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About Arlo

Introducing Arlo Theme

A sophisticated and versatile theme designed to enhance your website's aesthetics and functionality. With its sleek and modern design, Arlo brings a touch of elegance while ensuring an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Elevate your online presence with Arlo's exceptional features that empower you to create a captivating digital storefront and connect with your audience effortlessly. Whether you are showcasing products, sharing stories, or engaging with customers, Arlo offers the tools you need to make a lasting impression.

Figure 1: Arlo Theme

Arlo comes equipped with cutting-edge capabilities that provide numerous benefits for your online platform:

  • Deliver a smooth and delightful shopping journey for your visitors.
  • Infuse your brand's identity into your products by leveraging responsive design and customisable elements.
  • Enable customers to control product quantities directly from the product description page.
  • Craft a personalised 404 (Page not found) message to enhance user experience.
  • Optimise the checkout process using our integrated one-page cart system.
  • Experience the innovative image preview feature on the Product Detail Page (PDP), offering a fullscreen or scrollable full-page view for enhanced visual exploration.
  • Navigate the new Cart flyover effortlessly, complete with quantity adjustments, product removal, and clear Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons for smooth cart and checkout access.
  • Additionally, it provides a transparent price breakdown.
  • Tailor the 'About Us' page to align with your unique requirements and brand identity.
  • Dynamic button states—hover, active, and disabled—are intelligently determined based on the primary and secondary colours from your chosen colour palette.
  • Transform wish list items directly into cart contents, with options to customise directly from the product page.
  • Experience a bespoke My Account section: Users can conveniently manage and categorise their addresses, labeling them as "home," "friends," or other designations, and differentiate between default and alternative addresses.
  • Offer enhanced order customisation through prominent "Track Order" buttons.
  • Seamlessly set or remove addresses as default with the included CTAs within the address listing.
  • Configure adaptable Breadcrumbs on both the Product Description Page (PDP) and Product Listing Page (PLP) to enhance navigation and user orientation.

With Arlo, you're not only acquiring a theme but also a powerful tool to elevate your online presence. Make the most of its comprehensive features to create a website that reflects your brand's essence and engages your audience effectively.