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How to access on Fynd Platform


This section is to broadcast information to your customers on any page of the website. Customize the text, its colour and background, for the announcement. Moreover, you can select the platforms on which the announcement would appear; such as Android, iOS or Web.

Main Screen


Figure 1: Announcements - Main Screen


Figure 2: Announcements - Main Screen Intro

In this document, you will learn more about:

Creating an Announcement

How to create an announcement

  • Click on Create (refer fig. 1).

Let's create a simple announcement indicating that the cash-on-delivery payments cannot be availed during the Christmas sale.


Figure 3: Create Announcement

  1. Markdown Editor - This is a simple text editor. You can format the text using Markdown language.
  2. Preview - This is the final preview of the announcement.


Figure 4: Content and Preview

  1. Title - Name of the announcement that will help the readers to identify what the announcement is about.
  2. Platforms - Checkbox for the following platforms; Web, Android and iOS. You can choose on which platform you wish to display the announcement.
  3. Text Color - Color of the announcement text. In this case, we have selected violet color.
  4. Background Color - Color of the announcement box. In this case, we have selected pink color.
  5. Visible on pages - Select one or more pages of your website on which you want to display this announcement. In this case, we have selected the cart page.


Figure 5: Live Announcement on Cart Page

Announcement Styles

You can display an announcement in various styles. We will list out a few for your reference:

  1. Scrolling Text - Use <marquee> tag to create a moving announcement.


    Figure 6: Using Marquee Tag


    Figure 7: Result

  1. Center Text - Use <center> tag to create a static announcement.


    Figure 8: Using Center Tag


    Figure 9: Result