneDelivery partner has delivered the order to the customer
Handed over to DGPacked bag is handed over to the delivery guy
Out for deliveryBag is out for delivery to the customer
Out for pickupDelivery partner is out for picking the returned item from the customer
RTO bag acceptedBag accepted by the store after failed delivery attempts by the delivery partner
RTO in transitBag sent back to the store after failed delivery attempts by the delivery partner
Refund approvedRefund is accepted after cancellation or return by the customer
Refund initiatedRefund process has initiated after cancellation or return by the customer
Return DP assignedDelivery partner is assigned after a return is initiated
Return acceptedReturn request for the bag is approved by the store
Return bag deliveredDelivery partner has delivered the returned bag to the store
Return bag in transitReturned bag on the way to the store after being picked up from the customer
Return bag not deliveredStore is yet to receive the returned bag
Return bag pickedDelivery partner picked the return bag from the customer
Return completedStore has received the returned bag and has issued a refund
Return initiatedReceived when the customer initiates a return request
Return not acceptedStore has refused to accept the returned item
Return rejectedReturn cancelled by the customer or RTO is unavailable