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Customer List

How to access on Fynd Platform


This section is for viewing the information of the registered customers. Contact details such as email ID and phone number are available to the staff for any correspondence. Additionally, individual staff can search their customers and view their date of registration, thus leading a pro-active customer service.

Main Screen


Figure 1: Customers - Main Screen


Figure 2: Customers - Main Screen Intro

In this document, you will learn more about the Customer Details.

Customer Details

You can view the list of registered customers, as shown in fig. 1. Click on any of them and view their details as shown below.


Figure 3: Customers Details

The entire customer information is segregated into 8 sections.

  • Basic - It contains primary information like name, number and email ID.

  • Rewards - It displays the reward points accumulated by the customer through referral and sign-in. Moreover, it shows a 'Points History' along with an option to block or unblock user in case of any malpractice.

  • Payment Options -

    • Cash On Delivery (COD) - Turn ON the toggle button to enable cash on delivery (COD) option at checkout for a customer.

    • Current Available Limit - It is the total COD limit available for each user. Initially, its value is fetched from the field Total COD Limit Per User (Path: Platform Panel → Sales Channel (select application) → Settings → Cart & Payments → Payment Options) of your Fynd Platform. It varies whenever a user places an order and is calculated as Current Available Limit (post-order) = Current Available Limit (pre-order) - Total Order Value.

      OrdersTotal Order ValueCurrent Available Limit (pre-order)Current Available Limit (post-order)
      Order 1₹2,000₹50,000₹48,000
      Order 2₹5,000₹48,000₹43,000
      Order 3₹3,000₹43,000₹40,000

  • Feedback - (WIP) Ratings and reviews provided by the customer for the product, order processing and delivery.

  • Timeline - WIP

  • Devices - (WIP) A list of all the devices through which the customer has logged in.

  • Notes - WIP

  • Orders - (WIP) A list of all the past and current orders placed by the customer.


Read Payments section to learn how to set up cash on delivery (COD) settings in Fynd Platform.

You can also configure cash on delivery (COD) option at Product and PIN Code level. Go to the links present below to set up the COD configurations at these levels.

  1. COD at Product level
  2. COD at PIN Code level