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Abandoned Checkouts


Here you can view the checkouts that people forfeited at the payment stage while making a purchase.

How to access on Fynd Platform

Main Screen#


Figure 1: Abandoned Checkouts Page - Main Screen

List of Abandoned Checkouts#

Except marketplaces, every sales channel within Fynd Platform has an Abandoned Checkouts section.


Figure 2: Page Intro

You'll get the following data on the page:

  • A date range filter
  • List of customers along with their name, email ID and phone number (if available)
  • The value of items added to the cart by an individual
  • The total number of carts abandoned during the specified date range
  • The total value of potential sales lost during that period
  • An Export button to download the entire list in a CSV file

Also, you can view the products added to the cart as shown below.


Figure 3: Products Abandoned In The Cart


Retargeting is the process of bringing back the people who bounced off your website. Once you have downloaded the CSV file using the Export button, you can use the CSV file to build an audience list whom you can retarget.


Figure 4: Exported CSV File

On Fynd Platform, you can create retargeting strategies using the following features:

Majority of these will require you to create and run a campaign to compel your audience to return to your website.