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Using Instagram Feed Extension


This extension allows you to add your best Instagram feed to attract more visitors to your website. You can showcase your business, products and services to increase trust and sales on your website. It also helps in increasing Instagram followers of your brand.

Steps to use Instagram Feed Extension

  1. Go to Extensions in Fynd Platform.


    Figure 1: Extensions Section

  2. Click Instagram Feed extension.


    Figure 2: Instagram Feed Extension


    Once you have installed this extension, it will be available in the list here.

  3. Select desired sales channel. Here, we have selected 'Fuschia Vine Designs'.


    Figure 3: Selecting Desired Sales Channel

  4. Fill the details appropriately.


    Figure 4: Instagram Feed Settings

    • Title - Enter suitable title for your instagram feed. For e.g., Follow us on Instagram, Instafeed, etc.
    • Layout - Select layout from the dropdown list. For e.g., Grid.
    • Row - Enter the number of rows in which your instagram feed will be displayed on your website.
    • Columns - Enter the number of instagram images displayed in each row.
    • Spacing (In pixels) - Provide appropriate spacing between images.
    • Template - Select template from the dropdown list. For e.g., Title (Only Image).
    • Connect Instagram - Click this to connect your instagram account.

    Here, you will be redirected to a Authorization Request window.

  5. Click Allow.


    Figure 5a: Clicking Allow Button

    In this way, your Instagram account is connected successfully.


    Figure 5b: Preview Window


    If error occurs while connecting Instagram account, then click here to follow simple steps to resolve the same.

Activating/Deactivating Instagram Feed

  1. Turn ON the toggle button to activate Instagram feed for sales channel (Refer Figure 6).

  2. Click Save.


    Figure 6: Clicking Save Button

Add Instagram Feed Extension in Theme

  1. Click Themes in Appearance section of sales channel on Fynd Platform.


    Figure 7: Themes - Sales Channel

  2. Click Edit.


    Figure 8: Clicking Edit Button

  3. Click Add Section in Sections tab.


    Figure 9: Clicking Add Section Option

  4. Select Extensions.


    Figure 10: Selecting Extensions Option

  5. Click Add.


    Figure 11: Clicking Add Button

  6. Click + sign.


    Figure 12: Clicking '+' Option

  7. Click Add Extension dropdown.


    Figure 13: Extension Dropdown

  8. Select Instagram Feed extension from dropdown list.


    Figure 14: Choosing Instagram Feed Extension

  9. Click Save.


    Figure 15: Clicking Save Button

    Here, Instagram Feed extension is added under Extensions section in your website's theme.


    Figure 16: Extensions - Sections Tab

  10. Close the theme window.


    Figure 17: Closing Theme Window

    In this way, Instagram Feed extension is added in your website's theme.


It might take up to 10 minutes to view Instagram Feed feature. Since these configurations aren't used regularly, the caching duration is active and new changes might take some time to reflect on your website.

Final Output

Now, visit the sales channel and you will see that the Instagram Feed visible on your website.


Figure 18: Your Website