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Bulk Processing


In the previous section, we have seen the order processing lifecycle of a single order. In reality, a seller has to deal with multiple orders and it is not convenient to process them one at a time. Bulk processing helps to process multiple orders together. You can perform the following operations:

  1. Update the order status using the picklist
  2. Generate invoices of confirmed orders and cancel the unconfirmed ones


Figure 1: Bulk Operations


Use the picklist for updating the status of multiple shipments from one state to another, for e.g. New to Confirmed, Processing to DP assigned, etc.

Video: Using the Picklist in OMS

Bulk Invoices#

An invoice contains a list of purchased items along with the price breakup, GST details, sender and recipient of the shipment.


Figure 2: Generating Invoices In Bulk


Figure 3: Sample POS Invoice


Figure 4: Sample A4 Invoice


Manifest is a document that contains all the details of the number of shipping packages exchanged. It acts as a proof of handover when handing a bulk of shipments over to a courier. Generally, it contains a Shipping ID, AWB Number, Delivery Partner, Channel and Affiliate Shipment ID.


Figure 5: Generating Manifests In Bulk


Figure 6: Sample Manifest


Once you click Bulk Invoices or Manifest, a PDF file is generated and will be available for download in the Exports section.


Figure 7: Download Bulk Invoices In PDF


Figure 8: Download Bulk Manifests In PDF


This is the help section to assist you in navigating and using the OMS.