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How to access on Fynd Platform


Here, you can manage the features to be displayed across product listing and product description page.

Order Quantity

  • Minimum Quantity - Enter the least quantity necessary to move on with the cart. For e.g., 1.
  • Maximum Quantity - Enter the maximum limit for the product quantity that can be added in the cart. For e.g., if you set value 5, then the customer will not be allowed to add more than 5 quantities of this product.
  • Increment Unit - Enter the number of quantities that get incremented/decremented at once for each adjustment.

Website SEO

Fynd Platform allows you to add SEO information to every product you create. Add a title and description that should be visible in the search engine results when people search for your product.

Alternative Text for Media

Enter alternative text for each image/media of a product on your website.

Cash On Delivery

Turn ON the toggle button to enable cash on delivery (COD) option for this product at checkout.


If one of the product in your cart has cash on delivery (COD) option disabled in Fynd Platform, then the COD option will not be visible for the whole cart.

Gift Option

Turn ON the toggle button to enable the option of adding this product as a gift at checkout.