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Legal Documents


In this section, you may write policies pertaining to shipping, returns, privacy and other terms & conditions for using your application.


Figure 1: Legal Documents - Main Screen

How to access on Fynd Platform

There are primarily four legal documents:

  1. Privacy Policy - A privacy policy is one of the most important documents on any website. It mentions the procedures that are performed on the data collected from the visitors of the website.
  2. Terms & Conditions - This is an agreement that consists of rules and guidelines that users must agree and follow in order to use and access your application.
  3. Shipping Policy - A shipping policy informs the customers about how you ship your goods, including the shipping cost, handling time and delivery restrictions.
  4. Returns Policy - A return policy is a set of rules that are applicable for returning or exchanging goods that are considered undesirable by the customer.

The procedure of writing all the documents is same. You will have to write and format your content in a Markdown editor. Let's look at an example below:


Figure 2: Terms & Conditions in Markdown


Figure 3: Terms & Conditions shown to the User