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Using COD-Gifting Extension


The COD-Gifting extension is a powerful tool that streamlines the configuration of Cash on Delivery (COD) settings and enables gifting options for multiple products simultaneously on your Fynd Platform. This extension eliminates the need for sellers to configure minimum order quantities (MOQ), COD availability, and gift wrapping individually for each product. Instead, it offers a convenient and time-saving solution to configure these options in bulk for multiple products in one go. This centralized approach saves sellers valuable time and effort, allowing them to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Steps to use COD-Gifting Extension

  1. Go to Extensions in Fynd Platform.

  2. Open COD-GIFTING extension.


    Once you have installed this extension, it will be available in the list here.

  3. Select desired sales channel. Here, we have selected 'Swadesh'.

  4. Click Bulk Action.

  5. Select desired file template from the dropdown. Here, we have selected Excel file.

  6. Choose department(s) and level 3 categories.


    You can click Additional Filters to choose brands.

  7. Click Download Template. This will download a sample file in your system.

  8. Open the downloaded file.

  9. Fill in all the details in the file.


    Please note that green fields are mandatory to fill and the white ones are non-mandatory.

    • Item Code - Enter the item code of the product.

    • Brand - Select a brand of the product.

    • Minimum Order Quantity - The lowest quantity of the product that must be added to the cart. For e.g. if you set the minimum quantity of a product to 2, your customers will not be able to add less than two quantities of the product to their cart.

    • Maximum Order Quantity - The highest quantity of the product that can be added to the cart. For e.g. if you set the maximum quantity of a product to 5, your customers will not be able to add more than five quantities of the product to their cart.

    • Increment Unit - Enter the number that should get added/subtracted each time the customer clicks the +/- button in the product quantity.

    • Cash on Delivery allowed (0 or 1) - Enter '1' to enable cash on delivery (COD) option for this product at checkout or otherwise, enter '0'.


      If one of the product in your cart has cash on delivery (COD) option disabled in Fynd Platform, then the COD option will not be visible for the whole cart.

    • Can be gift wrap (0 or 1) - Enter '1' to enable a gift wrap option for a specific product or otherwise, enter '0'. The customers checking out this product would be able to see that it is eligible for a gift wrap (checkbox available on the PDP and the cart page). Customers also have an option to add a personalised gift note upon opting for a gift wrap. Further, the note will be sent to the recipient of the order.


      Standard charges will apply to the customers for availing gift wrap during checkout.


    The visibility of the gift wrap option depends on the theme applied to your website. Currently, it works only on a few themes. Support for other themes is planned for future.

  10. Save the file.

  11. Click Select a file to upload the saved file. The system will validate the uploaded file. Resolve errors if present and reupload the file.

  12. Upon successful validation, click Proceed. This will start processing of uploaded entries. Please wait until job status changes to COMPLETE.

In this way, COD and Gifting options added/updated at product level successfully.